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Freedom of Information Act / Environmental Information 
Regulations Request 

Reference:   ECC-039741-13 
20 December 2013 
Who is the main contact/contacts for commissioning services within Children’s social 

Who is the main contact/contacts for commissioning services within Adult’s social care? 
The commissioning of Social Care for Essex County Council is the responsibility of 
Commissioning Support. Commissioning Support can be contacted at or 
on our general enquiry number 01245 430 430. 
Do you currently use an IT system to support your strategic commissioning and contract 
management? If yes to either please name the system(s) and details of costs? 

This part of the response is both for Children’s and Adult Social Care. 
Essex County Council uses the Ariba online supplier portal at to 
support strategic commissioning and contract management. The cost of this system is £745k over 
5 years so approximately £150k per year. 
How many providers do you contract with for Children’s services and are they 

The top suppliers by turnover are predominantly residential schools and fostering suppliers. 
Circa 80% of Children services external spend was with circa 812 suppliers, the tail 20% of spend 
was with circa 5580 suppliers which are predominately individual foster carers. 
Do you have a performance management framework to monitor the performance of 

This part of the response is both for Children’s and Adult Social Care. 
Yes, Essex County Council does have a performance management framework to monitor the 
performance of providers. 
How many providers do you contract with for Adult’s services and are they 

Essex County Council Adult Social Care currently has 662 providers that we contract with. They 
are all external. 

Do you currently use micro procurement (also known as micro commissioning or mini 
tendering) to arrange services? 

Mini tenders are in used in some areas of the service; where framework agreements are in place. 
Do you use brokerage or commissioning teams or do social workers/care managers 
contact providers direct? 

Commissioning Support and Service Placement Team manage all contact with providers in 
relation to securing services for the Authority.  
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