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Sorry about the blank message - I pressed SEND by mistake.  Firstly my thanks to those of you (the majority) who let me know by today their responses to my note and the three questions posed. There is a very high degree of  convergence in the views of those who have already come to a decision.   


The ULU Review Group met again this morning and made excellent progress towards defining “in principle” recommendations. I was pleased - and to be honest somewhat surprised - at the degree of unanimity in the Review group. We will meet again on 26 March to consider a draft final report, the structure of which we also agreed today. We will then have one final meeting in April (tbc but probably 17th). At that point, the draft will be circulated to you for any comments you wish to make prior to the Collegiate Council meeting on  3 May, and I/we will be happy to respond to any queries you have in advance of the meeting. Following this timetable should mean that the final report for the Collegiate Council will have resolved any queries or clarifications, so that the discussion at the meeting can focus on the high level decisions.


One very important point that you will see in the draft is the Review Group’s belief that we cannot just cease to fund ULU at a stroke, and that we will need a transition year. ULU will inevitably exist in 2013/14, possibly operating much as it does at present, honouring its contractual commitments and managing its assets and liabilities (remember that the lease on the building ends in summer 2014). We are concerned that the transition is orderly, and gives sufficient opportunity for the student voice to contribute properly to shape future provision. 


Most of you have said that you would be prepared to wait  or would actively prefer to wait on a collective view on subscriptions to emerge. It would be helpful to allow the Review to finish the task given to it by Collegiate Council and to conclude formally at the 3 May meeting, and for your decisions on subscriptions for 2013-14 to follow that, and be made public then. So I hope that you will agree to my request to hold off any decisions until then.

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