2005/2006 costs - Allandale/Bonnybridge Railway Station

Mark made this Freedom of Information request to Falkirk Council

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The request was successful.

Dear Falkirk Council,

Could you please furnish me with the total costs/expenditure of Falkirk Council in putting forward the case for the re-opening of a railway station at Allandale/Bonnybridge in 2005/2006?

Yours faithfully,

Mark Shanks

ds, adteam2, Falkirk Council

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[Subject only] FW: EIR 048 - 2005/2006 COSTS

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Collins, Kevin, Falkirk Council

Dear Mr Shanks

Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 (EIR's)

Enquiry No: 048

Reopening of Railway Stations at Allandale and Bonnybridge Expenditure

I refer to your recent enquiry regarding costs and expenditure to Falkirk
Council in putting forward the case for Allandale and Bonnybridge rail
stations in 2005/06 and offer the following information.

Allandale railway station

Falkirk Council did not make the case for a station at Allandale. The
Scottish Executive's M80 motorway corridor study had suggested that
Allandale (using the Cumbernauld line, rather than the adjacent Edinburgh
- Falkirk High - Glasgow QS line) could be a regional park & ride facility
(in order to reduce traffic on the motorway from that point into Glasgow)
with up to 1,000 parking spaces. The level of demand had already been
considered by the motorway study and the Council simply acted as agent for
the Scottish Executive to procure studies into the engineering and
environmental aspects. This included ground investigation.

In the end, the government approved the M80 motorway upgrade to a lower
standard than that envisaged in the corridor study and the resulting
forecast of future traffic congestion on M80 led the main consultant to
conclude that Allandale would not be as attractive to commuters as
originally envisaged. The Allandale proposal was then dropped by the
Scottish Executive.

Other stations

The assumption behind the Allandale proposal was that a new route would be
created from Glasgow Queen Street Lower to Springburn and thence via the
Cumbernauld line to at least Allandale. The route would be electrified and
there would be four trains per hour in each direction, some of which might
extend beyond Allandale to Larbert, Falkirk Grahamston (turning back on
the Grangemouth branch) or Grangemouth itself.

When the Council agreed to pursue the feasibility work on Allandale for
the Scottish Executive, it suggested that potential local stations on the
same route (Abronhill, Bonnybridge, and Grangemouth) should also be
assessed to some degree, in case any of them could be developed at the
same time. Preliminary estimates of engineering costs were produced for
all three stations and previous demand forecasting was revised for
Bonnybridge and Grangemouth (SPTE already had forecasts for Abronhill).
These stations would be local, rather than regional, stations and have
about 100 parking spaces instead of 1,000.


The funding allocated to the Council by the Scottish Executive, in about
2003 - 2006 was £475,000. The main expenditure - probably about £350,000
- was on Allandale, with the remainder on the other three potential
stations. A preliminary GRIP Level 1 Study (i.e. preliminary engineering
design) was carried out for Bonnybridge at a cost of £20,178; a Transport
Economic Efficiency Study was also carried out.

A study was also carried out for Grangemouth at a cost of £56,584 which
included an operational review, market review, STAG 1 for the station and
a Grip Level 1 (preliminary Engineering Design).

Comparison with STAG analyses

These studies were carried out under the original STAG (Scottish Transport
Appraisal Guidance) guidance. Since then the STAG Process has been
revised. Given the current local interest in the subject, the following
information may be of use. The motorway corridors studies were equivalent
to a STAG part 1 report plus elements of a STAG part 2 report. In other
words, they started with a question or issue (my recollection is that the
broad question that they addressed was how the growing motorway traffic
could be deterred, accommodated, or diverted to public transport), and
reviewed information, policies and possible solutions. As with a STAG
report, they did not start with a particular "solution".

In current terms, the feasibility work on Allandale completed the STAG
part 2 analysis and moved well into the Business Case analysis which is
required before such a project could be authorised by the Scottish

For a possible railway station at Bonnybridge a GRIP Level 1 Feasibility
Study was carried out which looked at preliminary designs and costings. A
Transport Economic Efficiency (TEE) analysis was also carried out for
Bonnybridge which looked at the preliminary cost benefit appraisal of the


Kevin Collins

Transport Planning Co-ordinator

Tel: 01324 504728

Fax: 01324 504914

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Dear Kevin Collins,

Thank You for the information you provided and the reply, it has answered my question fully.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Shanks