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Confidential to members until formally approved 
The Kennet and Avon Canal Partnership  
Draft unconfirmed minutes of the meeting held on Friday 9th September 
at 2:00 at Devizes Wharf Centre 
1. Welcome and Apologies 
Attendance: David Inight (KACT), Marian Livingston 
(Reading Borough Council), Mark Minkley (Banes), 
Ken Oliver (Wiltshire Council), Fleur de Rhe-Philipe 
(Wiltshire Council), Andrew Rowles (West Berks 
Council), Mike Rodd (KACT), Mark Stevens ( BW) 
In Attendance: Rebecca Wells (KACT),  
Apologies: Bill Fisher (K&A Trade Association), 
David Lawrence (Banes). 
MGR welcomed all to the meeting and introduced 
Marian Livingston who is the new Councillor 
representing Reading Borough Council. 
2.  Minutes of Last meeting  
These were accepted and it was noted the minutes 
would now go public.  
3. Matters Arising  
MGR did write to Robin Evans and received a reply, 
which was circulated.  
4. New waterways charity update 
MS stated that on Monday 12th September the results 
of the DEFRA consultation would be published. MGR 
would attend the official presentation. MS noted that 
BW is still on target to become a charity in April 2012. 
He also pointed out that the consultation document 
and the response only provides the basis for the 
future Charity, and it will be up to the Interim 
(Transitional) Trustees to develop these underlying 
principles into firm ways of working. The Interim 
Trustees have been appointed and they are now 
actively setting up the new Charity and also 
negotiating the financial arrangements with 
ACTION MS will send a list around of the 
Transitional Trustees

FDRP pointed out that that the finance has not been 
completely agreed and this will need to be settled.  
MGR added that there were issues in regards to the 
pension liabilities and he felt that the Charities 
Commission would have questions regarding this. 
ML asked if a service delivery agreement been set 
up.  MS said that there would not be one per se, but 
there would be a contract with government setting out 
the obligations the new charity would have to look 
after Britain’s waterways.  
MGR noted that BW’s properties portfolio is a key 
source of funding, and praised the efforts made by 
current BW directors in not losing control of this 
i)  Report from Local Waterways 
MGR reminded the group that it was intended in the 
Partnership for the K & A and B & T 
proposal for BW becoming a charity that for each of 
BW’s 11 operational areas there should be a powerful 
stakeholder “Local Partnership” At an early stage the 
K&A Canal Trust, with support from IWA, agreed with 
BW to set up a Pilot “Local Partnership”, by effectively 
“morphing” this existing K&A (HLF) Canal Partnership 
into one of these new Local Waterways Partnerships 
However, it appeared that the make-up of the existing 
Partnership was not in-line with the emerging  Defra 
proposals, and hence new members were brought 
onto the LWP, and this existing Partnership continued 
to operate in parallel. 
The LWP has had some difficulty in determining 
exactly how it should operate and, indeed, what its 
role should be. The LWP made a late submission to 
the DEFRA consultation, largely highlighting issues it 
had with the Defra proposal.. 
ii) Discussions on the future 
relationship between the waterways 
MGR reported that there now are 3 such Trial LWP's 
partnership and the existing 
set up. MGR and MS have met with the other 2 
chairmen and they all have agreed that there were 
issues in the proposed model. It was clear that these 
discussions had impacted thinking and a new model 

of how the LWP’s should be formed and where they 
fit in the NWC governance, has emerged from BW.  
KO raised the question as to whether there have 
been any change in who the Partnership members 
should be. MGR responded that one of the serious 
problems has been that the original BW view was that 
the Partnerships should be made up of individuals 
and not representatives. However, in his discussions 
with the other chairmen, they had clearly also 
accepted that having representatives of key 
stakeholders were essential. 
 FDRP pointed out that the HLF agreement stated 
that BW would show the HLF Partnership their budget 
before any works are completed. This then gives the 
stakeholders a say in how they feel the money is 
being spent. She asked if this would still happen with 
two Partnerships operating in parallel? 
She added that, regarding the Terms of Reference for 
the LWP's that have been circulated, they seem very 
restrained and contentious. 
MS stated that he does not see a conflict with the two 
groups, as they are very different in their workings. 
He felt the HLF Partnership was about the thinking 
about problems, whereas the Local Waterways 
Partnership was about delivering solutions.  
FDRP commented whilst the HLF Partnership has not 
been particularly active recently, this was largely due 
to the lack of any major issues. She felt that the 
Terms of Reference for the LWP’s actually were very 
similar to that of the existing Partnership!  She also 
said that her main concern that if there were 2 two 
groups there would be possible conflict of decision 
KO suggested that the HLF Partnership and the Local 
Waterways Partnership should merge in to one and 
then all key players will be included. 
MGR agreed that this seems to make a lot of sense, 
and that he increasingly felt that it was vital that the 
Partnerships should include all relevant stakeholders. 

6. Update on BW work on the K&A and 
MS reported that he has managed to secure more 
restriction of boat movement. 
funding for the next year than in previous years, due 
to the overall number of defects that the canal has 
when compared to others. His team are on target to 
start the winter program of works, with more lock gate 
replacements and some dredging.  
ACTION: MS will circulate winter works 
The water levels have not been that high due to the 
weather we have had. But MS is very pleased with 
the way the water levels have been managed. 
MS went on to say that at the start of this year there 
was a temporary ban on new commercial boat 
licences being granted in the Devizes to Reading 
section. Before this ban was imposed BW had asked 
marinas and people with businesses along the canal 
how many boats they anticipated they would be 
increasing their number of boats by: This information 
was then built in to the proposal.  
Work is now being done to see if there are any 
alternative arrangements that can be found, and if the 
ban can be lifted. 
ACTION MS will circulate the list of proposals,  
noting that they have not all been agreed.
7. Update on Mooring Strategy work 

Due to Damien Kemp being off ill there has been a 
delay in the strategy being concluded.  
KO has offered to chair the next meeting if DK was 
not available. The next meeting will be in two weeks 
time. A conclusion should be reached. 
ACTION KO to report
8. AOB 

9. Date of Next Meeting 
To Be Confirmed.