2018/19 History (V100) Admissions Statistics

Ivan Kozlov made this Freedom of Information request to Pembroke College, Cambridge

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Pembroke College, Cambridge,

I am making a request regarding the statistics for History (V100) undergraduate applicants for 2018/19 entry.

Please provide for each applicant the following data in a single table with one row per applicant, and columns contain the following data:

* an indicator of the country of the applicant (UK, EU, International, etc.) and applicants grouped by countries (e.g. Country 1, 2, ...)
*the applicant's number of GCSE A* grades, if applicable
*the applicant's predicted A-Level grades, if applicable
*the subjects the applicant takes/took for A-Level, if applicable
* the UMS of the applicant, if applicable
* a yes/no to indicate if applicant was called for interview
* each interviewer's (eg. if there are two interviewers, then two columns) interview grade for the interviewee (1-10, with NA to indicate if no interview)
* a yes/no to indicate if offer was made
* an option to indicate the type of offer (conditional or unconditional or NA to indicate no offer)
* a yes/no to indicate if applicant was pooled
* a yes/no to indicate if applicant has received offer from the pool, for the pooled applicants

Yours faithfully,

Ivan Kozlov

Becky Coombs, Pembroke College, Cambridge

I am away from College until 2 January 2019.  I will endeveour to reply to
your email within the first few days of my retrun from holiday!

Happy Christmas and all best for 2019



Becky Coombs, Pembroke College, Cambridge

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Please find attached Pembroke College's response to your recent FOI request

Dr Becky Coombs
College Registrar & Rooms Tutor
Pembroke College
01223 338112

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