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Job specification 
Regional Director, Education Learning and Skills 
Grade: SCS pay band 1 
Section 1: Job description 
Ofsted believes that all children and young people deserve the best. Across the 
whole range of education, learning and skills inspections, our new frameworks are 
raising expectations and raising the bar. We’re determined to make a greater 
difference: to raise standards and improve lives. 
Under the leadership of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw, we are 
challenging those we inspect to improve faster. To do this we are radically changing 
the way we work, so that inspection can be an even more powerful lever for 
improvement. At the heart of this transformation will be our new network of regional 
directors, leading our work on the ground and ensuring that schools, colleges and 
the other bodies we inspect improve.  
Overall purpose  
The Regional Director (RD) is central to our plans to improve the quality of 
education, learning and skills in England. We have split England into eight regions: 
North East, North West, East Midlands, West Midlands, East of England, South East, 
London and South West. Each RD is responsible for Ofsted’s performance in their 
region, measured by their ability to drive improvement in those schools, colleges and 
other learning and skil s providers which are less than good. By doing so, you’ll help 
to transform the lives and opportunities of millions of children and young people.  
The RD will lead a team of highly skilled inspectors, analyse data and understand 
how best to support improvement through inspection. You will be an ambassador for 
and a highly visible face of Ofsted in the region, but you will also be a crucial 
member of the national team. 
Collaborating with colleagues in the other regions, you will understand what really 
drives improvement, and will share ground-breaking best practice so that education, 
learning and skills providers across the country can improve rapidly. 
The RD reports to Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector, helping him to transform the life 
chances of young people and learners in England. 
As well as being a senior strategic leader of education, learning and skills (ELS) 
inspection and improvement work, each RD will be expected to take a full corporate 
leadership role. 

 Job specification 
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Key accountabilities  
The key accountabilities of the role are outlined below. However, this is an overview 
of the role and is not exhaustive. Ofsted reserves the right to assign other duties 
commensurate with the SCS pay band 1 grade as required.  
  To work with Directors and other Regional Directors in leading the effective 
delivery of ELS inspections to agreed targets and deadlines ensuring national 
  To take a leading national role on specific areas of ELS as required.  
  To report to Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector on standards in a region, 
challenging responsible authorities where improvement in ELS is faltering or is 
not rapid enough.  
  To generate and support initiatives to generate improvement in ELS provision 
and provide policy advice to Ofsted decision making bodies as required. 
  To engage with Directors of Children’s Services and senior leaders and officials 
within Local Authorities within the region providing challenge and support 
where there is insufficient improvement in ELS services.  
  To manage the day to day effectiveness of inspection provider contracts and 
monitor the performance of these contractors as required.  
  To provide effective leadership and direction for teams of Senior HMI and 
HMI, undertaking and promoting coaching, talent management and robust 
performance management to ensure continuous improvement and 
development of inspection activity. 
  To create a positive, user-focused, performance improvement culture ensuring 
excellent performance management, quality assurance, consistency and cost 
effectiveness within the teams you manage.  
  To play a full part in Ofsted’s strategic, corporate and team planning 
processes, and contribute to the overall impact of Ofsted through determining 
challenging performance targets which are regularly monitored and delivered, 
making timely interventions to remedy any slippage.   
  To generate and support ideas which provide better ways of working and 
improve the quality of services raising capability of own team and providers 
through disseminating good practice.  
  To contribute to the development and delivery of Ofsted’s corporate standards 
and values, of valuing people’s differences and actively pursuing the 
objectives of Ofsted’s equality schemes and equalities action plans. 
  To provide and utilise full and accurate information on performance 
monitoring, using this internally and externally to contribute to raising 

 Job specification 
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  To build a positive reputation for Ofsted, and ensure users are at the forefront 
of all Ofsted’s work through effective internal and external communications, 
stakeholder engagement and through providing an effective leadership role 
model internally and externally.   
  To deal with correspondence on behalf of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector and 
handle press queries as required, in accordance with agreed policies.  
  To manage financial and other resources and risks effectively and in 
accordance with Ofsted’s procedures.  
  To demonstrate high standards of personal integrity, probity and 
professionalism at all times, behaving fairly and impartially in all activities with 
others to build and maintain trust, respect and credibility. 
At all times the post holder will be expected to operate in accordance with Ofsted’s 
policies, procedures and values and be positive about safeguarding children, valuing 
diversity, respecting differences and promoting equal opportunities. 
Additional requirements of the role 
The role  will require significant travel and include overnight stays.

 Job specification 
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Section 2: Person specification 
Knowledge, skills and experience 
Tested by 
Degree level qualification or equivalent experience. 
Higher degree or post graduate qualification, in a 
relevant area. 
Knowledge and experience 
A minimum of five years’ experience of leadership at a 
senior level in ELS including direct management and 
development of senior professional staff and a track 
record of successful human and financial management. 
A track record in driving improvements in ELS and 
achieving significant results.  
Experience of developing complex external relationships 
and encouraging a culture of imaginative thinking, which 
genuinely listens to ideas from employees and 
Experience of working as part of a corporate senior 
leadership team, working collaboratively to achieve 
organisational objectives.  
Evidence of an understanding of the operational, legal, 
financial and political workings of a large complex public 
facing organisation. 
A minimum of five years’ experience of senior leadership   
of high impact inspection activity and achieving 
subsequent improvement of services and outcomes. 
Highly developed communication skills, able to articulate 
Ofsted’s role, aims, objectives, context and contributions 
to improving standards in care, education and skills. 
Able to inspire and robustly challenge others to engage 
and see their role within it. 

 Job specification 
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Skills continued 
Highly developed analytical skills, able to identify issues 
and create effective plans, systems and procedures to 
manage change and respond promptly to critical events 
and monitor success. 
Ability to develop and implement strategies, policies and 
performance management systems that deliver high 
quality services focused on adding value to children and 
learners which deliver real, lasting improvements. 
Highly developed political awareness, able to analyse 
requirements and steer a clear course taking into 
account internal and external pressures and conflicting 
Excellent people management skills, able to develop 
teams to deliver to a high standard and deal robustly 
with under performance.  
Personal attributes 
An inspirational leader and effective ambassador for 
Ofsted, able to command the respect and confidence of 
colleagues direct reports and external stakeholders and 
achieve a high level of credibility within the inspector 
workforce and wider sectors.   
A role model for Ofsted values; a corporate leader able 
to act with integrity, and impartiality.  
A resilient leader, able to act with confidence, conviction 
and clarity in the face of tough negotiation or challenge.
An effective communicator, able to translate strategic 
priorities into clear outcome-focused objectives for 
managers and provide the energy and drive in 
achievement of these objectives.  
A commitment to the improvement of ELS services and 
willing to “go the extra mile” to achieve results.