This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Pseudonym/pen name'.

DWP Central Freedom of Information Team
Annex A 
Our Ref: VTR635

DATE: 08th March 2013
Annex A 
Dear Ms J Cassidy, 
Thank you for your Freedom of Information request which has been detailed below along with 
our response. 

For my privacy and private life I want to use a pseudonym/pen name on Universal Jobmatch, 
is this OK, or will my Jobentre or Work Programme adviser tell me to use my my 'official' 
name? Will I get a JSA sanction if I only choose to use a pseudonym/pen name? 
Universal Jobmatch would not stop you inputting a pseudonym or pen name.  However anyone 
claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) will be expected to register in their own name, 
especially in instances where an adviser has issued a Jobseeker's Direction to require a 
claimant to create a profile and public CV in UJ.    
Jobseeker’s Directions require JSA claimants to take specific actions which will help them to 
find work, and failure to do so without good reason may result in a benefit sanction being 
applied.  The onus is on the claimant to demonstrate that they have followed the direction.  In 
instances where a pseudonym or pen name has been used the adviser cannot be sure that the 
evidence being provided belongs to the claimant and may therefore refer to a decision maker 
to consider whether a sanction should be applied or not.   
If you have any queries about this letter please contact me quoting the reference number 
Yours sincerely,  
DWP Central FoI Team 
Your right to complain under the Freedom of Information Act 

If you are not happy with this response you may request an internal review by e-mailing freedom-of-information- or by writing to DWP, Central FoI Team, Caxton House, Tothill Street, SW1H 9NA. Any 
review request should be submitted within two months of the date of this letter.  
If you are not content with the outcome of the internal review you may apply directly to the Information 
Commissioner’s Office for a decision. Generally the Commissioner cannot make a decision unless you have 
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