This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Membership and terms of reference of the BBC "Syndicate" 1929-1934'.

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Miriam Stevenson 
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18 November 2014 
Dear Dr Stevenson,  
Freedom of Information Act 2000 – RFI20141762 
Thank you for your request under the Freedom of Information Act (‘the Act’) of 24 October 2014 
with regards to your previous request, reference RFI20141587.  
You asked: 
In your very helpful response to my previous FOIR you referenced the existence of   "the Syndicate" in relation to the 
BBC and existence of "terms of reference" relating to "Dr Rendal ". In the light of this information please could you 
provide me with the following additional information: 
1. Any and all documentation held by the BBC relating to the establishment of, and recruitment to, "the Syndicate". 
2.  A list of all members of "the Syndicate" in the period beginning 1st January 1929 through to 31st 
December1934 . 3. Any documentation held by the BBC which  identifies members of "the Syndicate" in  the period 
as described above (1929-1934). 4.  Any documentation held by the BBC which describes any and all "Terms of 
reference" of/relating to any and all members of the above referenced "Syndicate" in the above said timeframe 
Your request seems to suggest that the BBC might have been involved in constituting and 
recruiting to the Syndicate, but the Syndicate is not a BBC entity.  The “Syndicate” were the 
owners of the site upon which Broadcasting House was eventually built.  The BBC entered into an 
agreement with the owners of the site, for the owners to construct Broadcasting House and lease 
it to the BBC, with an option for the BBC to purchase it later.  There is no list containing the 
names of the Syndicate, but it is clear from records, that the lead figure in the Syndicate was 
Robert Solomon, and it was his name alone that appeared on the Agreement with the BBC. 
I hope this information has been helpful.  

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Yours sincerely, 
The Information Policy and Compliance Team