This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Concerns and solutions for level crossings in Queen Adelaide'.

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 2 December 2015 
Dear Mr Moss-Eccardt, 
Information request   
Reference number: FOI2015/01105 
On 31st October 2015 you requested: 

 “There has been a lot of coverage for several years about the upgrade of  Ely North 
 In the last year there has been mention by local politicians and MPs of  challenges 
around level crossings in the area, particularly those in Queen  Adelaide (there are 
three in the village itself). 
 Please could you provide any correspondence, plans and emails that mention  these 
crossings and, particularly, what the problems are and any proposals  being 
considered.  Note you do not need to send the 'improving  connectivity' paper from 
last year.” 
On 3rd November 2015, you clarified: 
“In terms of time frame, anything from the beginning of this year (2015) will probably 
The following news articles may be of assistance: 
(where a Network Rail spokesman is said to mention 
closure) and
where SoS for DEFRA says Network Rail told her there were issues 
with the road crossing 
The Ely North upgrade is still in CP5 so the paperwork for that should mention the 
The three road/rail crossings in question are the three on the B1382 in Queen 
Adelaide.  The middle one has featured in your safety campaign for university 
students and all three have enforcement cameras as they are in the top 20 most 

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dangerous crossings, apparently.  They are the three called 'Queen Adelaide' as a 
result of this search: 
with postcode CB7 4UQ 
and a radius of one mile.  
I think they are 
Crossing 2529 
Crossing 2530 and 
Crossing 2531” 
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2004 (EIRs).  
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working days … to 40 working days if it reasonably believes that the complexity and 
volume of the information requested means that it is impracticable either to comply 
with the request within the earlier period or to make a decision to refuse to do so
The Information Commissioner’s guidance makes it clear that a public authority 
should apply this section of the EIRs when ‘it reasonably believes it will require 
additional time to locate and provide the information because the requester has 
asked for a large amount of complex information and it would not be practical to 
provide the information or make a decision about whether to refuse the request within 
20 working days.
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In this instance owing to the amount of information which is potentially captured 
within the terms of your request it is necessary to extend the time in line with the 
provisions of regulation 7(1).  Accordingly, I will now aim to respond to you by 30th 
December 2015 
or sooner if possible. 
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Catherine Leach 
Information Officer 
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