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Subject:        RE: NNDR 
The firm policy position under the Coalition was that we do not provide additional 
funding for cost increases once schemes have been approved. We are assuming that 
will continue to be the policy but has not yet been tested under this Government.
However, even if ministers wished to provide the money, we do not have it. The budget 
this could come (the LGF) from has already been committed to LEPs in the years this is 
Although the funding requested in this case is of a scale that we could probably find 
‘down the back of the sofa’ if we really had to, we won’t be able to keep doing that if it 
happens on other ‘tail’ (or portfolio) schemes, so I don’t think that’s a viable option and 
would create a precedent that we could not afford to continue.
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Subject: RE: NNDR 
I think xxxx must be right. Just to agree to this would set a precedent which could open floodgates. 
Following recent conversations I think Norfolk will argue that the long time that it has taken to get this 
through statutory process has had consequences on cost. Saying that it went through NSIP – so this is 
supposed to be the quickest route  and I believe the increase is  25%  – so not insignificant!
There is the option to go to the LEP. The LEP would need to take a decision through its assurance 
processes. It couldn’t just be rubber stamped. Any input into NNDR would mean funding being taken 
away from another scheme – so not an easy decision. They would also have to inform Government of 
their plans to switch LGF funding around and as NNDR is not an LGF scheme at present there may be 
procedural protocals here(?) xxx what is your view?    
I think Croxley does give us some indicator (the LEP helped out then because the scheme was so 
important to the Herts LEP area) – New Anglia could take a similar approach and it would seem to be an 
option to us. Ie No extra funding from us but you may want to try the LEP. 
The scheme is the big one for Norfolk and it has been a long time coming. They will not want to lose it at 
this 11th hour. xxxx is right though there will likely be a lot of Ministerial lobbying, and Ministers may 
want to take a different view. 
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