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17th August 2015 
Dear Claire 
Please  note  that  the  information  provided  is  the  property  of  Wirral  University  Teaching  Hospital  NHS 
Foundation Trust. Personal Information is held on the basis of the exercise of functions identified in the 
formal  notification  to  the  Information  Commissioner.    Any  processing  of  that  personal  information 
outside  of  those  functions  may  be  unlawful.    Furthermore  S.10  of  the  Data  Protection  Act  1998  makes 
provision  for  a  data  subject  to  exercise  a  right  to  prevent  processing    in    particular  circumstances    and 
S.11  states  that  an  individual  can  request  that  their  personal  data  is  not  processed  for  the  purposes  of 
direct marketing.  This includes the sale of that data to third parties for such purposes.  In this case the 
individuals named in the response have stated that they do not wish their personal data to be used for any 
purposes  other  than  that  for  which  it  was  supplied  to  us  and  this  does  not  include  direct  marketing 
purposes.    This  includes  all  the  contact  information  provided.    If  you  have  any  questions  about  this 
process  please  contact  the  Information  Governance  &  Records  Manager/Data  Protection  Officer  at 
Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.  
Please find below our response to your request for information in accordance with the 
Freedom of Information Act. 
Please could you provide me with an organisational chart for your 
Operational Staff - Chief Executive down. 
Please see below for a copy of the Wirral University Teaching Hospital generic 
directory, which details all senior staff from the Chief Executive down. 
Michael Carr 
Deputy Chair and Senior Independent Director (Non Executive Director)  
Vacant position 

Board of Executive Directors 
Chief Executive: David Allison 
 Director of Nursing & Midwifery: Jill Galvani 
Director of Operations: Sharon Gilligan  
 Medical Director: Dr Evan Moore 
     @wuthnhs #proud 

Director of Finance: Alistair Mulvey  
Non Executive Directors 
Cathy Bond (Chair of Audit Committee) 
Andrea Hodgson 
           Graham Hollick (Chair of Finance, Business Performance and Assurance Committee) 
Cathy Maddaford 
Dr Jean Quinn (Chair of Quality & Safety Committee) 
 John Sullivan 

Deputy Chief Executive Officer 
Jon Scott 

Caldicott Guardian 
Dr Melanie Maxwell 
Dr Evan Moore 
Associate Medical Director of Strategic Relations 
Mr. David Rowlands 
Associate Medical Director of Quality and Safety  
Dr Melanie Maxwell 
Associate Medical Director of Appraisal &Revalidation  
Dr Debra King   
Corporate Services  

Corporate Nursing & Midwifery 
Director of Nursing & Midwifery: Jill Galvani 
Deputy Chief Nurse: Gaynor Westray  
 Associate Director of Infection Control: Andrea Ledgerton 
Head of Patient Experience & Involvement: Mike Chantler 
Deputy Head of Patient Experience (Complaints): Mark McKenna  
Acting Deputy Lead for Safeguarding: Sue Fogarty 
End of Life Care: Dr Graham Kemp 
Finance & Procurement 
Director of Finance: Alistair Mulvey  
Deputy Director of Finance: Gareth Lawrence 
Assistant Directors of Finance 
Contracting & Income: Shahida Mohammed  
Corporate Financial Services: Emma Pridgeon  
Operational Financial Management: Julie Clarke 
Strategic Financial Management: Alison Finegan 
     @wuthnhs #proud 

Head of Procurement & Supplies: Jane Christopher 
 Director of Programme Management Office: Ann Lucas    

Associate Director of Governance: Carole Self 
Legal Services Manager: Catherine McClarnon 
Infrastructure and Informatics 
Director of Infrastructure and Informatics: Mark Blakeman  
Assistant Director of Information: John Halliday  
 Associate Director of Informatics: Sheila Stewart 
Associate Director of Estates: Gary Lewis 
Information Governance & Records Manager: Lin Snow 

Quality & Safety 
 Medical Director: Dr Evan Moore  
Associate Medical Director: Dr Melanie Maxwell 
Deputy Medical Director: Dr Mark Lipton 
 Director of Pharmacy and Medicines Management: Pippa Roberts 
Deputy Director of Pharmacy: Sue Robinson 
Associate Director of Risk Management: Jan Eccleston 
Risk Manager: Vacant position 
 Head of Assurance: Joe Roberts  
 Head of Research & Development: Paula Brassey 
Strategic and Organisational Development 
Director of Strategic and Organisational Development: Vacant position 
Associate Director of Strategy and Partnerships: Jo Goodfellow 
 Director of Workforce: James Mawrey 
Assistant Director of HR: Lawrence Osgood 
Deputy Director of Organisational Development: Lynn Benstead 
Head of Communications: Barbara Crampton 
Head of Organisational Health & Effectiveness: Peter Bohan 
Health & Safety Advisor: Andre Haynes 

Director of Operations: Sharon Gilligan  
Assistant Director of Operations: Jackie Howard 
Head of Facilities Management: Sally-Ann Connolly 
Clinical Support Division 
     @wuthnhs #proud 

Triumvirates (DMD, ADN, DD) 
Divisional Medical Director: Dr Mark Lipton  
Associate Director of Nursing: Not applicable  
Divisional Director: Amanda Farrell 
Deputy Associate Director of Nursing: Alison Quinn 
Clinical Service Leads (CSL) 
Blood Sciences: Dr Duncan Neithercut   
Pathology: Dr David Agbamu  
Radiology: Dr Simon Lea 
Therapies: Ms Lindsey Clayton 
Medical & Acute Specialties Division 
Triumvirates (DMD, ADN, DD) 
Divisional Medical Director: Dr Ranjeev Mehra 
 Associate Director of Nursing: Julie Reid (Interim) 
 Divisional Director: Chris Oliver 
Deputy Divisional Medical Director: Dr Alex Crowe 
Deputy Divisional Director: Shaun Brown 
Clinical Service Leads (CSL) 
Acute Medicine: Vacant position 
Cardiology: Dr Peter Currie 
 Critical Care: Dr Craig Cowan 
DME/Rehabilitation: Dr Rosemary Morgan 
Emergency Department: Dr Alan Pennycook (Acting) 
Endoscopy: Dr Beverly Oates 
Endocrinology & Diabetes: Dr King Sun Leong 
Gastroenterology: Mr Darren Smith 
Haematology/Rheumatology/GU Medicine/Specialist Palliative Care: Dr Yee Chiu 
Nephrology: Dr Tom Ledson 
Respiratory: Dr John Corless 
Stroke: Dr Ruth Davies 

Surgery, Women and Children’s Division 
Triumvirates (DMD, ADN, DD) 
Divisional Medical Director: Mr Mark Doyle 
 Associate Director of Nursing: Naomi Holder 
Divisional Director: Maureen Wain 
     @wuthnhs #proud 

Deputy Divisional Medical Director: Mr Andrew Cliff 
Deputy Divisional Director: Vacant position 
Divisional Manager for Women & Children’s: Gary Price 
Head of Midwifery: Debbie Edwards 
Theatre Manager: Vacant position 
Clinical Service Leads (CSL) 
Breast Surgery: Mr Jonathan Lund 
 Children’s (Paediatrics): Dr Jude Joseph 
 Community Paediatrics: Dr Adrian Hughes 
Dermatology: Vacant position 
Head & Neck: Mr Ian Sherman 
GI & Emergency Surgery: Mr Ciaran Walsh 
 Neonatal: Dr Oliver Rackham 
Ophthalmology: Mr Vineeth Kumar 
Pre-Op Assessment & Surgical Elective Admissions Lounge (SEAL): Dr Safdar Ralston 
Theatres & Anaesthetics: Dr Jon Sweeney  
Trauma and Orthopaedics: Mr Glyn Thomas 
Urology: Mr Andrew Cliff 
Vascular Surgery: Vacant position 
Women’s: Mr Jeremy Weetch (Acting) 
Trust Wide Leads & Corporate 

Clinical Service Leads (CSL) 
Breast Services: Dr Joyce Magennis 
Cancer: Mr Liviu Titu 
Chief Medical Information Officer: Mr Gerry O’Sullivan 
Education: Dr David Galvani 
Pharmacy: Pippa Roberts  
Ophthalmology: Mr Vineeth Kumar 
Pre-Op Assessment & Surgical Elective Admissions Lounge (SEAL): Dr Safdar Ralston 
Theatres & Anaesthetics: Dr Jon Sweeney  
Trauma and Orthopaedics: Mr Glyn Thomas 
Urology: Mr Andrew Cliff 
Vascular Surgery: Vacant position 
Women’s: Mr Jeremy Weetch (Acting) 
Trust Wide Leads & Corporate 

Clinical Service Leads (CSL) 
Breast Services: Dr Joyce Magennis 
Cancer: Mr Liviu Titu 
Chief Medical Information Officer: Mr Gerry O’Sullivan 
Education: Dr David Galvani 
Pharmacy: Pippa Roberts  
     @wuthnhs #proud 

We hope this information fully answers your request but if anything further is required or 
you are dissatisfied with the management of your request, please contact the Access to 
Information Office. 
Yours sincerely 
Lin Snow 
Information Governance & Records Manager 
Data Protection Officer and Copyright Lead 
With responsibility for: Data Quality, Clinical Coding & Information Security 
This information supplied to you is copyrighted to Wirral University Teaching Hospital and continues to be protected 
by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.  You are free to use it for your own purposes, including any non-
commercial research you are doing and for the purposes of news reporting.  Any other reuse, for example commercial 
publication, would require our specific permission. 

     @wuthnhs #proud