This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Budget for Elective Home Education'.

Bath & North East Somerset Council 
Request for Information 
Requested Information  
1/ Where elective home education currently sits in your authority  
EHE sits in the Children Missing Education service  
2/ Which line in the s251 table included an allocation for elective home 
education services in  
a/ 2013-14 – Line 2.0.3 Education Welfare Services 
b/ 2014-15 – Line 2.0.3 Education Welfare Services 
3/ What is the budget sum allocated to elective home education services for 
the current year  
The current budget for 2014-15 is £27,000 
4/ What is the forward budget sum allocated to elective home education 
services for the next financial year 
The proposed budget for 2015-16 will be £26,000