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Racist Attacks and Incidents in 2013 
Request and Answer: 
I would like to request information regarding the number of racially motivated crimes/incidents in 
Northern Ireland to take place during 2013 so far. 
Specifically with regards to: violent crimes, acts of vandalism, intimidation with a racist motivation, 
and civil unrest. 
This is to inform you that the Police Service of Northern Ireland has now completed its search for the 
information you requested and the response is as follows. 
Please see the tables at the end of this correspondence which relate to all racist motivated incidents 
and crimes recorded by the police. The racist crimes are split by crime types published in the annual 
statistical bulletin Trends in Hate Motivated Incidents and Crimes in Northern Ireland 2004/05 to 

To put the latest figures into context, the information provided relates to the requested period as well 
as data back to 2004/05 already published in this bulletin. I have indicated in the response that 
criminal damage offences could be used as an indication of ‘acts of vandalism’. In addition I have 
indicated that civil unrest cannot be specifically identified, although less serious civil unrest could be 
captured within the incidents figures, whereas more serious civil unrest could be captured under the’ 
other crimes against society’ crime category. 
Further information can be accessed via the PSNI website using the link provided below.
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