15/16 July 2018, Beaufort Street, Redditch, (Wall Collapsed).

Currently waiting for a response from Health and Safety Executive, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Health and Safety Executive,

On 15/16 July 2018, (during the night), there was a major incident in Beaufort Street, Redditch, (B98 7DE), near the junction with Mount Pleasant (No. 19 Mount Pleasant, B97 4JA). The incident was a wall collapsing. I have been informed no one was physically injured.
This significant event, which involved the closure of part of Mount Pleasant for several days, was I’ve been told, attended by an officer from the Health and Safety Executive. Building work was being done adjacent to the wall which collapsed.

Would you please provide a copy of the report which your officer wrote after attending this incident. Residents in this area want to know the official reason WHY the wall collapsed.

[The local authority, Redditch Borough Council, has provided a copy of RECOMMENDATIONS from a debrief document, however this does not give any details at all why the wall collapsed].

Yours faithfully,
P. Bladon
(Request made on behalf of a number of local residents)

Health and Safety Executive

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For attn: P Bladon

Good afternoon

Ref: Beaufort Street, Redditch B98 7DE

The Health & Safety Executive has received your request for information under the Freedom of Information Act and is in the process of dealing with this.
Please find attached letter for your records.


Steve Cameron-Smith

Health & Safety Executive
19 Ridgeway
9 Quinton Business Park
Birmingham B32 1AL


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