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Dear Harrow Borough Council,

Dear Harrow Borough Council,

Hi there Harrow.
This request is being made under the Freedom of Information Act
2000. I would like to request a list or Harrow societies / groups, in particular

social groups
sports clubs / groups
sociable organisations
self help groups
arts groups
cause societies
hobbies groups
political groups
singing groups / clubs

So just as an example, the UNDER ONE SKY event in harrow, That was run by the harrow arts center had loads of these societies / groups and i would like to invite them all to attend our events for FREE and to gain exposure for these local community societies / groups

What i am looking for is a LIST possibly in an Execll format . The contact details for these societies / groups. I would Like the following information please.

Name of societies / groups
contact persons name
TEL number
email address
website address

I do understand that you only have about 18 hours to dedicated to this, so what ever you can do in that time frame is find by me.

Yours faithfully,


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