This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Phorm: Confirmation of Police Inquiry'.

Sergeant Mike Reed 
P. John  
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29th October 2009 
Dear P John 
I write in connection with your request for information dated 25th October 2009 in which you seek 
access to the following information: 
1- Confirm the crime reference number is 5253/08 
2 - Confirm the name of the officer(s) leading the inquiry 
3 - Confirm or deny that, since October 2008, City of London Police 
     officers have been instructed to reinvestigate this matter 
4 - Confirm that a case file has been passed to the Crown Prosecution 
     Service Complex Casework Team at Ludgate Hill 
5 - Disclose the date when that investigation was reopened 
6 - Disclose the date when the resulting case file was passed to the 
7 - Disclose the name of the Police operation (if any)
1. The crime number is 5253/08.  
2. DS Murray is the Officer in Charge.   
3. The City of London Police was asked to provide further evidence, by the CPS in October 2009.   
4. The case papers were passed to the CPS in December 2008.   
5. On instruction of the CPS in October 2009.  
6. No file has been submitted to the CPS following their ‘further evidence’ request, to date.   
7. There is no operation name for this investigation. 
Please accept my apologies for the delay in providing you with this response. Should you have any 
further questions regarding your request, please contact me via e-mail, letter or telephone, quoting 
the reference number above. 
Yours sincerely 
Sergeant Mike Reed 
Information Management Services 
Wood Street Police Station 
PO Box 36427, 37 Wood Street, London EC2M 2NP 
Tel 020 7601 2272          Textphone 020 7601 2906 

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