This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Incidents at level crossings around Egham and Staines'.

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Mr Julian Farmer 
By email: 
5th June 2015  
Dear Mr Farmer, 
Information request  
Reference number: FOI2015/00265 
Thank you for your request of 7th May 2015. You requested the following information: 
“Please could you provide data for recorded incidents (level crossing failures, close 
misses or any other disruption) at the following level crossings: 
1) Egham (Crossing ID 2205) 
2) Pooley Green (Crossing ID 2204) 
3) Rusham (Crossing ID 2153) 
4) Thorpe Lane (Crossing ID 2203) 
5) Oakmead (Crossing ID 2445) 
6) Shortwood Common (Crossing ID 2359) 
I am particularly interested in any recorded incidents since January 2014, but if it 
does not significantly increase the amount of time required to fulfil this request, I 
would be grateful if you could provide data since January 2010.” 
I have processed your request under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 
I can confirm that Network Rail holds the information you requested.  
Please see the attached documents- one holds details of recorded incidents taken 
from the Safety Management Information System (SMIS), and the other holds details 
of recorded incidents held in the Fault Management System (FMS). Please note that 
under section 40(2) of the Freedom of Information Act I have redacted any personal 
Network Rail Infrastructure Limited Registered Office: Network Rail, 2nd Floor, One Eversholt Street, London, NW1 2DN Registered in England and Wales No. 2904587 

details of any individuals named within these reports, including names, addresses, 
telephone numbers, initials, police reference numbers, call reference numbers, 
TRUST incident numbers and the individual fault numbers. 
Section 40(2) of the FOIA allows Network Rail to withhold information if it constitutes 
the personal information of identifiable individuals, and its disclosure would 
contravene one or more of the data protection principles of the Data Protection Act 
Where information has been redacted it is represented with the symbol ###. 
Please note that the FMS data is inclusive of incidents that have been 
attributed to the nearest level crossing, but were not necessarily level crossing 
related incidents. This is simply because fault incidents recorded in FMS along 
the running lines are attributable
 to the nearest recorded location for incidents. 
Therefore this document will contain more events than just the recorded level 
crossings faults. 
Please note that both documents contain acronyms. In order to assist you, I have 
included below a link to a glossary or jargon buster, I hope you find this helpful: 
To further assist you I have also listed a few of the more common acronyms that 
appear in the incident data below: 
PCM- Pulse Code Modulation 
TSG- Technical Support Group 
YN, YO, ZN and ZO refer to the barriers (booms) and their associated equipment, N 
stands for Nearside, and O stands for Offside from the road view. Y and Z refer to the 
side of the track. 
While every effort is made to record incidents which occur at level crossings, not all 
level crossings are manually controlled and occasionally events may go unreported 
due to not having staff on site to report events as they occur. Cameras and 
Enforcement Units manned by British Transport Police provide additional local 
knowledge and educate users of inappropriate level crossing behaviour. Level 
Crossing Managers are working with local users to educate people on the correct use 
of level crossings and will continue to work together with our lineside neighbours to 
build greater understanding of the risks at this sites. 
Network Rail Infrastructure Limited Registered Office: Network Rail, 2nd Floor, One Eversholt Street, London, NW1 2DN Registered in England and Wales No. 2904587 

If you have any enquiries about this response, please contact me in the first instance 
at xxx@xxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx or on 01908 782405.  Details of your appeal rights are 
Yours sincerely 
Emma Wolstenholme 
Freedom of Information Team 
The information supplied to you continues to be protected by copyright.  You are free 
to use it for your own purposes, including for private study and non-commercial 
research, and for any other purpose authorised by an exception in current copyright 
law.  Documents (except photographs) can be also used in the UK without requiring 
permission for the purposes of news reporting.  Any other re-use, for example 
commercial publication, would require the permission of the copyright holder. Please 
contact me if you wish to use re-use the information and need to seek the permission 
of the copyright holder.  
Appeal Rights 
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complaint or request a review of our decision, please write to the FOI Compliance 
and Appeals Manager at Network Rail, Freedom of Information, The Quadrant,  
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request must be submitted within 40 working days of receipt of this letter.  
If you are not content with the outcome of the internal review, you have the right to 
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Commissioner can be contacted at: 
Information Commissioner's Office 
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Network Rail Infrastructure Limited Registered Office: Network Rail, 2nd Floor, One Eversholt Street, London, NW1 2DN Registered in England and Wales No. 2904587