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2018 medical cannabis law changes

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Dear Police Scotland,

In 2018 medical cannabis was made legal in Scotland, however, not yet available on the NHS, sapphire clinics are a group of licensed doctors who are able to assess patients with a number of conditions and prescribe medical cannabis in both oil and flower form for medical purpose.

Despite this public knowledge, there have been several reports of your officers confiscating patients prescribed medicine because they have no knowledge at all of the system. Patients have been criminalised for medicating to ease symptoms of their illness.

Cannabis is prescribed by Curaleaf in white seales tubs with medical labelling. Patients order repeat prescription via an online portal. However, when patients have shown officers the portal and email al communication and evidence that their cannabis is prescribed, they are still having their cannabis confiscated and criminalised. Many of whom are receiving medical cannabis for severe pain or anxiety. Patients can only be prescribed cannabis when several other methods via the NHS have failed them. And so essentially, police Scotlands lack of knowledge on the law has left people desperate and unmedicated.

As sapphire is currently the only route in Scotland, have your officers been trained in their process?

Why are officers accross Scotland not aware of cannabis flower being legal for medical use. Surely those paid to enforce the law should know the law.

Do police Scotland intend to train officers, as its now been 4 years and they appear to be putting themselves at risk of unknowingly discriminating against disabled people because they have no proper training.

Yours faithfully,

J cochrane.

Police Scotland

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FOI Glasgow,

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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are J cochrane please sign in and let everyone know.