This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Temporary Spending by School'.

Please ask for: 
Lynn Wyeth 
Direct Line:   
0116 252 7605  
Our Ref: 
FOI Ref 3477 
1st March 2010 
N Wright
Dear N Wright 
Your request for information has now been considered and the Council’s 
response to your questions is shown below. 
You asked: 
I am interested in the amounts paid by each school in Leicester LEA to 
third parties in relation to temporary staffing cover. My hope is to 
receive an electronic breakdown of amounts paid through the 
department's purchase ledger by school. 
1. I would like the information in electronic format. This should avoid 
any printing cost issues. 
2. In order to avoid your having to collate information from peripheral 
systems, I am willing to accept information only from your main system 
(I would like you to advise which system this is). By main system I mean 
the system that handles the largest part of the department's 
expenditure. If supplier payments are made through separate systems, 
then I would like you to choose the main system for each. 
3. The information I require for each school is: School Name; Supplier 
name and total amount paid. 
4. I would like the information to cover the year 2008/9. I will accept 
2007/8 figures if this is not possible. 
Schools pay their own invoices from their own accounting systems and 
therefore we do not have access to this information. We do know what each 
school paid on CFR code E26 (Agency supply teaching staff) for 2008/09 and 
this information is attached. 

CFR is the Consistent Financial Reporting system; it is a framework created 
by the DCSF and spends for each school must be allocated to the same 
universal code, in this instance, E26 Agency supply teaching staff. 
To obtain further detail and supplier information please contact the schools 
directly as they are the data holders.  Therefore, this letter acts as a refusal 
notice under section 17.1 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 because, in 
accordance with this section of the Act, this information in not held by 
Leicester City Council.  
The legislation allows you to use the information supplied for your own 
personal use. Please be aware that any commercial or other use, for example 
publication, sale, or redistribution may be a breach of copyright under the 
Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 as amended unless you obtain the 
copyright holder's prior permission.  
Not all the information that is supplied which is covered by copyright will be 
the Council's copyright, for example it may be the copyright of a government 
department or another Council. You should seek either the Council’s consent 
or their consent as appropriate. The Council is willing to advise you of any 
such potential issues on request.   In order to make a request to re-use the 
information please contact the Head of Information Governance using the 
details below.  
If you are dissatisfied with the handling of your request please write to:  
Head of Information Governance  
Information Services 
Leicester City Council,  
FREEPOST (LE985/33) 
New Walk Centre,  
Your request for internal review should be submitted to the above address 
within 40 (forty) working days of receipt by you of this response.  Any such 
request received after this time will only be considered at the Council’s 
absolute discretion. 
You can also complain to the Information Commissioner at:  
Information Commissioner's Office  
Wycliffe House  
Water Lane  
Wilmslow SK9 5AF  
Telephone: 01625 545 700 
Please be aware that the Information Commissioner does not normally 
consider appeals or complaints until the internal appeals and complaints 
processes of the public authority which is answering the request have been 

exhausted.  You are therefore advised to complain or appeal to Head of 
Information Governance before contacting the Commissioner. 
Yours sincerely 
Lynn Wyeth 
Head of Information Governance