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Guidance Queries and Help 
1.  If you are unable to find an answer to a particular question regarding policy 
within this guide you must contact the Jobcentre Plus Live Support Advice 
Line.  Do not give the Advice Line number to claimants or outside bodies 
under any circumstances, it is for the use of Jobcentre Plus staff only.  Details 
of how to contact them can be found by clicking on the following hyperlink, 
Advice Line Home Page. 
2.  Please do not use the ‘E-mail page owner’ and ‘Page information’ links at 
the bottom of each page of guidance to raise policy queries.  These should 
only be used to report broken hyperlinks. 
3.  A claimant currently engaged in, or considering starting volunteering, is 
required to confirm whether it is for a profit, or non-profit making organisation, 
other body or person (not family), whose activities are not for personal profit 
or gain, and: 
  no payment is received by them;  
  they are not taking someone else’s job; or  
  the only payment received, or due, is for reasonably incurred expenses. 
4.  For more information about volunteering and the Labour Market 
conditions, see the Labour Market Conditions Guide. 
5.  Advisers should consider discussing and promote the benefits of voluntary 
work during all interviews with claimants who are not supported by mandatory 
6.  A claimant’s participation in voluntary activities should: 
  be seen only as a step towards full employment; and 
  not reduce the importance of getting back to paid work as quickly as 
7.  Based on this understanding and using the information provided: 
  consider availability and actively seeking employment; and  
  review the appropriateness of the Jobseeker's Agreement. 
8.  For details of the considerations to make and the steps to take, see the 
Work Together Procedural guidance. 

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