19 Years since IRA attempted murder and Corrupt Winton Keenen, Northumbria Police and Crime Department STILL protecting terrorists and the IRA

Martin McGartland made this Freedom of Information request to Northumbria Police This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

The request was refused by Northumbria Police.

Martin McGartland

Martin McGartland

18 June 2018

Dear Northumbria Police,

19 Years since IRA attempted murder and Corrupt Winton Keenen, Northumbria Police and Crime Department STILL protecting terrorists and the IRA ...

The IRA as well as the terrorists who tried to murder Martin McGartland on 17 June 1999 (some/all of which are known to NP and MI5) continue to be protected and IRA involvement is STILL being COVERED -AND HUSHED UP by Corrupt Winton Keenen, Northumbria Police, special branch and Crime Department (useless and corrupt to the core).


Martin McGartland case ... I would like to know;

* Why has Corrupt Winton Keenen and his Corrupt Crime Department and his Corrupt head/s
of Crime Department not arrested known suspects (which have been known about for up to 15 years or more) who NP, special branch, MI5, Home Office (and HMG) as well as CPS have been protecting (including IRA terrorists) all this time?

* Why on or around the 19 year anniversary (on 17 June 2018 ) or at anytime during the previous 7 years has Corrupt NP, Winton Keenen and Crime Department not made any type of public appeals relating to the 19 year unsolved attempted murder of Martin McGartland?

* When Martin McGartland has now proven (by his own investigations) that Corrupt NP, Crime Department, Special Branch (including Winton Keenen) have been lying, protecting IRA as well as covering up for them (which continues to this very day), covering up, botching investigations, defacing / destroying and concealing information and evidence, lying to and misleading IPCC/IOPC, CPS and others, wilfully and deliberately failing to investigate important and relevant lines of enquiry, failing to update victim ... Why is Winton Keenen, Team Winton and Northumbria Police still (19 years later) covering up for the IRA, the IRA terrorists who tried to murder Martin McGartland?

* As a result of the above, Why has Winton Keenen and all others who have been involved in the most serious corruption, the conspiracy never been investigated, held to account, sacked. Even when many complaints (backed up by lots of evidence) have been made by Martin McGartland to Winton Keenen's CRIMINAL: and Corrupt PSD? (PSD have ignored, whitewashed, never recorded or ever investigated any of those complaints properly or at all. That includes serious complaints made to them by Martin McGartland against Winton Keenen, including while he was in charge of PSD. All ignored, never recorded or investigated to protect their boss, colleague, Winton Keenen and others. PSD are not even allowed to deal with such complaints as I understand it, but they did, well they refused to record or investigate those and I believe hundreds of other complaints between 2003/4 and 2018 made by Martin McGartland.

Why has Winton Keenen failed to report, challenge and investigate the serious corruption and failures in the Martin McGartland cases (as he is required to do by law). Those which Winton Keenen has been aware of (has been party to and involved with) since at least 2006 and up until the present day (12 years to date). And why is Winton Keenen (and his Corrupt Head/s of Crime and Crime Department) ignoring the above. Why is he, they also ignoring (and have ignored for the past 3 years) the Roger Ford review report, the findings. And more importantly the 36 recommendations made by Roger Ford back ion 2015 relating to the unsolved Martin McGartland case? NOTE TO READER: The Roger Ford review (which I maintain was not thorough due to Roger Ford not being supplied full disclosure) was only agreed by Winton Keenen because of constant complaints and pressure by me. Winton Keenen, NP, due to the serious corruption and the continued desire and conspiracy to protect IRA and IRA terrorists had at no time prior to that 2015 review ever carried out any type of review/s, including periodic reviews or even external force reviews as required.

I want answers as the victim of a 19 year old unsolved attempted murder. Winton Keenen, Crime Department continue to Lie to me as the Victim, Ignore me, fail to answer questions, fail to disclose documents and information (because of of their on-going conspiracy, corruption and the cover up). Winton Keenen, team Winton and NP have put me through more than 19 years of complete hell literally, they continue to do so because when it concerns the Martin McGartland case, Winton Keenen, other corrupt NP officers, their Special Branch, heads of crime and Professional Standards and others have put themselves above the law and they can virtually walk on water, so disgraceful and despicable has the behaviour and corruption been throughout. There is no one to scrutinise, hold them to account or even challenge or investigate them because they are all involved in an enormous conspiracy and unbelievable corruption and cover ups, including but not limited to above and also IOPC/IPCC.

It is Corruption NP (and Team Winton) but not as we know it. Heads MUST roll.....

Yours faithfully,

Martin McGartland

Further info regards the corruption in the Martin McGartland cases -which is eye watering - by NP and team Winton can be found here;

Martin McGartland you tube: https://www.youtube.com/user/dufferpad/v...

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Martin McGartland What Do They Know: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/user/mart... NOTE TO READER: The What Do They Know page and the requests made by Martin McGartland going back more than a decade to Northumbria Police (and others) shows and proves beyond doubt that NP, other organs of the State, because of the conspiracy and the corruption, have been lying, covering up, colluding, gagging, making malicious and false claims of 'vexatious', 'defamatory' and the malicious lies and smears of Martin McGartland targeting senior and chief officers in (according to corrupt NP and team Winton) a 'campaign' etc to protect IRA and IRA terrorists who tried to murder Martin McGartland. And it shows that they have also did likewise to ensure that PIRA have not been connected to or identified in any way of being involved in Martin McGartland's 1999 attempted murder. That despicable and indefensible lie, cover up, corruption and collusion continues to this very day (19 years on), including by the new Chief Constable of NP, Winton Keenen, his corrupt force and crime department and Special Branch ... (#inpocketsofMI5andHMG)