This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Adult Social Worker Closing Date: 17 June 2009.Interview Date: 7 July 2009. Ref: 1090XKB SS'.

Sarah is a young mother with aggressive MS.  She is a wheelchair user living in an 
adapted house with her 12 year old daughter and her husband who works full time. 
Sarah has a large package of care via Direct Payments and employs her own carers.  
She also has ILF with which she purchases extra support that enables her to be 
taken out shopping and to socialise.  Over the past few months, Direct Payments 
returns have not been sent in as required and there is a danger that payments will be 
Sarah is fiercely independent and expects very high standards from her carers.  She 
has had several changes of carers when they have not met her expectations and is 
now finding recruiting new staff problematic as word has got around that she is 
The only carer that has remained with Sara from the beginning has recently 
contacted Social Services with concerns about unexplained bruising on Sarah’s arms 
and chest.  Sarah has become withdrawn and tearful but refuses to talk about any 
problems she may be having. 
Sarah’s daughter is rude and resentful towards carers who she sees as invading her 
space, and has been observed openly arguing with and shouting at Sarah.  Sarah 
has short term memory problems and often repeats herself.  Her speech is slurred 
and it can take a long time for her to verbalise â€“ this clearly tries her daughter’s 
Carers rarely see Sarah’s husband â€“ he is either working or out of the house.  There 
are unconfirmed suspicions that he might have alcohol problems.  The Social Worker 
has tried unsuccessfully to arrange a case conference with Sarah’s husband and 
daughter to discuss the current situation but all the suggested times and dates so far 
have been rejected. 
1)  What do you consider to be the main issues in this case? 
2)  Can you discuss how you would address the issues you have identified?