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Sent: 01 October 2013 13:47 
Subject: RE: FOI request - by Noon on Tuesday 1st October please 
Please find below responses from Avanta in regard to the FOI request received.  Should you 
require any further information please let me know. 
Freedom of Information Request received via DWP from M D Pope with Avanta 
responses - 

"Claimants that are part of the work programme that are sent to the provider avanta 
are required by avanta to register and login to which is a similar site 
to UJM. 
It is not the case that all customers are specifically required to register and login to This will depend on the specific individual action plan developed for 
the customer.  However it is correct that Avanta Jobs is one of the range of tools in 
place to help customers back into work with Universal Job Match being another 
When logging into the Avanta Jobs system the customer is made aware of the details 
of the service in the “About this Service” section. 
On there are no terms and conditions, no privacy policy, no cookie 
policy and no data protection policy. 
Claimants are not asked to provide authorisation for avanta or dwp to be given 
access to their account activity and no authorisation is given. 
 With this in mind: 
1) Please state if avanta or dwp has access to claimants online account for 

Avanta staff have access to claimant’s online account with Avanta Jobs. It is 
the Avanta member of staff who initially registers the customer on the site and 
who supports the customer with their activity to help ensure that activity is 
focused to maximise the opportunity for a positive outcome in terms of the 
customer moving into work and off benefit. 
2) Why is there no terms and conditions for this mandated online website.
The “Terms and Conditions” for those customers who use this website can be 
found within the “Disclaimer” tab on log in next to the “About this Service” tab 
3) Why is there no cookie policy.
As part of the “Registration Process and Security” statement within the 
“Disclaimer” tab customers confirm “you acknowledge you have read the Use 
of Cookies section before you use the website and agree the website may 
use Cookies to help Avanta deliver a better service to you” 
The referred to “Cookie Policy” is available as a separate tab on log in next to 
the “About this Service” tab 
4) Why is there no privacy policy.
As at point 3 the Privacy Policy is set out within the “Disclaimer” tab for clarity 
the wording of the Privacy Policy is as follows. 
Privacy Statement 
This privacy statement describes how we collect and use information through 
our website. You do not have to give us any personal information in order to 
use some of this website. However if you wish to take advantage of some of 
the more special, personalised services that we make available, or apply for 
any jobs, you will need to provide certain information. 

5) If any person or company besides the claimant has access to the claimants
account on avantajobs please state who and what access do they have. Also
please state where this authorisation came from."
As mentioned above at point 1 in addition to the claimant the relevant Avanta 
staff supporting the claimant getting into work will have the relevant access to the 
claimant account required to support job search activity. The authority for this 
comes from the signed Work Programme Customer Agreement form. 
 Concluding Comment 
Avanta take note of all customer concerns regarding our activity supporting 
customers back into work.  We are always looking to improve the efficiency and 
clarity of all of our systems/services and in view of this Freedom of Information 
request we will continue to review the Avanta Jobs site to identify any further 
improvements to provide clear information and support to our customers.   
Many thanks 
Avanta Enterprise Limited 
2nd Floor 
Knowsley House 
Knowlsey Street 
BL1 2AH 
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Sent: 24 September 2013 15:18 
To: Stakeholders 
Subject: FOI request - by Noon on Tuesday 1st October please 
Please see attached FOI request.  
I should be grateful for a response by Noon on Tuesday 1st October 2013. 

"Claimants that are part of the work programme that are sent to the provider 
avanta are required by avanta to register and login to which is 
a similar site to UJM. 
On there are no terms and conditions, no privacy policy, no 
cookie policy and no data protection policy. 
Claimants are not asked to provide authorisation for avanta or dwp to be 
given access to their account activity and no authorisation is given. 
With this in mind: 
1) Please state if avanta or dwp has access to claimants online account for 
2) Why is there no terms and conditions for this mandated online website.
3) Why is there no cookie policy.
4) Why is there no privacy policy.
5)If any person or company besides the claimant has access to the claimants 
account on avantajobs please state who and what access do they have. Also 
please state where this authorisation came from." 
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