This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Jobseeker's Direction and voluntary work.'.

DWP Central Freedom of Information Team
Annex A 
Our Ref: FOI 5828

23 December 2013
Annex A 
Dear Mr Hepplestein,  
Thank you for your Freedom of Information request received on 13th December 2013.   You 
1)  Please provide any legislation, acts or regulations which allow a Jobcentre adviser to issue 
a Jobseeker's Direction (JSD) to force a claimant to apply for and if successful take up a 
voluntary post with, for example, Citizens Advice Bureaux (or any other voluntary 
2)  Would the claimant have good cause to refuse such a JSD without risking a sanction or any 
other negative consequences? 
3)  Would the adviser be able to claim that by not taking up a voluntary position the claimant is 
not doing all they reasonably can be expected to do to improve their chances of finding work 
and therefore raise a doubt against their claim? 
To put the format of this response into context I should explain a little about the Freedom of 
Information Act. The Act concerns the provision of recorded information held by public 
authorities such as DWP; the Act does not require that we create new information or generate 
answers to questions. Therefore, if a request is made in the form of a question, we provide the 
recorded information already held that answers the question.  
The recorded information we hold that best explains / answers your first request is the internal 
Jobcentre Plus guidance regarding Jobseeker’s Directions.  I have enclosed a copy for your 
reference.  Jobseeker’s Directions are supported by section 19a of the Jobseekers Act 1995.  I 
have included a link below for your reference. 
Turning to your second request, good reason decisions are made by Decision Makers, taking 
into account the specific circumstances of individual cases.  In doing so, they use the Decision 
Makers Guide.  Section 21 of the Freedom of Information Act allows us to direct you to 

information which is already reasonably accessible to you; the Decision Makers Guide is 
published on the DWP website and can be found by following the link below:
The information that best explains / answers you final request is: 
  the internal Jobcentre Plus guidance regarding Volunteering, Jobseeker’s Agreements 
and Availability and Actively Seeking Employment, all of which are enclosed. 
  Regulation 12 of The Jobseeker’s Allowance Regulations 1996.  I have included a link 
below for your reference. 
If you have any queries about this letter please contact me quoting the reference number 
Yours sincerely,  
DWP Central FoI Team 
Your right to complain under the Freedom of Information Act 
If you are not happy with this response you may request an internal review by e-mailing freedom-of-information- or by writing to DWP, Central FoI Team, Caxton House, Tothill Street, London, SW1H 
9NA. Any review request should be submitted within two months of the date of this letter.  
If you are not content with the outcome of the internal review you may apply directly to the Information 
Commissioner’s Office for a decision. Generally the Commissioner cannot make a decision unless you have 
exhausted our own complaints procedure. The Information Commissioner can be contacted at: The Information 
Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow Cheshire SK9 5AF