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Dear Mr Walker 
Freedom of Information Request Reference No
Freedom of Information Request Reference N : FOI/353
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1. Details of the general procedures involved in selecting external training providers 
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r organisation 
 2. Details of the tendering procedures involved in selecting external training 
providers for yo

y ur org
3. Copies of the tenders issued for all training courses which 

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y won by
Common Purpose 
       4. Copies of any and al

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n y ur organisation and Common Purpose 
5. Details of how you
5. Details of how y

r organisation audits the integrity 
organisation audits the integrity and value of courses run by 
external training providers 
I can confirm that information relevant to your request is 
I can confir
he  by the Norfolk Constabulary. 
rfolk Consta
Extent of Searches to Locate Information:
arches to Lo
To locate the information relevant to your request, searches were conducted within the Human 
Resources and Finance Departments of the Norfolk Constabulary. 

Result of the Searches to Locate Information Relevant to your Request. 
Part 1. 
There is no specific external training provider selection process – we use the normal Constabulary 
procurement procedure. Therefore, there is no information held in response to this part of your 
request, but I refer you to the response to Part 2 below. 
Part 2. 
Where the goods or services are not available using an existing framework contract such as 
OGC/ACPO or ESPO the tendering procedures are as follows:- 
1.  The route taken varies dependant on value.  
2.  Under £30,000 up to five written quotations are required and user departments have 
delegated authority to obtain these in accordance with Contract Standing Orders.  
3.  Over £30,000 and up to £139,893 a formal tender document is prepared by the Corporate 
Procurement Unit and advertised on  
Selection is made to the provider that can demonstrate the most economically 
advantageous tender based on a pre set list of criteria. 
4.  Over £139.893 again,  a formal tender document is prepared by the Corporate 
Procurement Unit and advertised in The Supplement to the Official Journal of the European 
Union. Procedures may be Restricted, Open or Negotiated dependant on the requirement.  
All tender documentation would be available electronically on The 
tendering method we use most is Restricted.  
5.  Once the advertisement is issued,  all respondents who express an interest are sent a pre-
qualification questionnaire which, once completed and returned , are evaluated by 
“Committee” in order to draw up a short list of a minimum of five potential bidders.  
6.  Only those that are short-listed receive a copy of the Tender document.  
7.  Once the tender has been completed and is returned either electronically or physically, it is 
opened under strictly controlled conditions. We prefer the electronic method as this 
provides the most accurate audit trail with each step electronically tagged.  
8.  Award is made usually to the Most Economically Advantageous Tender,  by a “Committee” 
of three. Again, this is usually made up by one member of the procurement team and two 
senior user/customers. They score each submission received, based on a defined set of 
criteria. For example: Price, Service Delivery, On Going Support, References, Financial 
Standing, Technical ability. The criteria for award is not the same as the pre-qualification 
selection criteria.  
Each score is then applied to a matrix and averaged in accordance with EU requirements 
and best practice. 
Part 3 
Norfolk Constabulary has not awarded a contract to the Common Purpose organisation. Therefore, 
the response to this part of your request is no information held. 
Part 4 
See response to Part 3. 
Part 5 
The evaluation method will depend on the type of training and through what route it has been 
obtained. Where training is provided as part of a Constabulary-wide programme, evaluation is 
conducted by the Training and Development Department and involves asking delegates whether 
the training was fit for purpose, met their training needs and they are confident they could transfer 
the new knowledge/skills to their workplace.  It also monitors the quality and equity of the training 
provision to make sure it meets the aims of our diversity strategy, equality schemes and relevant 
Race Relations legislation. Where training is obtained by individual Departments to meet the 
personal and career development needs of individual staff members evaluation will occur through 
the Personal Development Review process on an individual basis.  

I would like to thank you for your interest in the Norfolk Constabulary, and I can confirm that a copy 
of this response will be published in the “Disclosure Log” section of the Norfolk Constabulary’s 
web-site under the category “Administrative Process”.  You can access the disclosure log via the 
following web-link:,540
Should you have any further queries concerning this request, please contact me quoting the 
reference number shown above. 
Yours sincerely, 
Dawn Clarke 
Data Protection & Freedom of Information Manager 
Professional Standards Department
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The Information Commissioner.
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