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Traineeships Adviser Guidance- England Only. 
1. Traineeships is a non mandatory BIS and DfE led initiative, which focuses 
on young people aged 16-23 years old; living in England and who are 
interested in work, but need extra help to get and sustain an Apprenticeship or 
other job.  
2. Traineeships are study based programmes combined with work 
placements, which give young people the opportunity to develop workplace 
skills and experience; putting them in a better position to compete for future 
3. Traineeship opportunities can last from 6 weeks and up to 6 months, are 
flexible in nature and designed to: 
  Improve job prospects  
  Improve literacy and numeracy, where appropriate  
  Provide the opportunity to observe the workplace skills and behaviours 
employers want/expect  
  Show how existing skills can be adapted to the workplace  
  Offer real life work experience  
  Build confidence and overcome problems which can interfere with 
successful learning  
  Strengthen the CV, to include a work related reference/referee; and  
  Give employers the opportunity to observe trainees at work. 
4. Traineeships contain 3 core elements:  
  Employability training  
  English & Maths (up to GCSE or equivalent Level 2, where the 
claimant does not already hold a A*-C level GCSE or equivalent); and  
  Work Experience Placement up to an 8 consecutive weeks maximum. 
(This can be extended to 12 weeks if an Apprenticeship opportunity 
becomes available).  

Where the claimant has the required level of 
English & Maths qualifications, this element of 
training is not required.  
5. From the first Work Focused Interview, Traineeships should be considered 
as a non mandatory referral option for claimants who are eligible and 
6. Benefit claimants should be in receipt of Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) or 
Universal Credit (UC) only.  
7. Claimants on Income Support (IS) or Employment Support Allowance 
(ESA) are not eligible for Traineeships.  

8. Non benefit recipients who meet the other eligibility criteria can participate 
in Traineeships. These customers should be signposted to the National 
Careers Service. 
9. Eligible Traineeship participants must: 
  Be aged 16-23 years old on the first day of the course (This includes 
claimants up to 23 years and 364 days old) or claimants aged between 
16 and 24 years with a learning difficulty assessment and  
  Be living in England from August 2013 and  
  Have qualifications below Level 2 (up to GCSE level A-C) or below a 
full level 3 (A Level) qualification for 16-18 year olds and  
  Have little or no work history; and  
  Be close to the labour market 
JSA claimants 
10. JSA eligible claimants include: 
  Those in Joint Claims  
  Customer and Partner claims where the claimant has a skills need; and  
  Credits only claims. 
Universal Credit Claimants 
11. Universal Credit eligible claimants include: 
  Working- could do more; or  
  Not working.  
Claimants with Disabilities 
12. Claimants aged between 16 and 24 and subject to a learning difficulty 
assessment are eligible to participate in Traineeships. 
13. This is in line with existing educational opportunities. 
Part Time Workers 
19. The Traineeship Delivery Framework states that Traineeship participants 
should not be working. A claimant may still be eligible for Traineeships if they 
are undertaking work a few hours a week and claiming an appropriate benefit; 
where they meet the eligibility requirements eg. That they have little or no 
work history/experience.  
20. The Skills Funding Agency classification of “not working” covers those 
who are working less than 16 hours per week. 

Traineeships and other provision 
Work Programme  
25. Traineeship referrals should only be made where it’s likely that the 
Traineeship will be completed prior to entry to the Work Programme.  
Work Programme Participants 
27. As claimants participating in the Work Programme are deemed to be 
further away from the labour market than those suitable for Traineeships, 
Work Programme participants are not eligible for Traineeships. 
Work Programme Returnees 
29. Traineeships are not appropriate for claimants who complete the Work 
Programme and who are assigned to the Jobcentre Plus Offer regime. They 
are deemed to have recent work experience and should have no significant 
challenges in securing employment. 
30. Traineeships may be appropriate for those assigned to the Mandatory 
Intervention Regime. 
Sbwa and Work Trials 
31. Traineeships are unsuitable for claimants who would benefit from a sbwa 
or a Work Trial. Claimants suitable for these opportunities do not require the 
level of support offered by Traineeships. 
Mandatory Work Activity 
32. Traineeships are unsuitable for claimants for whom Mandatory Work 
 is deemed appropriate. Traineeships are for people motivated by the 
prospect of work. 
34. Claimants who are suitable for Apprenticeships are not suitable for 
Traineeships. Traineeships are designed to give extra support to young 
people who are not at the level required to participate in an Apprenticeship. 
More complex support required 
35. Traineeships are unsuitable for claimants with complex needs eg ESOL or 
Basic Skills or who are further away from the labour market. This is because 
work experience placements may start from the first week of the Traineeship.