2019-2020Admission statistics (Postgraduate Taught)

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Dear University College London,

I am requesting for the following information. Please kindly provide data for 2019/2020 admission cycle.

1. List of all postgraduate taught courses for 2018/2019
2. Number of applicants (all postgraduate programmes)
3. Number of offers made (all postgraduate programmes)
4. Number of Chinese applications and offers made (all postgraduate programmes)

Yours faithfully,


Finance.FOI Requests, University College London

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Finance.FOI Requests, University College London

Dear Kai,

Thank you for your request below.

We just need some clarification in order to provide you with the information please.

You have mentioned you would like the information for 2019/2020 admission cycle but then in your first point you have asked for 2018/2019. Can you please let us know which year you are requesting the information for?

Kind regards

Bhavika Dhanak
Information Compliance Officer
University College London
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T: 020 3108 8498 (Internal 58498)

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Dear Finance.FOI Requests,

Thanks for your reply.

Sorry for the confusion. I require 2019/2020 data.

Yours sincerely,


Finance.FOI Requests, University College London

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Dear Kai


Apologies for the delay in responding to your request.


We have completed the compilation of information in response to your


We can confirm that we do hold information of the description specified in
your request and this information is provided attached.


For the 2019/2020 admission cycle:

1.    List of all postgraduate taught courses

2.    Number of applicants (all postgraduate programmes)

3.    Number of offers made (all postgraduate programmes)

4.    Number of Chinese applications (all postgraduate programmes)

5.    Number of Chinese offers made (all postgraduate programmes)


As you can see, exact counts totalling five or less have been withheld
because these are personal data of third parties or, if linked with other
personal identifiers in the public domain, would be likely to become 
personal data. This information has been withheld under section 40(2) of 
the FOIA by virtue of s40(3)(a)(i).


Section 40(2) of the FOIA allows a public authority to withhold 
information under the FOIA where (i) the requested information is
personal  data relating to someone other than the requester and (ii) its
disclosure would breach any of the data protection principles. In this
case we  believe that the requested information could relate to and
identify  individuals and would be considered as their personal data. The
disclosure of this personal data would not be within the reasonable
expectations of the individuals concerned and it would be unfair to do so;
this therefore breaches the first data protection principle.


It is for these reasons that this information is exempt under section
40(2) of the Act.


As the section 40(2) exemption is an absolute one, there is no need to
conduct a public interest test.


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Kind regards


Penelope Jones

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University College London

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