This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'My Work Plan?'.

The Claimant Commitment is where key information will be recorded about the 
claimant’s availability for work, the types of work they are most suited to do and 
the high level regular work search activities the claimant will do to help them find 
and keep a job.  
The claimant should build on the regular work search activities within their 
Claimant Commitment by turning these into individual, personalised plans and 
specific actions about what they are going to do to look for work and how, when 
and where they are going to do it. The My Work Plan booklet should be used to 
help the claimant plan and record these specific actions. The Work Coach should 
discuss how to make effective plans with the claimant using the skills described 
The expectation is that Work Coaches and Assistant Work Coaches will work 
with their claimants to actively use the My Work Plan booklet. The Work Coach 
and Assistant Work Coach should actively encourage the claimant to use their 
My Work Plan booklet to record their plans as it will help them to better plan, 
manage and review their work search activity. It will also provide a strong basis 
upon which the Work Coach can determine whether the claimant is meeting their 
requirements for actively seeking work and make it easy for the claimant to 
provide evidence that they are undertaking reasonable steps to secure 
There may be times when the claimant has recorded their activities to the same 
standard in a different format. In cases like theses, the Work Coach and 
Assistant Work Coach should then encourage the claimant to revert to use of the 
My Work Plan booklet. However, this booklet is not a mandatory product for 
demonstrating evidence of work search and claimants have the right to 
demonstrate what they have done to look for work through whichever means 
they deem suitable and most effective. 
For example, the claimant may prefer to use Universal Jobmatch to record their 
activities and their plans for what they will do to look for work or may bring in a 
CV that they have developed to demonstrate that they have undertaken this 
activity. Claimants can use their Universal Jobmatch account to show details of 
saved jobs; saved searches; CVs created and saved; their application history 
and activity history. There is also a free text area that the claimant can use to 
record their plans and any specific actions they will undertake. Claimants should 
still use their planning skills even if they are not using the My Work Plan booklet, 
and the Work Coach should be encouraging and checking the claimant’s 
planning skills.  

During every Work Search Review, these specific actions will be reviewed 
alongside the Claimant Commitment and evidence provided by the claimant to 
ensure they remain entitled to benefit. It is therefore crucial that all of the 
documents – the Claimant Commitment and the My Work Plan booklet - are 
viewed alongside any the other information the claimant provides to show us 
what they have done.