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Thames House 
180 High Street 
Middlesex TW11 8HU 
Ref No: FoI 214 
Tel: 020 8973 3000 
020 8973 3072 
26th October 2009  
Mr Mark Cole 
What do they Know 
Dear Mr Cole 
Request under Freedom of Information Act 2000 
Further to your email of 24th October 2009 in which you requested the following information: 
  I would like to make a request for your organisations most recent hand hygiene policy? 
Please see attached document sent with this communication. 
Please be aware that the information provided is the property of NHS Richmond and subject to 
Intellectual Property and Database Rights.  Any commercial application or use of this information 
may be subject to the provisions of the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2005.  
This means that if you wish to re-use the information provided for commercial purposes for any 
reason you must ask us for permission to do so.  Should we agree that you can use the 
information it will be subject to the issue of a licence which may or may not involve a fee.  If you 
have any questions about this process please contact me. 
I hope the information provided meets your needs.  If you are not satisfied with the PCT’s 
response, the PCT does operate a Complaints Procedure for FOI request.  If you wish to complain 
about the way in which your request has been handled, then please write to the Chief Executive, 
Joan Mager, at the address above.  I detail the link to our Complaints Leaflet for your information. 
In addition, you have the right under Section 50 of FOI to apply to the Information Commissioner 
(please see for a decision on whether your application has been dealt with in 
accordance with the Act. 
Yours sincerely, 
Ms Lesley Thomson 
Information Governance Officer 
Joan Mager Chief Executive 
Sian Bates Chairman 

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