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Requestor: Mark Harwood 
As part of the Government Green paper (Support and Aspiration) the 
government has outlined a new approach to special educational needs and 
disability. As part of this initiative the government requires all local authorities 
in England to set out a Local Offer. 
The purpose of the Local Offer is to enable parents and young people to see 
more clearly what services are available to them in their area and how to 
access them. 
Please provide answers to the following questions 
1. What is your local authority currently offering for online advice and 
guidance for Local Offer? 
2. What is the name of the person who is leading on the Local Offer  within 
your  Local Authority? Please also provide their job title. 
Our Response: 
1. We are currently developing our Local Offer and have a multi-agency work 
stream established to progress this work. We do not have a Local Offer 
published on the web site as yet but confirm that this information should be 
available late June / early July 2014. It is likely that the Families Information 
Service website: 
( will be 
used to provide the online Local offer and advice and guidance. 
2. The Strategic Lead for Special Education Needs (SEN) and Inclusion is 
Jane Le Sage. The SEN Development Officer, Derek Sayer, is leading on 
the Local Offer 

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