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Chairman: Mr Michael Glass 

Governors present: 
Mrs Florence Asher 
Mrs Karen Benedyk   
Mr Terry Bernstein                      Mr Philip Bunt 
Mr Richard Cohen  
Mrs Joanne Coleman  
Mr Richard del-Monte      
Ms Vicky Fox             
Mr Michael Lee    
           Mr Richard Martyn    
Mr Jonathan Miller (Headteacher)   Rabbi Daniel Roselaar 
Mr Steven Woolf 
SLT present: 
Mr David Harris 
Deputy Headteacher 
Rabbi Mark Kampf  
Deputy Headteacher  
Mr Tim Miller  
Deputy Headteacher 
Mr Steve Bremner  
Assistant Headteacher 
Ms Debra Mellor   
Assistant Headteacher  
Ms Talia Thoret    
Assistant Headteacher 
Others present: 
Dr Alan Fox     
Clerk to the Governors 
1.  Apologies for Absence 
Apologies for absence were received and accepted from Mrs Judith 
Freedman, Ms Gill Golding, Mr Neil Harris, Mr David Horowitz, Mrs 
Jenny Jebreel and Rabbi Mark Silkoff and Ms Lorraine Tomlinson also 
presented apologies. 
2.    Declaration of Interests 

No personal interests in the business of the meeting were declared.  

3.  Membership 
The GB welcomed Mrs Florence Asher, a Foundation Governor 
appointed with effect from 1st September, 2012.  
4.  Election of Chairman   
Only one nomination having been received, the Clerk declared Mr 
Michael Glass re-elected as Chairman.  
5.  Election of Vice-Chairman  

Only one nomination having been received, the Clerk declared Mrs 
Judith Freedman re-elected as Vice-Chairman. 
6.    Minutes  

The draft minutes of the meeting held on 17th July 2012 were approved  
7.    Matters Arising 

Item 10 – Committee Minutes on Fronter - Mr Bremner said that the use 
of Fronter was still being extended and that it might be possible to use 
the facility for the circulation of papers for GB meetings later in the term. 
It did not currently have a search function but this might be considered 
in the future depending on priorities of Fronter development across the 
8.    Chairman’s Report  

8a - Academy Status - The Chairman reported that no significant 
progress had been made since the last meeting. The land issues 
involved were becoming more complicated and he thanked Stephen 
Woolf for volunteering to assist in sorting these out. Moreover, details of 
the proposed alterations in Government funding arrangements were just 
being promulgated and it would have to be seen how these might affect 
the financial balance of advantage in changing status. 
8b - Governors’ News - The first contribution for inclusion in the School 
Newsletter was in draft and would be included in the next edition, 
possibly illustrated with a photograph or photographs being taken during 
the meeting. 
8c - Future Financial Position - the Chairman warned the GB that 
increasing pressure on budgets should be anticipated. The findings of 
the PFI Working Party under Mrs Coleman’s leadership might have a 
critical effect on forward planning. 
8d - Admissions - Once again, JFS had filled all of its Year 7 places, but 
it was noticeable that the overwhelming demand of the past no longer 
existed. 6th Form demand was under increasing pressure from Yavneh 


and JCOSS and University Technical Colleges would be attractive to 
9.  Headteacher’s Report  

The Headteacher introduced his Summer Term report to Governors 
including appendices covering the exclusion statistics, a staffing update 
and a summary of the outcome of the JFS survey. He referred to the 
continuing valuable exchanges of experiences, both between Brent 
Headteachers and other staff at JFS with opposite numbers elsewhere. 
Assisted by Mr David Harris, he drew particular attention to the award of 
the prestigious Challenge Award from the National Association for Able 
Children in Education (NACE), making JFS only one of 46 recipient 
secondary schools in the country. The assessors would be taking 
examples from JFS to promulgate as best practice 
Ms Mellor expanded on the pleasing A level results that had previously 
been circulated to all governors. She advised that 90% of Year 13 
students (excluding those who had positively decided on a gap year) 
had applied for university places and a large number had got their first 
choice. All Oxbridge applicants had been successful bar one (who had 
nevertheless achieved 4 A*’s). JFS had the best record of all non-
selective state schools. 
Mr Bremner explained to governors that during the summer the central 
server had been changed, thus allowing improvements in the range of 
distribution of software. Classroom computers had been renewed and 
Office 2010 is being rolled out across the School. 
In discussion of the student and parent survey 2011/12 outcomes the 
following points were made:  
•  In general, the results were very positive and pleasing. The 
School was interested in looking at the details and the comments 
to learn more about student and parent views 
•  There was a general rise in the number of positive feelings about 
school In Years 7 – 9. However, there had also been a reduction 
of 7% in the numbers of students who said that they enjoyed 
school. It was possible that this had been caused by stricter 
uniform enforcement. 
•  There has been a small decline in Year 10 and 11 students who 
felt safe in the School and this might have been caused by the 
rise in Internet and text bullying. 
•  It was significant that students from Year 7 to Year 11 inclusive 
also did not feel that the one-to-one tutor periods useful and the 
SLT was examining the reasons more closely.  
10. Programme of Meetings 2012/13 
The GB approved the programme recommended for the GB and its 


11. Self-evaluation 

The GB noted the self-evaluation judgement criteria being employed by 
the School in respect of Students’ Behaviour & Safety and Leadership & 
12. Committee Membership and Terms of Reference 2012/13 
The GB endorsed the extant terms of reference of the GB Committees 
and proposed membership for 2012/13. 
13.  Any Other Business 
13a Computer Security -- Mr Lee drew attention to the suggestion that 
some students were reportedly able to bypass security settings on the 
School IT setup with ease. The Headteacher said that he would make 
enquiries if further details were provided. He suggested that, in future, 
such information might be provided in advance of meetings so that an 
informed answer could be provided to concerned governors. 
Signed   _____________________ 
   Date   _________________                      




Chairman: Mr Michael Glass 

Governors present: 
Mrs Florence Asher 
  Mr Terry Bernstein                      
Mr Russell Boxer   
  Mr Philip Bunt 
Mr Richard Cohen              
  Mrs Joanne Coleman  
Mr Richard del-Monte                 Ms Vicky Fox 
Mr Neil Harris 
  Mr David Horowitz  
Mr Michael Lee    
             Mr Richard Martyn  
Mr Jonathan Miller (Headteacher) Mr Jamie Peston   
Rabbi Daniel Roselaar 
             Mr Steven Woolf 
SLT present: 
Mr David Harris 
Deputy Headteacher 
Rabbi Mark Kampf  
Deputy Headteacher  
Mr Tim Miller  
Deputy Headteacher 
Mr Steve Bremner  
Assistant Headteacher 
Ms Debra Mellor   
Assistant Headteacher  
Ms Talia Thoret    
Assistant Headteacher 
Others present: 
    Dr Alan Fox   
Clerk to the Governors 
1.  Apologies for Absence 
Apologies for absence were received and accepted from Mrs Karen 
Benedyk and Mrs Jenny Jebreel, and Ms Lorraine Tomlinson also 
presented apologies.  
2.    Membership 
The GB welcomed Mrs Russell Boxer and Mr Jamie Peston, elected as 
Staff Governors with effect from 1st December, 2012. 

The GB expressed its deep appreciation to Mrs Judith Freedman who 
had resigned as a Foundation Governor for personal reasons and who, 
over a number of years, had made a very significant contribution to JFS 
and its Governing Body in particular as Vice-Chairman of the GB and 
Chairman of the Curriculum Committee and the GSCC. 
3.  Declaration of Interests 
No personal interests in the business of the meeting were declared.  
4.   Election of Vice-Chairman  

Only one nomination having been received, the Clerk declared Mr Philip 
Bunt elected as Vice-Chairman. 
5.    Minutes  

The draft minutes of the meeting held on 10th September 2012 were 
6.    Matters Arising 

6a - Item 7 - Committee Minutes on Fronter - Mr Bremner said that the 
use of Fronter had been extended and that it should now be possible for 
Governors to log on and to read any Committee papers that had been 
loaded. Their secure passwords were about to be issued. JFS WiFi 
would be made available to governors shortly. It was agreed that the 
Fronter facility would be trialled for the next suitable GB meeting in 
parallel with the current method. 
6b - Item 8a - Academy Status - the Headteacher reported that there 
had been some very limited progress. 
6c - Item 8b - Governor Communications - it was agreed that Ms Fox 
would prepare the entry for a future editions of the School Newsletter, 
which would be published on a fortnightly basis from January. The 
Chairman would forward some photographs for incorporation. 
6d – Item 13a - Computer Security - Mr Lee enquired about the 
procedures in place to prevent access to undesirable websites from the 
school IT system. In response it was explained that the filtering system 
in place was run by the London Grid for Learning for all schools on the 
LGfL. This achieves a reasonable balance between effective monitoring 
without being excessively restrictive. In addition, JFS can block 
additional sites if the School wishes. There would always be students 
who attempted to break through security systems and the School blocks 
these breaches when becoming aware of them. It was not possible to 
monitor sites visited by students on their own devices using 3G and not 
the Wi-Fi supplied. However, there was relatively little unsupervised 
access on site and the School was continuing to take reasonable and 
practical steps to limit access.  


The GB noted the Link Advisor's update to the Brent School Report 
Form, sections of which were updated each term. It also noted the 
School’s self-evaluation summary produced in parallel and, in particular, 
that the Quality of Teaching evaluation was marked as 1/2. In 
discussion the following points were made: 
•  The Teaching Quality assessment on the fence was due to caution 
about the methodology and the evidence available which should be 
gradually improved. 
•  The self-evaluation was very helpful in keeping governors well informed 
but further consideration should be given to conversion of some of the 
recommendations into more precise guidelines for future action.  
•  It was hoped that regular updating and examination would permit the 
GB to exercise its important challenging and strategic responsibilities. 
•  The financial implications of seniority were never allowed to influence 
recruitment decisions., funding restrictions were bound to have an 
adverse effect on quality. However, the anticipated financial squeeze in 
the coming years was going to cause more challenges ahead and 
continued prudence will be exercised with all cost effectiveness 
•  The continually developing assessment system measured the progress 
and achievement of individual pupils against national expectations at the 
appropriate levels. The assessments were used by the Directors of 
Studies, Subject Leaders and teachers to determine the interventions 
that might be required to improve students’ profiles. These were proving 
to be successful more often than not and, although there were some 
exceptions, across the board JFS students consistently performed 
better than national statistics would predict.  
The Headteacher said that in principle JFS valued having a uniform. 
Students were encouraged to look presentable. It provided a discipline 
useful later for the outside world. At the same time it recognised that 
many families were under financial pressure and there was a balance to 
be struck between smartness, quality and cost. The uniform contract 
had recently been retendered under the supervision of the Finance & 
Premises Committee. The School had carried out a widespread 
consultation exercise with parents and students that had, unsurprisingly, 
produced somewhat contradictory results, but he considered that the 
final judgements reached produced a very satisfactory cost-effective 
result with little change in appearance.  
Ms Thoret, explained in detail the new proposals, which are summarised 
in the attachment to these minutes. The GB adopted the new uniform as 
proposed to come into effect for Year 7 next September and to be 
phased in for other students as they purchase new items of uniform. 



The GB approved the revised Pay Policy as recommended by the Pay 

The GB approved the revised Performance Management Policy as 
recommended by the Pay and Personnel Committees. 

The GB approved the updated Financial Manual as recommended by 
the Finance & Premises Committee. 
The GB approved the updated Scheme of Delegation as recommended 
by the Finance & Premises Committee.   

The GB approved the updated Value Statement as recommended by 
the Finance & Premises Committee.   

Mr Del Monte explained some changes to the oversubscription priorities 
criteria as recommended by the Admissions Committee: 
•  Reduction from 30 to 10 the number of students based on distance 
from the school. This was simply a recognition of the experience of 
the last three years that 10 was more than sufficient to cover 
applicants living within walking distance. 
•  The sibling priority to be extended to cover the siblings of those who 
had been students within the past five years and on the roll for a 
minimum of three consecutive terms and also children who were not 
siblings but lived in a unit within the same building. 
•  The GB approved the changes for the statutory consultation process 
and noted that its final authority would be sought during the Spring 

The GB took note of matters arising from the reports of its Committees 
and approved the recommendation of the Admissions Committee to 
change its Terms of Reference.  
The GB approved the appointments of: 


(i) Richard Del Monte to the GSCC to act as Chairman and to the 
Strategy Committee 
(ii) Karen Benedyk to the Strategy Committee and to act as Chairman 
of the Curriculum Committee  
(iii) Terry Bernstein to the Curriculum and Admissions Committees 
(iv) Vicky Fox to the Discipline Committee 
(v) Florence Asher to be the Mathematics Link Governor 
The Chairman drew attention to the DfE consultation, about to close, on 
the role of Governing Bodies and stressed the importance visits to the 
school by governors.  
Signed   _____________________ 
   Date   _________________                      


School Coat
Currently compulsory. 
Proposal: non-compulsory. Parents will still receive a 10% discount if they 
spend just over £100 on uniform items. Students allowed to wear any coat 
they want. 
Summer Uniform 
Currently none. 
Proposal: no summer uniform in order not to incur more expense. 
Blazer for boys and girls: no changes 
Ties for boys and girls: no changes 
Socks for girls 
Currently white socks in the summer and black socks in the winter 
Proposal: white or black socks all year round 
Skirt: no changes 
Trousers: no changes 
Shirt for boys 
Currently short sleeved white shirt in the summer, long sleeved white shirt in 
the winter. 
Proposal:  a choice of either short or long sleeved white shirt all year round 
Blouse for girls 
Currently short sleeved blue shirt 
Proposal:  a choice of either short or long sleeved blue blouse all year round 
Jumper for boys 
Currently a grey jumper 100% acrylic. No JFS logo. 
Proposal: a grey jumper 50% cotton/ 50% acrylic. No JFS Logo. Better 
quality and cheaper. 
Jumper for girls 
Currently a dark blue jumper 100% acrylic with JFS logo. 
Proposal: a dark blue jumper 50%cotton/ 50% acrylic with no JFS logo. 
Better quality and cheaper. 
(Option of buying a 100% cotton jumper for boys and girls if parents wish to 
do so but more expensive). 
PE kit 
Currently most items have different sports logos. 
Proposal: a more technical material and better quality items with no sports 
logo. JFS logo on three items. 
PE uniform cheaper and better quality. Reduce the need to buy different 
optional items except for dance and team leaders. 
Cagoule: Cheaper rain proof.  



Chairman: Mr Michael Glass 
Governors present: 
Mrs Florence Asher  
 Mrs Karen Benedyk  
Mr Terry Bernstein              Mr Russell Boxer   
Mr Philip Bunt 
 Mr Richard Cohen              
Mrs Joanne Coleman  
 Mr Richard del-Monte   
Ms Vicky Fox 
 Mr Neil Harris 
Mr David Horowitz    
 Mr Michael Lee  
Mr Richard Martyn    
 Mr Jonathan Miller (Headteacher)        
Mr Jamie Peston 
 Rabbi Daniel Roselaar 
Mr Steven Woolf 
SLT present: 
Mr David Harris 
Deputy Headteacher 
Rabbi Mark Kampf    
Deputy Headteacher  
Mr Tim Miller  
Deputy Headteacher 
Mr Steve Bremner    
Assistant Headteacher 
Ms Debra Mellor 
Assistant Headteacher  
Ms Talia Thoret  
Assistant Headteacher 
Others present: 
       Dr Alan Fox     
Clerk to the Governors 
Apologies for Absence 
Apologies for absence were received and accepted from Mrs Jenny 
Jebreel, and Ms Lorraine Tomlinson also presented apologies.  

Declaration of Interests 
No personal interests in the business of the meeting were declared.  
3.    Minutes  

The draft minutes of the meeting held on 17th December 2012 were 
approved subject to the addition of the words “subject leaders and 
teachers" in the final bullet point of Section 7.  
4.    Matters Arising 
4a - Item 6c - Governor Communications - Ms Fox said that the GB 
had approved the inclusion of a Governor entry in the School 
Newsletter over a year ago. However, it had not yet been possible 
to publish an article. This concern had been raised a number of 
times at earlier GB meetings but no progress had been made.  
The Chairman said that he was not sure what governors should 
communicate to parents through this medium. He had intended that 
he would simply review what other governors had drafted. At the 
Chairman’s invitation Ms Fox would now produce a further draft 
containing an explanation of the role of governors. The Chairman 
gave an assurance that he would respond to any emails sent to him 
on the matter. 
4b - Item 6b - Academy Status - the Headteacher reported that 
more information about the future funding arrangements for 
academies was emerging and he would be asking the Director of 
Finance & Administration to update the financial calculations 
prepared at the time the original application was made. 
In the meantime, no further progress had been made on settling the 
land issue, which effectively was simply the need for formal 
confirmation from Brent that the change to academy status would 
not involve a breach of the existing restrictions on the use of part of 
the site for sports facilities only. The Chairman said he would 
contact the relevant parties again. 
5.   Chairman’s report  
The Chairman gave an oral report and in the subsequent discussion 
the following points were made:  
•  The governors’ section of Fronter was up and running 
although Jewish Education was the only committee thus far 
to have uploaded its minutes. In the months to come the site 
would be populated with appropriate material and become 
the principal source of records for the GB and its 
Committees. It would be used as the principal means of 
providing papers for GB meetings.  


•  The availability of WiFi at JFS for use by governors during 
meetings was being pursued. There was currently however, a 
problem with providing guest access to the system.  
•  The new admissions policy had been put out to formal 
consultation and three responses had so far been received. 
More were to be expected because, for the first time, all 
parents were being consulted individually. The position would 
be reviewed at the end of January. 
•  The GB congratulated Mr Peston on the improvements to the 
JFS website and on the recent arrangements for the 
Graduation Ceremony. 
6.   Headteacher’s report 

The Headteacher, noting that he had just completed five years in 
the post, introduced his written report for the Autumn Term 2012, 
the opening page of which gave a series of evolutionary changes 
over that period in pursuit of the overarching strategic objective 
to maintain the excellence of the educational provision for all 
students. The School continued to work towards assisting every 
student to achieve their full academic potential, advancing their 
own individual Jewish journey and increasing their leadership 
potential. There had been some disappointments, notably the 
continuing difficulty in recruiting staff for Jewish Studies and Ivrit, 
but on balance there was much to be satisfied with.   
There were many obvious challenges to be faced in the future. 
The move from Camden had taken place 10 years ago and, 
although there had been some improvements, particularly to the 
additional sixth form facilities and the Drama Studio, the new 
building was now in need of further development. 
Notwithstanding the concerns at the time of the move, JFS 
continued to be oversubscribed and, at the time of speaking, 
every year group was full. Nevertheless, the budgetary position 
was going to be very tight in the coming years and it could be a 
struggle to provide the resources needed to maintain and 
improve the standards that attracted students. Hopefully, the 
achievement of academy status would provide a financial bonus 
and the work of Mrs Coleman’s working group could point the 
way to an improvement in the PFI relationship. 
•  In discussion of the Headteacher’s report the following points 
were made: 
•  ICT was increasingly of benefit in communications with 
•  There was a desire to provide Wi-Fi throughout the whole 
school but this would cost about  £0.25 million and, even if 
affordable, commitment could not be undertaken sensibly 
without assurance of compatibility with tablet computers in 


use now and in the future 
•  Ivrit was currently administered in the Jewish Studies 
Department but was being taught as a modern language with 
the benefit of advice from that department. 
•  In addition to JFS participation in the Going for Great network 
and application for assessment for Investors in Careers 
status, the school had also submitted a bid, in conjunction 
with Claremont and Wembley High and three primary 
schools, to become a Teaching School. This would allow us 
to share expertise in areas of strength and learn from other 
•  A presentation on the cooperation with SEED would be 
given to the Jewish Education Committee. 
•  A great deal of effort was put into supporting students with 
their applications for university places, including interview 
training and efforts were made to interest students in the 
possibilities from Year 11 onwards. This year there had been 
10 applications for places at Cambridge and one 
unconditional offer had been made and a further three 
students held conditional offers. There had also been 22 
applications for places at Oxford and 17 students were 
interviewed. Six students were now holding offers. 
•  Appendix A presented the record of the previous term’s 
•  Appendix B to the report illustrated the annual cycle of self-
evaluation informing future planning, aspects of which were 
reported on to governors each term.  
•  Appendix C provided the draft of themes for improvement in 
2013/14. There was a concentration on exploring the 
progress of students to assist appropriate intervention 
strategies. This took into account all information held about 
individuals as well as examination and assessment results. It 
was also a vital tool for subject leaders and provided an 
indication of how well their staffs were doing. The Action Plan 
for 2013/14 would be submitted to the GB in April. 
The GB approved the appointments of: 
a. Steven Woolf to the GSCC to act as Chairman in place of Richard 
Del Monte 
b. Joanne Coleman to the Jewish Education Committee  


There was none.  
Signed   _____________________ 



Chairman: Mr Michael Glass 
Governors present: 
Mrs Florence Asher  
 Mrs Karen Benedyk  
Mr Terry Bernstein              Mr Russell Boxer   
Mr Philip Bunt 
 Mr Richard Cohen              
Mrs Joanne Coleman  
 Mr Richard del-Monte   
Mr Neil Harris 
 Mr Michael Lee  
Mr Richard Martyn    
 Mr Jonathan Miller (Headteacher) 
Rabbi Daniel Roselaar 
 Mr Steven Woolf 
SLT present: 
Rabbi Mark Kampf    
Deputy Headteacher  
Mr Tim Miller  
Deputy Headteacher 
Mr Steve Bremner    
Assistant Headteacher 
Ms Debra Mellor 
Assistant Headteacher  
Ms Talia Thoret  
Assistant Headteacher 
Others present: 
       Dr Alan Fox     
Clerk to the Governors 
Apologies for Absence 
Apologies for absence were received and accepted from Ms Vicky 
Fox, Mr David Horowitz, Mrs Jenny Jebreel, and Mr Jamie Peston. 
Mr David Harris and Ms Lorraine Tomlinson also presented 
Declaration of Interests 
No personal interests in the business of the meeting were declared.  

3.    Minutes  

The draft minutes of the meeting held on 14th January, 2013 were 
approved and signed by the Chairman.  
4.    Matters Arising 
On-site Wi-Fi access for governors – Mr Bremner said that Wi-Fi 
was now available for committee meetings in the Board Room on 
the JFSW-VISITOR network and that he hoped to circulate the 
necessary password shortly. The signal strength in the Conference 
Centre was not yet strong enough but would be boosted by 
additional wireless arrays. 
[Clerk’s note: Mr Bremner subsequently advised that the password 
required was    visitoraccess    (all in lowercase)]
5.   Chairman’s Report  
The Chairman said that having recently sat in on meetings of all the 
committees in the past term was confident that they were all 
performing their proper role of challenging the School constructively 
and providing valuable guidance. 
The 10-year-old building dispute was about to come to an end 
following further negotiations in which the School had compromised 
on a couple of points and KSSL on a number more. He was hopeful 
that signature of a formal agreement would take place shortly.  
There was at last some sign of movement on the Academy front. 
Recent correspondence indicated that the Department of the 
Education and the Local Authority would shortly be able to reach 
agreement on a funding route, although they would be likely the 
School to pay their legal costs. Further information would be sought 
on the likely level of these costs. 
Even after the funding issue had been resolved It would be 
necessary to resolve the land issues on which there was still no 
movement whatsoever from the United Synagogue. It was also 
likely that some governance problems could arise from the transfer 
from the Governing Body to a new trust company, on which further 
advice would be necessary. Provided that these matters 
progressed, it was intended to reconstitute the GB Working Party so 
that the previously foreseen financial advantages of academy status 
could be revalidated before the Governing Body was invited to take 
a final decision. 
 6.  Admissions Committee 
Mr Richard Del- Monte introduced the final draft of the Admissions 
Policy 2014/15 following the completion of the external consultation 
and the receipt of further advice from the school’s solicitors. He 
summarised the key changes proposed as follows: 


•  The sibling criteria had been widened to apply to siblings 
meeting the religious practice test and whose sibling is either 
on the roll at the time of application or formerly attended JFS 
for a period of up to three consecutive terms within the five 
years preceding the proposed date of entry. This would bring 
into the ambit of the criterion siblings who might differ by up 
to 12 years in age. 
•  Consideration had been given also to defining those living in 
the same household but with no blood connection as siblings 
for this purpose but it had been decided that this was too 
•  Priority had formerly been granted to up to 30 children living 
nearest the school following the Schools Adjudicator’s 
decision in 2009. However, an examination of the previous 
year’s records indicated that the furthest of these thus 
qualifying lived more than 4km from JFS, a distance that 
could hardly be regarded as in the locality, for which the 
provision had been intended. It was therefore proposed to 
reduce this priority group from 30 to 10 children, probably 
bringing the distance down to 3 km. One objection had been 
made to this change during the consultation period, but 
advice had been obtained from the Schools Adjudicator that it 
was within the power of the GB to assess whether the 
criterion should be revised in the light of the data available 
since the 2009 decision.   
•  A definition was now being provided of distance from the 
school in cases where the applicant lived with each parent 
separately for an equal time during the school week. 
•  Previously, allocation of casual vacancies arising in any Year 
Group had been carried out randomly from the respective 
waiting list. In future it was intended to apply, within the 
waiting list, the oversubscription criteria concerning looked 
after children and previously looked after children, followed 
by those accommodated in a Jewish care home or provided 
by a Jewish care organisation, followed by other children who 
met the religious practice test. 
•  Specifically for sixth form admissions, priority would in future 
be given to looked after and previously looked after students. 
•  In addition, a non-material typographical error had been 
found in the 2013/14 Admissions Policy and Stone King had 
advised that it was acceptable for this to be corrected without 
further consultation. 
The GB considered that all of the proposed changes proposed paid 
due regard to the requirements of the Equality Act and accordingly 


adopted the 2014/15 Policy as recommended. And agreed the 
correction of the error in the 2013/14 Policy.  

Curriculum committee 
A presentation on changes in the School Curriculum was given by 
Mr Tim Miller and a copy of the slides employed is annexed to these 
minutes. In his presentation Mr Miller made the following points:  
•  Classical Civilisation had been introduced in the Extended 
Programme and 85% of the first cohort had achieved GCSE 
grades A* - B despite having only one lesson a week. A few 
of these students had proceeded, of their own volition and 
without any formal teaching, to AS level and all had been 
graded A. Clearly, this success warranted further 
consideration whether JFS should offer Classical Civilisation 
or Classics in some other form on a wider mainstream basis. 
•  There was now a firm indication that the Government wanted 
to ensure that many more students took mathematics up to A 
level and various measures were being contemplated 
including prohibiting students without GCSE grade C or 
above, or about to resit mathematics, to move up to the sixth 
•  The Government was also proposing that ICT should be 
replaced by Computing in the National Curriculum, which 
would also require greater mathematical skills. JFS hoped to 
offer AS computing in 2014. 
•  Consideration was still being given to the introduction of 
Hospitality BTEC in September 2014. Hospitality was a 
growing employment sector and BTEC Level 3 was 
sufficiently challenging to be regarded as equivalent to 2 A-
levels. Together with an additional A-level, it should qualify a 
student for entry to university or to direct entry to training in 
the catering or hotel industries. 
•  The new National Curriculum was due to be introduced in 
2014 and would undoubtedly require significant changes. It 
was likely to have a particular impact on History and English. 
•  Amongst other major changes, the traditional linear A-level 
examinations would be reintroduced with no modular 
examinations and resits and there was an objective to 
broaden six form education at the same time as deepening 
and making it more challenging. 
At GCSE level the EBac certificate would be scrapped and 
examinations would be linear with less internal assessment. 
The performance measure based on the number of students 
achieving five A* to C grades would be replaced by an points 
average over eight subjects including English and  


Finance & Premises Committee 
Mr Neil Harris drew attention to the minutes of the Committee that 
had been made available to Governors and explained the change 
from FSMIS to the new Schools Financial Value Standard (SFVS) 
self-evaluation questionnaire for the Governing Body. The GB 
approved the draft SFVS return provided by the Committee for its 
Jewish Education 
The GB took note of the minutes of the JE Committee. 
10.  Strategy, Pay and Personnel Committees 
The Chairman said that these committees had not met during the 
previous term (??) 
11.  Committee Membership  
The GB approved the appointment of Mrs Florence Asher to the 
Curriculum Committee. 
12.  Any Other Business 
12a Spring Concert - Mr Michael Lee expressed regret that he was 
the only governor present at the, save for Mr Bernstein who was 
12b Marketing - Mr Lee also requested more information about the 
School’s marketing efforts following the employment of a consultant 
company. The Chairman explained that the consultancy was not 
intended to be an ongoing process, but much insight had been 
obtained from the report provided. Many of the recommendations 
had been adopted and this could be seen in the greater use of e-
mail to parents, the alumni magazine, the newsletter and the 
arrangements for the anniversary celebrations. 
12c Governors Emails - The Chairman reported that the very small 
number of e-mails received to the Governor address were 
complaints; these were simply redirected into the standard 
complaints procedure. 
Signed   _____________________ 



Chairman: Mr Philip Bunt 
Governors present: 
Mrs Karen Benedyk  
           Mr Richard Cohen               
Mrs Joanne Coleman  
Mr Richard del-Monte   
Ms Vicky Fox 
Mr Neil Harris 
Mr David Horowitz   
Mrs Jenny Jebreel   
Mr Jamie Peston    
Mr Michael Lee  
Mr Richard Martyn    
Mr Jonathan Miller (Headteacher) 
SLT present: 
Rabbi Mark Kampf    
Deputy Headteacher  
Mr Tim Miller  
Deputy Headteacher 
Ms Debra Mellor 
Assistant Headteacher  
Ms Talia Thoret  
Assistant Headteacher 
Others present: 
       Dr Alan Fox     
Clerk to the Governors 
Apologies for Absence 
Mr Philip Bunt, who was chairing the meeting in the absence of Mr 
Michael Glass, explained that the Chairman was recuperating from a 
recent operation and the GB requested that its their best wishes were 
sent to him. Congratulations were also sent to Mr Russell Boxer on the 
very recent birth of a son. 
Apologies for absence were also received and accepted from Mrs 
Florence Asher, Mr Terry Bernstein, Rabbi Daniel Roselaar and Mr 
Steven Woolf. Mr David Harris, Mr Steve Bremner and Ms Lorraine 
Tomlinson also sent apologies.  

Declaration of Interests 
No personal interests in the business of the meeting were declared.  
3.    Minutes  
The draft minutes of the meeting held on 12th January, 2013 were 
approved and signed by the Chairman.  
4.    Matters Arising 
a. On-site Wi-Fi access for governors – the GB was advised that Wi-Fi 
would be available on the JFSW-VISITOR network from the next meeting 
b. Academy Status - the Headteacher reported that there had been no 
advance since the last meeting and no further contact on the outstanding 
land issue. It was suggested that when recovered, the Chairman might 
take further steps to unblock the matter with Mr Russell Kett. 
Budget 2013/14  
Mr Neil Harris, Chairman of the Finance & Premises Committee, 
presented the recommended Budget for 2013/14. In so doing and in 
subsequent discussion, the following points were made: 
As was required, the Committee’s recommendation was for a balanced 
budget in 2013/14 with income and expenditure both at £17.71M. 
•  The budget of been prepared against the background of anticipated 
continued pressure on public expenditure on education.  Whilst the 
position in the coming year was satisfactory and it had not been 
necessary to decrease the provision for educational activities, a 
squeeze was likely to impact significantly in the medium-term future. 
•  As usual, there remained some uncertainty both because the 
budgetary cycle was out of line with the academic year and because 
advice had not yet been received on the quantum of some elements 
of income. 
•  There had been a reduction in income due to changes in the SEN 
funding and recoupment and a further drop caused by reduced Sixth 
Form numbers, the latter being particularly difficult to forecast in 
advance of the start of the new academic year. 
•  Provision was being made for a small increase in staff costs 
following the pay freezes, but uncertainty remained because of the 
current negotiations with the Staff Unions. 
•  Although the achievement of Academy Status was likely to relieve 
the financial situation to some extent, future years were likely to see 
further income reductions. It could not be assumed that grants from 
Charitable Trusts would be in a position to cover significant deficits 
in the longer term. It would therefore be prudent for the School to 


consider how income might be increased and expenditure reduced 
in a potentially more are challenging times. It was noted that the 
Finance and Premises Committee would monitor progress in this 
area throughout the year ahead. 
On a motion proposed by Mr Harris and seconded by Mr Martyn, the 
Governing Body approved unanimously the draft 2013/14 Budget as 
recommended by the Finance & Premises Committee. The Chairman 
recorded the GB’s thanks to Mr Harris and to the Director of Finance & 
Administration and her team for all the work leading to this successful 
Headteachers Report, Equality Objectives and Self-evaluation 
of Teaching Quality 
The GB considered the Headteacher’s Spring Term Report with 
appendices and the papers circulated indicating the methodology for 
judging the extent to which the quality objectives set a year ago were 
being achieved  and the assessment of teaching quality. In discussion the 
following points were made: 
•  Feedback on the anniversary concert had been very positive 
•  There are been a small reduction in the exclusions figures for the 
term. However, the term was very short and one term’s figures 
could never be regarded as a trend indicator. 
•  There had been a successful sixth form visit again from pupils of 
the Welsh School Ysgol David Hughes.  
The School Improvement Plan (SIP) was considered. The School had 
been working for two years on improving data collection as part of the 
Improvement Plan. A proper analysis of this data assisted in determining 
where interventions were required and the next round of collection would 
indicate the impact of these interventions. This was part of one of the five 
areas being advanced with the new SIP. 
Much work was in hand to improve literacy, both because of its 
importance to pupils in appropriate and accurate communication and 
because of the impact on GCSE marks. There was a particular focus on 
setting high expectations for Year 7 pupils.  
Any Other Business 

There was none. 
Signed   _____________________ 



Chairman: Mr Michael Glass  
Governors present: 
Mrs Florence Asher   Mrs Karen Benedyk           Mr Terry Bernstein   
Mr Philip Bunt             Mrs Joanne Coleman        Mr Richard del-Monte         
Ms Vicky Fox   
Mr Neil Harris   
          Mr David Horowitz  
Mrs Jenny Jebreel 
Mr Jamie Peston             Mr Michael Lee         
Mr Richard Martyn  
Mr Jonathan Miller (Headteacher) 
Rabbi Daniel Roselaar  
Mr Steven Woolf 
SLT present: 
Mr David Harris  
Deputy Headteacher  
Rabbi Mark Kampf    
Deputy Headteacher  
Mr Tim Miller  
Deputy Headteacher 
Mr Steve Bremner    
Assistant Headteacher 
Ms Debra Mellor 
Assistant Headteacher  
Ms Talia Thoret  
Assistant Headteacher 
Others present: 
         Dr Alan Fox   
Clerk to the Governors 
Apologies for Absence 
Apologies for absence were received and accepted from Mr Richard Cohen, 
and Ms Lorraine Tomlinson also sent apologies.  
Declaration of Interests 
No personal interests in the business of the meeting were declared.  

3.    Minutes  
The draft minutes of the meeting held on 9th April, 2013 were approved and 
signed by the Chairman.  
4.      Matters Arising 
Item 4b. Academy Status – the Chairman said that just over 50% of the 
secondary schools in England were now Academies, as were nine of the 14 
secondary schools in Brent. Efforts was being made to clear the obstacles to 
the JFS conversion but there remained a problem caused by the loss of the 
executed underlease  from KSSL to JFS that had not been registered at the 
Land Registry. Without this document, or a very good reason why 
registration had not taken place, the Land Registry would only grant a 
restricted title. This would be insufficient to meet the essential conversion 
condition of demonstrating that the Academy would receive good title to the 
land and buildings or indeed that the School had the right to occupy the site 
after the PFI contract terminated. 
 Chairman’s Report 
The Chairman thanked governors for their good wishes following his recent 
operation. He also wished to record the GB’s gratitude for the assistance 
received in recent years from Catherine Ross, the Brent link adviser, who 
was retiring shortly. He also thanked the Headteacher, Senior Leadership 
Team and all the members of staff for their commitment in continuing to 
make JFS a School held in great respect and admiration by the entire 
Behaviour & Safety Self Evaluation & School Report Form (SRF) 
The SRF compiled by Catherine Ross having been circulated in advance, 
Governors were handed copies of the latest version of the School’s own 
Behaviour and Safety Evaluation. Mr Tim Miller explained the criteria, based 
originally on OFSTED guidance, employed to establish the ratings awarded 
for each element of the evaluation and the underlying evidence employed. 
The SLT had decided on three Outstanding markings and one Good. 
In discussion, the following points were made: 
•  There was considerable naivety on the part of many students about 
the sensible precautions they should employ in using new technology. 
They were told about this regularly and each year group received an 
annual lecture from the Police. Many parents were seemingly 
unaware of what their children were doing and the potential dangers 
and attendance had been very poor at meetings on the subject to 
which they had been invited. Governors felt that further effort should 
be made to educate the parent body, both in writing and on other 
occasions when they were in the school for other reasons. 
•  There was an apparent disparity between the confidence felt by 99% 
of the staff and only 88% of parents in the effectiveness of systems 
employed for dealing with bullying. Surveys were carried out only 

once every 3 to 4 years and it would be useful if, now machinery was 
in place,  and the GB considered that the frequency could be 
increased and perhaps more focused to find the underlying reasons. 
•  There was no evidence that pupils who left school year did so 
because of bullying. 
•  There had been an increase in the number of reported incidents on 
school buses in the past year. 
•  JFS attendance statistics were always going to be adversely affected 
by the relatively high proportion of international students and in Year 8 
by barmitzvahs. Because of a change in law with effect from 
September, the Headteacher would be unable to authorise some of 
the absences currently judged as acceptable. This was likely to cause 
an increase in unauthorised absences next year.  
•  The attendance figure of 70% for Tisha B’Av was higher than in 
previous years and an excellent and creative programme had been 
provided by the Jewish Studies Department. Nevertheless, some 
governors were concerned that this figure was too low for what legally 
was a regular school day.  
•  Attitudes to learning were monitored very closely and each student 
was looked at individually at successive staff levels to assist in judging 
whether intervention was necessary. 
•  There was concern that there were inconsistencies between different 
members of staff in the operation of the reward system. 
Admissions Committee 
The Committee had decided to exercise the options now available to 
administer in-year admissions directly. Because of the timetable attached to 
such applications, the Committee might have to meet more frequently. 
Curriculum Committee 
The minutes of the recent meeting of the Committee were available on 
Fronter. The Committee proposed to recommend amendments to its Terms 
of Reference to the next meeting of the GB.  
Jewish Education Committee 
Minutes had not been produced for the last meeting, but the Committee had 
received a very encouraging presentation from the Ivrit Department and had 
noted that more non-Israelis were following the language course. The 
Committee had also had a lively discussion of Jewish Education in the lower 
Strategy Committee 

The Chairman said that the Committee had reviewed Section 1 of the May 
2013 edition of the DfE Handbook for Governors that he had loaded onto 
Fronter. The Committee had considered in particular, and commended to the 
Chairmen of all other Committees as a guidance to activities in the coming 
academic year, the section setting out the key factors against which Ofsted 
would judge the effectiveness of governing bodies  
10.    Pay & Personnel Committees  
The Chairman said that these two Committees had met in the previous week 
and their minutes would be posted on Fronter in due course. The personnel 
Committee had concentrated on the revised Pay Policy that was to be 
considered as the following Agenda item. 
The Pay Committee had conducted its annual SLT Performance 
Management Review.  
11.   Pay Policy 
The GB approved the terms of the Pay Policy, as recommended by the 
Personnel Committee. 
Financial Statements for Year Ending 31st March 2013  
 Mr Neil Harris gave an oral summary of the recent proceedings of the 
Finance & Premises Committee (the minutes of which were to be found on 
Fronter) and introduced the following documents relating to the voluntary 
audit of the accounts for the last financial year:  
2012/13 Financial Statements,  
Report and Financial Statements 2012/13 
Statement of Internal Control 
Management Letter 2012/13 
Audit Findings Letter 
Letter of Representation 
On a proposition by the Chairman, seconded by Mr Bunt the GB confirmed 
its approval and with very minor amendments authorised signature of the 
documents presented as appropriate.  
Programme of Meetings of the GB and its Committees - 2013/14 
The GB approved the programme uploaded to Fronter 
14.   Holiday Dates 2014/15 
The GB approved the dates for the year starting September 2014 set out in 
the Headteacher’s proposal that took account of the Jewish holidays and 
provided the statutory minimum of 190 student days. 
Any Other Business 
15a - Governor Training - governors were reminded of the importance of 

recording all formal training undertaken on Fronter. 
15b - Careers Education - Mr Tim Miller reported that JFS had been 
assessed and given the Investors in Careers Quality Award. 
15c - University Interviews - Mr Miller reported that the third edition of the 
University Interviews Guide by Andy Gardner and Barbara Hamnett had 
been published and was selling well. 
Signed   _____________________ 


Chairman: Mr Michael Glass  
Governors present: 
Mrs Florence Asher   Mrs Karen Benedyk  
Mr Russell Boxer      
Mr Philip Bunt              Mrs Joanne Coleman         Mr Richard del-Monte 
Mr Michael Glass 
Mr David Horowitz   
Mr Michael Lee         
Mr Richard Martyn       Mr Jonathan Miller (Headteacher) 
Rabbi Daniel Roselaar  
Mr Steven Woolf 
SLT present: 
Mr David Harris  
Deputy Headteacher  
Rabbi Mark Kampf    
Deputy Headteacher  
Mr Tim Miller  
Deputy Headteacher 
Mr Steve Bremner    
Assistant Headteacher 
Ms Talia Thoret  
Assistant Headteacher 
Others present: 
         Dr Alan Fox   
Clerk to the Governors 
Apologies for Absence 
Apologies for absence were received and accepted from Mr Richard Cohen, 
Ms Vicky Fox, Mr Neil Harris, Mrs Jenny Jebreel, Mr Jamie Peston. Ms 
Debra Mellor and Ms Lorraine Tomlinson also sent apologies. Mr Terry 
Bernstein was not present. 

Declaration of Interests 
No personal interests in the business of the meeting were declared.  
3.  Election of Chairman   
Only one nomination having been received, the Clerk declared Mr Michael 
Glass re-elected as Chairman.  
4.  Election of Vice-Chairman  


Only one nomination having been received, the Clerk declared Mr Philip 
Bunt re-elected as Vice-Chairman. 
5.    Minutes  
The draft minutes of the meeting held on 17th July, 2013 were approved and 
signed by the Chairman.  
6.      Matter Arising 
Academy Status – the Chairman said that there was no further progress to 
report.  The land issue remained unresolved and the helpful contact at Brent 
had now departed.  
Chairman’s Report 
The Chairman reported that he was hopeful that the long-standing building 
dispute would be concluded shortly.  
He congratulated the staff on the excellent results in the public examinations. 
Headteacher’s Report 
The Headteacher introduced his Summer Term report to Governors including 
appendices covering the exclusion statistics and a staffing update. In 
response to questions and in discussion, the following points were made: 
•  There had been a significant staff turnover at the end of the term 
giving rise to a number of internal changes. The Headteacher was 
very pleased with the range and quality of the new recruits. 
•  There had been a number of useful building enhancements, including 
the improvement of the appearance of the entrance foyer and of the 
lighting in the reception area. 
•  Initial indications were that many parents were using the JFS 
Application designed for Apple devices to receive directly the 
newsletter and the various JFS films not otherwise supported by 
Apple. As a useful byproduct this permitted analysis of those sections 
of the newsletter most read and topics searched for. 
•  As the assistance that could be given by the Local Authority gradually 
reduced, the Brent School Partnership could become a partial 
substitute but the benefit received would have to be watched carefully 
to see whether it was worth the subscription. 
•  There had been a spike in the Year 7 exclusion figures in the summer 
but it was very difficult to draw useful conclusions from a single term’s 
or even year’s statistics. Because some of those principally concerned 
had now moved to other schools, it was hoped that this would not 
carry forward into this year’s Year 8 figures. 
 Leadership and Management Self Evaluation  

Mr Tim Miller explained the criteria employed to establish the ratings 
awarded in this evaluation and the underlying evidence employed.  
Governors noted the overall judgment of “Outstanding” for Leadership and 
queried whether this was appropriate given that the concerns indicated about 
certain aspects of GCSE performance in 2013. It was explained that the 
Evaluation was a draft that had been prepared prior to receipt of the GCSE 
results, which themselves could be subject to change following re-markings 
requested. A final judgment would have to be made after the full analysis of 
the examination results that would be shared with the Curriculum Committee, 
but “Outstanding” was not intended to be synonymous with “Perfect”. 
10.   Committee Terms of Reference 2013/14 
The GB approved the draft Terms of Reference before it, noting that there 
had been changes from previous years for the Curriculum Committee, 
subject to further examination by the Admissions Committee of the meeting 
frequency that should be specified. 
11.    Committee Membership 
With certain amendments and subject to individual discussions to take place 
outside the meeting, the GB approved the proposed membership allocations 
before it. The Clerk was invited to circulate a final list following these 
 Dates of Meetings 
The GB agreed that some minor changes to the dates it approved at its 
previous meeting would be required. The Clerk was invited to circulate a final 
list as soon as possible.  
Any Other Business 
13a -  PTA -  it was requested that a number of governors should attend the 
forthcoming PTA AGM. 
13b – AJEX March - Mr Harris drew attention to the annual JFS participation 
in the Annual March and said that any Governor or family member who 
wished to participate this year would be welcome.  
Signed   _____________________ 


Chairman: Mr Michael Glass  
Governors present: 
Mrs Florence Asher       Mr Terry Bernstein  
Mr Russell Boxer      
Mr Philip Bunt    
    Mr Richard del-Monte   Ms Vicky Fox 
Mr Michael Glass          Mr Neil Harris 
Mr David Horowitz    
Mrs Jenny Jebreel   
    Mr Michael Lee       
Mr Richard Martyn    
Mr Jonathan Miller (Headteacher)    
Mr Jamie Peston      
Mr Steven Woolf 
SLT present: 
Mr David Harris  
Deputy Headteacher  
Rabbi Mark Kampf    
Deputy Headteacher  
Mr Tim Miller  
Deputy Headteacher 
Mr Steve Bremner    
Assistant Headteacher 
Ms Debra Mellor    
Assistant Headteacher  
Ms Talia Thoret  
Assistant Headteacher 
Others present: 
         Dr Alan Fox   
Clerk to the Governors 
Ms Shirah Herman   
School Counsellor 
Apologies for Absence 
Apologies for absence were received and accepted from Mrs Karen Benedyk 
Mr Richard Cohen, Mrs Joanne Coleman and Rabbi Daniel Roselaar. Ms 
Lorraine Tomlinson also sent apologies. 
Declaration of Interests 
No personal interests in the business of the meeting were declared.  

The GB noted the resignation of Mr Steven Woolf as a Parent Governor 
with effect from 19th November 2013 on his appointment for three years as 

a Foundation Governor. An election for the consequent vacancy for a 
Parent Governor would be held in the Spring Term. 
4.  Child Protection and Safeguarding  
Mrs Asher, Link Governor for safeguarding, reminded the GB of the 
statutory safeguarding duties and obligations deriving from S175 of the 
Education Act 2002, stressing that appropriate polices must be in place in 
readily accessible format and operated consistently. All Governors should 
be familiar with the details and conformity to the requirements would form a 
key element within Ofsted judgement within the Leadership and 
Management criterion.  
Mr David Harris, SLT lead member, said that JFS had largely escaped 
some of the worst experiences reported by other schools, but there were 
nevertheless a number of cases to be dealt with each year. Just as 
elsewhere JFS had cases of self-harming, sexual abuse and emotional 
neglect caused by parental inadequacies and there were some students 
with mental and health problems. Those from poor backgrounds could be 
assisted to some limited extent from JFS bursaries available. 
Ms Shirah Herman, School Counsellor, illustrated the issues presented by 
up to 10% of JFS students with a number of case histories. She said that 
there had been an increase in recorded self-harming and low self-esteem. 
She did not have statistics available but believed that whilst JFS was 
probably better in a better position than many other schools. it could still 
make use of additional resources. 
The draft minutes of the meeting held on 2nd October, 2013 were approved 
and signed by the Chairman.  
6.      Matter Arising 
Academy Status – the Chairman said that there was some hope that the 
missing sublease might be found soon. If not, other arrangements would 
need to be made to prove title. 
In the meantime, the Government had changed the funding arrangements for 
academies in a way that might make conversion a little less financially 
attractive. It might be necessary to revisit the earlier calculations of the 
balance of advantage. 
Chairman’s Report 
The Chairman introduced his written report to the GB. 
Freedom of Information 
The GB noted the schedule of FoI requests received by the School since 
September 2008. The Headteacher said that he would be working on the 
required Publication Scheme and hoped to have a draft available for the 
following GB meeting.  

The GB requested that a summary report on FoI requests should be placed 
on the agenda as a standing item for the second meeting of each Autumn 
Admissions Committee 
It was reported that the number of applications for admission to Year 7 in 
September 2014 was higher than in 2013. However, waiting lists were lower 
than previously. 
Curriculum Committee 
The GB noted the minutes of the meeting held on 18th November and in 
particular that it had been agreed that a representative from the Head 
Boy/Girl team should attend in order to report on the thoughts and workings 
of the Student Council. Because this Committee dealt with nearly all, 
subjects of relevance to students, this was regarded as more appropriate 
than attendance at the GB that had fallen into disuse. 
11.   Jewish Education Committee 
The minutes of the meeting held on 14th October were not yet available for 
the GB to see.  

Pay & Personnel Committees  
The Committee has not met since the last GB meeting. 
Strategy Committee 
The Chairman said that the Committee had considered how to make the GB 
more effective and had decided to recommend that each meeting should 
adjourn temporarily part way through for smaller groups to discuss single 
topics.  At its next meeting the Committee would draft terms of reference for 
consideration by the GB. 

Link Governors 
There were no reports from Link Governors. 
15.    Committee Membership 
The GB approved the appointment of Mrs Jenny Jebreel to the Admissions 
Committee and Mr Steven Woolf to the Personnel Committee and to the Pay 
Any Other Business 
There was none. 
Signed   _____________________ 


Chairman: Mr Michael Glass  
Governors present: 
Mr Terry Bernstein  
Mr Russell Boxer        Mr Philip Bunt  
Mrs Karen Benedyk     Mr Richard Cohen      Mrs Joanne Coleman 
Ms Vicky Fox   
Mr Michael Glass       Mr Neil Harris 
Mr Michael Lee       
Mr Jonathan Miller (Headteacher)  
Mr Richard Martyn       Mr Jamie Peston        Mr Steven Woolf 
SLT present: 
Mr David Harris  
Deputy Headteacher  
Rabbi Mark Kampf    
Deputy Headteacher  
Mr Tim Miller  
Deputy Headteacher 
Mr Steve Bremner    
Assistant Headteacher 
Ms Debra Mellor    
Assistant Headteacher  
Ms Talia Thoret  
Assistant Headteacher 
Others present: 
         Dr Alan Fox   
Clerk to the Governors 
Apologies for Absence 
Apologies for absence were received and accepted from Mrs Florence 
Asher, Mr David Horowitz and Mrs Jenny Jebreel. Mr Richard del-Monte was 
also not present.  
Mr David Harris and Ms Lorraine Tomlinson also sent apologies. 
Declaration of Interests 
No personal interests in the business of the meeting were declared.  

The GB noted the resignation of Rabbi Daniel Roselaar as a Foundation 
Governor with effect from 9th January, 2014The GB recorded its grateful 

thanks for the contribution he had made over a number of years particularly 
in respect of Jewish Education and Discipline.  

The draft minutes of the meeting held on 9th December, 2013 were approved 
and signed by the Chairman.  
5.      Matter Arising 
5.1 - Academy Status – the Chairman said that there was nothing new to 
report and that this topic should no longer feature on the GB agenda until 
there was a change in the position.  
5.2 – FoI Publication Scheme – the Headteacher said that he had not yet 
had an opportunity to work on this but would do so as soon as possible. 
5.3 – Jewish Education Committee – the Chairman asked that the 
Committee should produce the minutes of its Autumn Term meeting as soon 
as possible. 
5.4 - Strategy Committee ToR - the Chairman said that he would draft terms 
of reference as soon as possible. 

Chairman’s Report 
The Chairman drew the attention of the GB to an article in that day’s Evening 
Standard referring to the proposed skills requirement for governors. He said 
that this demonstrated that the Government was trying to change the way 
that governing bodies operated to become comparable with corporate 
boards with non-executive directors. 
In discussion it was agreed that it was time to carry out another Skills Audit, 
which should then be refreshed annually. However, it should be noted that , 
in contrast to company directors, governors operated on a purely voluntary 
basis and it was inevitable that individuals would have to give higher priority 
to their remunerated employment. 
It was also agreed that new governors should be given a more formal 
induction than in the last few years and that this should be organised in the 
first instance by Vicky Fox. 
Headteacher’s Report 
The Headteacher introduced his report on the Autumn Term including the 
Appendix listing the Exclusion statistics. In so doing and in the course of 
discussion the following points were made: 
The new Climbing Wall funded by Wembley Stadium had been completed. 
JFS was using the new Staff Direct system and had five training places 
allocated for teacher placements in the next academic year. The individuals 
would spend part of their year at JFS at nil cost but could subsequently  
provide quality applicants for any suitable vacancies that might occur.  

JFS was also the Lead School In a consortium with other Jewish secondary 
schools that had been granted up to 10 places for employed participants 
seeking to achieve Qualified Teacher Status who would be placed on 
training contracts if not already employed in a school. 
JFS had been developing links with Copland and staff were visiting to assist 
in work on Literacy, English and PE. Copland staff were visiting JFS to 
participate in the Leadership and Management enrichment programmes. 
It could be argued that the resources employed could be justified on altruistic 
grounds alone. However, participation in this way could also be of benefit in 
the future if JFS were to seek recognition as a Teaching School again and it 
provided staff with an insight into the methods and practices of other 
A record was being kept of the teaching time lost to JFS pupils, although in 
some cases supply teachers could fill in behind. So far this amounted to 
eight teacher days. Mr Lee requested that the Governing Body should be 
advised on a regular basis of the resources employed on this and other 
programmes using teaching staff  on non-JFS teaching duties.. The 
Chairman said that he considered this to be an operational matter that 
should be left to the Headteacher. On a vote it was established that there 
was no support for Mr Lee's proposal. 
The SLT had decided that the results of the mock GCSE examinations taken 
at the end of the Autumn Term, when both pupils and staff were tired, did not 
provide sufficiently a good indicator on of interventions required to improve 
the eventual outcome. The mock examinations had been moved to the 
beginning of the Spring Term to be followed immediately by indicated 
interventions, which were no longer to be regarded as optional. 
At 17, two of which were unconditional, offers for places at Oxford (10) and 
Cambridge (7) for 2014 were the highest so far achieved. Whilst not 
regarded as the cleverest ever, the current Year 13 cohort was very able and 
demonstrably very competitive and motivated. Undoubtedly, much benefit 
was being gained from the intensive preparation put in place three years 
The GB divided into four groups of governors assisted by members of the 
SLT to consider the individual elements compromising the School’s overall 
self-evaluation. On return, the rapporteur of each group provided a very 
brief summary of the topics covered, as follows: 
8.1 - Leadership  
Evidence of schools strengths and justification for Grade 1 
Areas for Improvement 
Proactive  professional development and succession planning 
Performance management, use of data, self-evaluation including the GB 
8. 2 - Achievement   
Reasons for the 2 grading 
Judgement of progression of ability 

Comparative results across cohorts and the reasons 
8.3 - Teaching   
Justification for Grade 1 in light of GCSE results 
Strategies for monitoring teaching quality and its improvement 
Progress in the five identified development areas 
8.4 - Safety  
Justification for Grade 1 
Any Other Business 
Governors were advised that the next meeting would take place in the Sixth 
Form Study Area 
Signed   _____________________ 


 Acting Chairman: Mr Philip Bunt 
Governors present: 
Mrs Florence Asher  
Mr Terry Bernstein    
Mr Russell Boxer   
Mrs Joanne Coleman 
Mr Richard del-Monte 
Mr Neil Harris 
Mrs Jenny Jebreel  
Mr Michael Lee         
Mr Jonathan Miller              
Mr Richard Martyn           
Mr Jamie Peston         
Mrs Ruth Renton     
Mr Steven Woolf 
SLT present: 
Deputy Headteachers: Rabbi Mark Kampf 
Mr Tim Miller  
Assistant Headteachers: Mr Steve Bremner  Ms Debra Mellor   Ms Talia Thoret 
Others present: 
Dr Alan Fox   
Clerk to the Governors 
Apologies for Absence 
Apologies for absence were received and accepted from Mrs Karen Benedyk, Mr 
Richard Cohen, Ms Vicky Fox, Mr Michael Glass and Mr David Horowitz. 
Mr David Harris and Ms Lorraine Tomlinson also sent apologies. 
Declaration of Interests 
No personal interests in the business of the meeting were declared.  

The GB welcomed Mrs Ruth Renton, elected as a Parent Governor for a three-
year term with effect from 11th March 2014.  


The draft minutes of the meeting held on 20th January 2014 were approved 
subject to an amendment to Section 7 to clarify that Mr Lee’s request for the 
recording of the loss of teaching time lost by the deployment of staff outside JFS 
was not restricted to the programmes mentioned.  
5.      Matter Arising 
5.1 - FoI Publication Scheme – consideration was deferred to the following 
5.2 – Jewish Education Committee – the minutes of the Autumn Term meeting 
had been placed on Fronter. 
5.3 - Strategy Committee ToR - consideration was deferred to the following 
5.4 – Skills Audit – it was agreed that a survey questionnaire should be sent to all 
governors and that the results should be considered at the second GB meeting of 
the Summer Term. 
5.5 – Governors Induction Programme – the GB took note with approval of the 
new Induction Programme. It agreed that a list of commonly used acronyms 
should be drawn up for all governors.  
Budget 20143/15  
Mr Neil Harris, Chairman of the Finance & Premises Committee, presented the 
recommended Budget for 2014/15. In so doing and in subsequent discussion, the 
following points were made: 
•  As was required, the Committee’s recommendation was for a balanced 
budget in 2013/14 (with income and expenditure both at £17.71M). 
•  Every year the budget had to be prepared with a degree of uncertainty both 
because the budgetary cycle was out of line with the academic year and 
some items were outside the School’s control. 
•  A continued pressure on public expenditure on education was to be 
expected and, as would be seen, the income was projected at a level lower 
than the 2013/14 budget and expected outturn. 
•  The required balanced budget had been achieved by a reduction in 
expenditure that was expected not to have any adverse educational effects.  
•  A 2% reduction in Local Authority and Education Funding Authority receipts 
had been assumed. The changes in SEN funding and recoupment further 
reduced income by nearly £200k.  
•  There was high confidence that the Government Security Grant would 
continue during the next financial year to the election. The two main political 
parties had said that, if elected, they would continue it beyond that point. 
•  Occupancy expenditure, which was totally outside JFS control, would 
probably rise marginally. 

•  Notwithstanding spinal drift plus the expected 1% pay rise, reductions in 
staff costs would result from the retirements of senior staff at the higher end 
of their scale to be replaced at the lower end and a reduction in the number 
of Staffing Assistants.  
•  The introduction of performance related pay introduced a further element of 
uncertainly. JFS currently had a higher proportion of staff on the Upper Pay 
Scale than average. 
•  The three-year indicative budget indicated increasing annual deficits unless 
compensated by donations from the Trusts. However, a comparison with 
the position this time last year showed significant improvements, indicating 
that JFS was moving in the right direction in dealing with the structural 
•  The future challenge was to balance the budget without relying on 
donations and fundraising. The Finance and Premises Committee would 
continue to monitor progress in this area throughout the year ahead, 
considering how income might be increased and expenditure reduced in a 
potentially even more challenging times.  
As proposed by Mr Martyn and seconded by Mr Lee, the GB approved 
unanimously the draft 2014/15 Budget recommended by the Finance & Premises 
Committee. The Chairman recorded the GB’s thanks to Mr Harris and to the 
Director of Finance & Administration and her team for all the work leading to this 
successful conclusion. 
Chairman’s Report 
The GB sent its congratulations to Mr Glass and his family on the marriage of his 
son Gideon.  
Admissions Committee 
The GB took note of the minutes of the meetings of the Committee held on 13th 
January and 10th February and approved the Admissions Policy for September 
2015/16 as recommended by the Committee.  
Mr Del-Monte reported that 300 offers had made of places in Year 7 for 
September 2014. There had been 260 acceptances and a further 40 offers were 
being made in the second round. There was reasonable confidence that all places 
would be taken up by the start of the academic year. 130 applications had been 
received for the 6th Form and 90 offers had been made.  

Curriculum Committee 
The GB noted the minutes of the meeting held on 17th March.   
10.  Finance & Premises Committee 
The GB noted the minutes of the meeting held on 27th of January.   

Mr Harris explained that the Schools Financial Value Standard annual return 
provided a self-assessment of the extent of compliance with the best financial 
control standards. As could be seen from the recommended return, the Committee 
believed that the standards were met except in respect of a clear link between 
budgeting and standards and the provision of timely outturn forecasts, both of 
which were met only in part. The GB approved the terms of the annual return. 
11.  Jewish Education Committee 
The GB noted the minutes of the meetings held on 14th October 2013 and 3rd 
February 2014. 
12.  Strategy Committee 
The Committee had not met this term. 
13.  Pay Committee 
The GB noted the minutes of the meetings held on 3rd March. 
14.   Personnel Committee 
The GB noted the minutes of the meetings held on 3rd March 
15.  PFI Working Group 
Mrs Coleman said that the Working Group had been established to explore some 
of the financial implications of the JFS PFI contract and to provide a source 
document for future generations of governors.  It had been operating for nearly a 
year and if maintained and updated, the report should be particularly valuable in 
the transition period towards the end of the contract in 2027 when KSSL was due 
to hand back the facilities. The Report contained 18 recommendations for further 
In discussion, it was explained that although in theory it might be possible to buy 
out the contract in the immediate future the processes were so complicated that 
substantial resources would be required to unravel them and ensure that the 
smooth running of the site was not affected. In any case, the capital sum required 
was likely to be too high at this stage. This should reduce as the remaining term 
diminished and the matter might with advantage be revisited in a few years time. 
The GB expressed its appreciation to Mrs Coleman and the members of the 
Working Group for the very thorough and comprehensive report. 
16.  Any Other Business 
The GB agreed to change the date of its second meeting of the Summer term 
from 14th to 16th July. 
Signed       ………………………………… 
Date    ………………….  


 Chairman: Mr Michael Glass  
Governors present: 
Mrs Florence Asher  
 Mrs Karen Benedyk  
Mr Terry Bernstein              
Mr Philip Bunt 
 Mrs Joanne Coleman 
Mr Richard del-Monte       
Mr David Horowitz  
 Mrs Jenny Jebreel    
Mr Michael Lee                 
Mr Jonathan Miller             Mr Richard Martyn       
Mrs Ruth Renton               
Mr Steven Woolf 
SLT present: 
Deputy Headteachers:    Mr David Harris  
Rabbi Mark Kampf  Mr Tim Miller  
Assistant Headteachers: Mr Steve Bremner  Ms Debra Mellor   Ms Talia Thoret 
Others present: 
Dr Alan Fox   
Clerk to the Governors 
Apologies for Absence 
Apologies for absence were received and accepted from, Mr Russell Boxer, Mr 
Richard Cohen, Ms Vicky Fox, Mr Neil Harris and Mr Jamie Peston. 
Ms Lorraine Tomlinson also sent apologies. 
Declaration of Interests 
No personal interests in the business of the meeting were declared.  
Election of Vice-Chairman  

The Chairman explained that Mr Phillip Bunt would be relinquishing his post as a 
Foundation Governor at the end of the term and was resigning as Vice-Chairman 
with immediate effect. Only one nomination having been received to fill the 
vacancy, the Clerk declared Mr Steven Woolf elected as Vice-Chairman until the 
next annual election at the first meeting of the Autumn Term. 

The draft minutes of the meeting held on 31st March 2014 were approved.  
5.      Matters Arising 
There were no matters arising other than those covered elsewhere on the agenda. 
Chairman's Report 
6.1 - Academy Status - the Chairman said that efforts were continuing to resolve 
the land issues delaying the achievement of Academy Status. Whilst the United 
Synagogue was fully supportive, its solicitor was continuing to delay matters. 
6.2 - Skills Audit – the Chairman said that he had circulated the survey 
questionnaire recommended by the NGA and he asked for early responses so that 
the results could be considered at the second GB meeting of the Summer Term. 
Headteacher’s Report 
The Headteacher said how touched he was by the kindness and sympathy he had 
received following his recent sad loss.  
In introducing introduced his report on the Spring Term and in the course of 
discussion the following points were made: 
•  Following the recent efforts by David Harris, student attendance had 
improved by about 3% keeping JFS above the 95% target. 100% was 
unachievable but the movement was in the right direction. 
•  A great deal of work had been done by the SLT in working out how to 
operate the additional flexibility provided by the new Pay Policy. Now that 
the automaticity of annual increases had been abolished, many members 
of staff were uncertain what they should be doing and there was 
considerable anxiety. The current objective setting and assessment 
process needed to be clarified and in some areas amended to establish a 
manageable system balancing rigour and fairness.  
•  The main impact of the new Policy was yet to come. Decisions had been 
delegated by governors to the Headteacher, who would base them broadly 
on the recommendations of performance management assessors, 
standards being moderated by the SLT. There would probably be an 
enhanced role for governors dealing with appeals and it was important that 
suffcient were suitably trained for this work. 
•  There was reasonable confidence that whilst pay rises would be based only 
on performance of individuals, the overall outcome would be manageable 
within the budget set earlier in the year. 
•  There were a number of applicants for Jewish Education posts during the 
term under the new School Direct Programme. 
•  As had already been announced, the opportunity of Tim Miller's retirement 
at the end of the summer was being taken to restructure the SLT. His roles 

were being distributed amongst the current four Assistant Headteachers 
who would all become Deputy Headteachers in September. An 
appointment had also been made to a new post of Director of Sixth Form 
•  A larger emphasis had been placed on the outcome of the GCSE Mock 
Examinations earlier in the year, as part of a larger package of support and 
encouragement aimed at bringing GCSE results up to the same excellent 
standard as A-level results. There had been a whole day preparation 
course for English Literature and English Language, smaller meetings with 
perceived underachievers to improve focus and one-to-one email 
staff/student exchanges during the Study Leave period. 
In further discussion of the Exclusion Appendix the Headteacher said that all the 
statistics showed was there were no discernible trends. The information provided 
to the GB showed the number and extent of exclusions and the nature of the 
offences. It did not, however, explain the reasons for each exclusion, possibly 
leaving the impression of inconsistencies. However, whilst the School took a very 
serious view of racist and discriminatory behaviour, each case was decided on its 
own merits and took into account factors such as motive, contrition and previous 
record. The GB could take some comfort from a rigorous appeal process during 
which the Discipline Committee and did examine the full details of cases under 
consideration. The increase in the Year 10 exclusions compared to the same 
cohort last year was due to  the disproportionate influence of a small group of 
Self-Evaluation - Quality of Teaching 
Steve Bremner, who was taking over Tim Miller’s responsibility for the programme, 
introduced the criteria employed in judging the Quality of Teaching and the last 
assessment that had been made. He said that judgements were not helped by the 
well articulated and considerable divergences in the publically expressed views of 
what constituted high-quality teaching. Some would judge by facts or skills learned 
by students and others would place a greater emphasis on the extent to which 
teachers caused students to engage more fully with the education process. 
Currently, effort was being focused into improving the systems for evaluating 
standards and ensuring that the lesson observations conducted by subject leaders 
and the SLT were of genuine benefit in assisting teachers to raise their standards. 
A Lessons Observation Working Party had been set up and had produced the 
template provided to governors indicating how outstanding lessons might manifest 
themselves to observers. The difficulty of quantifying the criteria was well 
understood but the overall measure would finally be the results achieved by the 
students as a result of the teaching. An equivalent template was now needed 
explaining the expectations placed on observers themselves. This self evaluation 
would feed into the SIP which set quantitative targets. 
The summary judgment was that the overall quality of teaching at JFS remained 
Outstanding and in individual cases never fell below consistently good. Whilst the 
School was constantly searching for further improvement and a number of further 
initiatives were being put in place, the outstanding examination results provided a 
good and reliable indicator. 

9.   Freedom of Information Publication Scheme 
The GB approved the draft scheme recommended by the Headteacher. 
10.   Strategy Committee 
The GB approved the draft Terms of Reference for the Committee as 
recommended by the Chairman.  
11.  Any Other Business 
11.1  Display of Flags in the Foyer - the GB considered a suggestion made by a 
parent that the Union Flag should be displayed in the foyer alongside the Israeli 
flag. There was no unanimity of view about this suggestion or, indeed, whether 
flags should be displayed at all. It was agreed that, before a decision could be 
taken, more serious consideration was required of the physical ways in which the 
Jewish nature of the school was displayed. 
11.2  Acronyms - the GB noted the initial list of educational acronyms circulated. 
11. 3  Meeting Dates - The GB: 
•  reconfirmed the date of its second meeting of the Summer Term as 16th 
•  noted the cancellation of the meeting of the Discipline Committee, 
previously arranged for 16th of June 
•  noted that the Jewish Education Committee meeting arranged for 19th May 
would be postponed to a date to be advised by its Chairman as soon as 
Signed       ………………………………… 
Date    ………………….  


 Chairman: Mr Michael Glass  
Governors present: 
Mrs Florence Asher  
Mrs Karen Benedyk  
Mr Zach Bennetts           
Mr Russell Boxer    
Mr Philip Bunt 
Mr Richard del-Monte       
Ms Vicky Fox  
Rabbi Moshe Freedman  Mr Neil Harris  
Mr David Horowitz              Mr Michael Lee                   Mr Jonathan Miller              
Mr Richard Martyn       
Mr Jamie Peston             Mrs Ruth Renton               
Mr Steven Woolf 
SLT present: 
Deputy Headteachers       Mr David Harris      Rabbi Mark Kampf       Mr Tim Miller  
Assistant Headteachers    Ms Debra Mellor    Ms Talia Thoret  
Others present: 
Dr Alan Fox   
Clerk to the Governors 
Apologies for Absence 
Apologies for absence were received and accepted from Mr Terry Bernstein, Mr 
Richard Cohen and Mrs Joanne Coleman. 
Mr Steve Bremner and Ms Lorraine Tomlinson also sent apologies. 
2.      Membership 
The GB welcomed: 
2.1   Rabbi Dr Moshe Freedman, appointed as a Foundation Governor for a 
three-year term from 23rd May 2014.  
2.2   Mr Zach Bennetts elected as a Staff Governor for a three-year term with 
effect from 12th July 2014. 

The GB noted that:  
2.3   the term of office of Mrs Jenny Jebreel as a Staff Governor was completed 
on 11th July 2014.  
2.4   the terms of office of Mr Terry Bernstein and Ms Vicky Fox would end on 
31st August 2014 and this was their final regular meeting. 
pursuant to his resignation with effect from 31st August, this was Mr Phillip 
Bunt’s final regular meeting as a Foundation Governor.  
The Chairman said that the whole GB would wish to join with him in thanking the 
departing governors for everything they had done for the School during their 
respective terms of office. In particular, he expressed the governors’ gratitude to 
Mr Philip Bunt who had chaired both the Finance & Premises Committee and the 
Discipline Committee for a number of years and latterly had been the GB Vice-
The GB also noted that: 
2.6   the term of office of Mr Michael Lee would end on 31st August 2014 and 
that he had been re-elected as a Parent Governor for a three year term with 
effect from 1st September 2014. 
2.7   Ms Geraldine Fainer and Mr Lewis Cohen had been elected as Parent 
Governors for a three-year term with effect from 1st September 2014. 

The Chairman said that he wished to give advance notice that he was not 
proposing to stand for another term of office from the first meeting of the Autumn 
Term. He said that he had informed the Headteacher and Philip Bunt earlier in 
the year when he made the decision and also Steven Woolf prior to his election 
as Vice-Chairman He would not, however, be standing down as a Foundation 
Governor for the time being. 
Declaration of Interests 
No personal interests in the business of the meeting were declared.  
The draft minutes of the meeting held on 7th May 2014 were approved.  
6.      Matters Arising 
6.1 - Academy Status - the Chairman said that some progress was now being 
made with the resolution of the land issues delaying the achievement of Academy 
Status. The necessary actions had been agreed together with those who would 
now perform them. He would continue to monitor progress. 

Chairman's Report 

The Chairman said that he was pleased to announce that the settlement 
agreement with KSSL had been signed at last and that, for the first time in 10 
years, the School was no longer in dispute with the company. The GB sent its 
thanks to Graeme Pocock, the Property Manager, for his tireless efforts to achieve 
this settlement over a very long period. 
Skills Audit 
The Chairman circulated the latest version of the chart indicating the extent of 
various areas of expertise possessed by governors. It indicated that all of the skills 
regarded as Essential by the National Governors Association were well 
represented in the GB, whilst less so for those classified as Useful or Desirable. 
The NGA had very recently produced a new methodology and he proposed to 
circulate a fresh questionnaire during the Summer holidays. 
No-Notice Ofsted Inspection 
The Headteacher said that all governors were aware that Ofsted inspectors had 
arrived at JFS for an unannounced inspection at 30 minutes notice, which was 
odd because it was only two days after the organisation had announced that it 
was going to consultation about this highly disruptive practice. It emerged that the 
trigger for this inspection had been the receipt of six complaints from parents over 
an unspecified period of time, none of the details of which had been revealed. 
An informal debriefing had been given to him and a few other members of staff at 
the end of the inspection, but on a strictly confidential basis, so that he was unable 
to provide the GB with further information at this point. The usual practice was for 
the lead inspector to draft a report the following day and this was probably being 
moderated within Ofsted at the moment. The School will then have 24 hours to 
comment on any factual matters in the report before it was finalised. The final 
report would be sent to interested parties a week before publication. 
The Chairman said that he recommended that there should be an additional GB 
meeting next term to consider the final Report and an Action Plan to deal with its 

Annual Audit and Accounts 
Mr Neil Harris gave a brief oral presentation on the documents stemming from the 
recent voluntary external audit of the School’s accounts for the year ending 31st 
March 2014. He noted that the auditors anticipated issuing an unqualified report 
once the GB had approved the documents. However they drew the GB's attention 
to two matters: 
•  During the audit it had not proved possible to agree the balance between 
the School and the Development Charitable Trust. However, in the interim 
these accounts had been reconciled.  
•  The Auditors had noted that JFS did not maintain a central Risk Register, 
contrary to the recommended best practice. The Finance & Premises 
Committee had asked the Auditors to provide samples from other schools 

and guidance with a view to putting a risk register in place during the 
course of the next academic year. 
The Governing Body confirmed its approval of the Audit Findings Letter 
(incorporating the Letter of Management Representation) and the Report and 
Financial Statements for 2013/14 and authorised signature of the documents 
presented as appropriate 
.     Woodfield Teaching School Alliance 
The Headteacher said that JFS had accepted an invitation to become a strategic 
partner in the Teaching Alliance. 

School Holiday List 2015/16 
The Headteacher invited approval of the draft holiday list posted on Fronter. 
Mr Neil Harris said that he was concerned at the proposal that JFS should be 
closed throughout Succot instead of open Chol Hamoed. He understood that 
there were organisational problems, but the current practice inconvenienced a 
large number of parents and, for some students, might remove their only direct 
experience of the religious side of the Chag.  
In discussion, the following points were made: 
Some parents were happy with the arrangement  
The last three years that JFS stayed open for Chol HaMoed a large succah 
was erected and, each time, was blown down by the wind.  
The longer morning service disrupted the School day 
Some members of staff would feel compromised by being asked to work on 
Chol HaMoed or to supervise those students who ate in the dining room instead of 
the succah  
It was difficult to see how attendance during Chol HaMoed would provide a 
significant religious experience 
Some parents and some members of staff like to visit Israel for Succot. 
Indeed, some schools were closed for a day before and a day after the Chag to 
accommodate them 
On the other hand, the School existed to serve the students and not any 
other stakeholder 
Some other Jewish schools managed to find ways to open 
There was no generally accepted halachic prohibition on opening schools 
on Chol HaMoed and some governors were aware of very observant Jews who 
worked on those days. 

The Chairman said that, as was regularly demonstrated at the GB,  there were 
divided opinions The School management had more experience of the operational 
difficulties than governors, who should therefore accept the advice offered.  
The GB approved the proposed Holiday List of 2015/16. 
12.1  Admissions - The GB noted the contents of the minutes of the meetings of 
the Committee held on 31st March and 7th May.  
12.2 Curriculum  - The GB noted the contents of the minutes of the meeting of 
the Committee held on 28th May 2014 and two attachments. 
12.3 Other Finance & Premises Matters 
(i)  The GB noted the contents of the minutes of the meetings of the Committee 
held on 24th March 2014, 12th May and 30th June.  
(ii)  The GB approved the Statement of Internal Control as recommended by the 
(iii) The GB approved the Scheme of Delegation as recommended by the 
(iv) The GB approved the updated Charging Policy as recommended by the 
(v) the GB noted that a far reaching audit by Brent was in progress. 
12.4  - GSCC The GB noted that the Committee had not met since the previous 
GB meeting.  
12.5 -  Jewish Education  The GB noted the contents of the minutes of the 
meeting of the Committee held on 21st May 2014.  
12.6  - Strategy  The GB noted that the Committee has not met since the last GB 
meeting. The Chairman agreed that there would be a number of significant 
issues for it to consider during the next academic year. 
12.7  Pay - The GB noted the contents of the minutes of the meeting held on 23rd 
12.8  Personnel -The GB noted the contents of the minutes of the meetings of the 
Committee held on 3rd March and 23rd June 2014. Further minutes awaited 
advice from Stone King and would be made available to the GB at its next 
Any Other Business 
13.1 - GB and Committee Meetings 2014/15 -The Headteacher explained that the 
preparation of a proposed meetings schedule had been delayed by the 

OfstedInspection and would be circulated for approval as soon as the additional 
work that would be required had been established. 
13.2 - Fronter - Mr Lee said that the Fronter experiment had been in progress for 
two years but the site was still sparsely populated instead of providing a 
comprehensive library of materials for governors as had been anticipated. Use 
was not particularly intuitive and discouraged some governors from using it. The 
Chairman said that he agreed completely and invited Mr Lee to meet him during 
the Summer holidays for a thorough review. 
13.3 - Security - Mr Harris said that conflicting advice had been given by the CST 
on the best way of enhancing security at the start and end of the day when large 
numbers of students entered and left the school in a short period of time. It had 
been invited to clarify the position. General advice following the worsening of the 
security situation in Israel was expected shortly and would be studied carefully as 
soon as available. 
Signed       ………………………………… 
Date    …………………. 

Document Outline