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Annex 1 
Joanne Brown  
National Insurance number: AB123456C 

My commitment 
I’ll do everything I can to get paid work, and will receive Universal Credit payments to 
support me in this. The things I’ll do are set out in this Claimant Commitment. 
Finding and taking work 
I’ll look for and take any work I’m able to do, that: 
  pays £6.19 an hour or more 
  is within 90 minutes' travel from my home 
I’m available for work for 40 hours each week. I can work on any day at any time.     
I will: 
  apply for vacancies I’m told to apply for by my adviser  
  attend and take part fully in job interviews I’m offered 
  take up offers of paid work that I’m able to do 
If, without good reason, I don’t do all these things, my Universal Credit payments will be cut 
by £10.20 a day for up to 3 years. 
I will be available to: 
  attend a job interview immediately  
  start work immediately  
If, without good reason, I’m not available as described, my Universal Credit payments will be 
cut by £10.20 a day for up to 91 days. 
3. My actions for getting into work 
My work search and preparation plan lists the things I’ll do to give me the best chance of  
finding work quickly.  This means I will normally spend 35 hours each week looking and 
preparing for work. 
I will: 
  complete all the activities in Section 1 of my work search and preparation plan 
  provide evidence that I’ve done my regular work search activities when required 
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If, without good reason, I don’t do all these things, my Universal Credit payments will be cut 
by £10.20 a day for up to 91 days. 
I will also: 
  complete all the actions and activities in Section 2 of my work search and   
preparation plan 
  attend and take part in appointments with my adviser when required 
If, without good reason, I don’t do all these things, my Universal Credit payments will be cut 
by £10.20 for each day until I: 
  complete each action or another activity I’ve been told to do instead by my adviser; or 
  arrange a new appointment 
Once I’ve done this, my payments will be cut by £10.20 a day for a further period of up to 28 
If, without good reason, I don’t apply for any specific jobs my adviser has told me to, as listed in 
Section 2 of my work search and preparation plan, my Universal Credit payments will be cut by 
£10.20 a day for up to 3 years.  
I understand that Universal Credit may ask employers for feedback on: 
  my applications for jobs 
  job interviews I’m invited to.  
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4.  Changes in my circumstances  
I’ll tell Universal Credit immediately about any changes in my circumstances that could 
affect my claim.  
If I’m in paid work at any time, I’ll tell Universal Credit if my job ends, within 5 days of 
leaving. I must make sure all my earnings are reported to Universal Credit, either by me 

or by my employer.  
If, without good reason, I leave paid work or lose pay, either by choice or because of 
misconduct, my Universal Credit payments could be cut by £10.20 a day for up to 3 years. 
If, without good reason, I don’t tell Universal Credit within 5 working days that I’ve left a job, 
my Universal Credit payments will be cut by £10.20 for each further day that I don’t tell 
Universal Credit I’ve left that job. Once I’ve done this, my payments will be cut by £10.20 a 
day for a further period of up to 28 days.  
If I also have earnings from self-employment at any time, I’ll tell Universal Credit the 
details of my self-employed income and expenses.
 I’ll do this each month through the 
Universal Credit phone service. I’ll be told what date I have to do this by each month, and I 
won’t get my Universal Credit payments until I’ve done it. If I still haven’t reported my self-
employed income and expenses one month after this deadline, my Universal Credit claim will  
be stopped. 
I must give Universal Credit information that I believe is correct and complete. I understand that 
if I don’t report any changes that affect my Universal Credit claim as soon as possible, I may be 
prosecuted or other action may be taken against me. I also understand that I may have to pay a 
£50 penalty if there is an overpayment of Universal Credit to me and it was my fault.  
5. Meeting my commitment 
Jobcentre Plus will give me help and advice to support me in doing the things set out in my 
Claimant Commitment. I know how to contact Jobcentre Plus. 
I’ll phone Universal Credit in advance on 0845 600 0723 if I can’t attend an appointment when   
I should. 
If I don’t meet all the requirements set out in my Claimant Commitment, I understand that 
my Universal Credit payments will be cut. The number of days they’re cut for will depend on: 
  how many times I haven’t met my requirements in the previous 12 months 
  which requirements I haven’t met 
I understand that the sanction rates for Universal Credit may change from time to time. The 
current rates at any given time will automatically apply to this Claimant Commitment. If 
there is any doubt about my claim it will be reviewed, which could lead to my Universal 
Credit payments being reduced or stopped. If a decision is made to reduce or stop my 
payments, this will be explained to me. If I disagree with the decision, I have the right to 
have it reconsidered or to appeal against it.  
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My work search and preparation plan 
I’ll spend 35 hours each week looking and preparing for work. This will include all the 
activities and actions in this plan.  
Section 1: Regular work search activities:  
How often 
  Check the Nottingham Post on a Wednesday and Saturday and 
2 times a week 
apply for any suitable jobs 
  Check the "Fish for Jobs" website and apply for suitable jobs 
2 times a week 
  Cold call employers located within 90 minutes travelling distance  4 times a week 
of my home by visiting, telephoning and sending speculative 
written applications/CVs 

  Following the creation of the Check Universal Jobmatch account,  2 times a week 
check the Universal Jobmatch account and apply for all suitable 
matched jobs 

Section 2: Specific actions I will take: 
  Attend the 2 day interview skills/CV workshop @  30/01/2013 06/02/2013 
Training 4U, Bath Lane, Anton - 30/31 Jan 2013 
If I fail to do this without good reason my Universal 
Credit payments will be cut by £10.20  for every day 
until I contact my adviser to discuss attending 
another workshop, and then for up to a further 28 

  Register with RetailChoice Employment Agency  01/02/2013 06/02/2013 
  Attend the Library or Jobcentre to create a 
16/01/2013 06/02/2013 
Universal Jobmatch account 
  Produce 3 variations to the CV covering 
01/02/2013 06/02/2013 
Customer Service, Office work, Hotel / 


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