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DWP Central Freedom of Information Team
Annex A 
Our Ref: VTR 4807

DATE: 27.02.2013
Annex A 
Dear Jack Silverside, 
Thank you for your Freedom of Information request which is detailed below along with our 
Is it a mandatory requirement when a new claim for JSA is made that the Jobseekers 
agreement (JSAg) would include the remit of Q7 of Universal Jobmatch's FAQ, therefore a de 
facto requirement to register an account with the Universal Jobmatch site. 
Q8. Does everyone have to register to search for jobs? No, but if not, jobseeker’s will not be 
able to access all the facilities listed in question 7. 
Q7. What are the advantages to jobseekers if they register for Universal Jobmatch? The 
advantages are: • create or upload a CV, • tailor their job search preferences to suit the jobs 
they are looking for, • conduct and save their own job searches • receive ongoing job matches 
Everything in Q7 can be obtained without Universal Jobmatch registration, with a careful 
jobsearch through and CV matching through employment agencies. 
We intend to introduce mandation for Universal Jobmatch in 2013. 
It is not currently mandatory for jobseekers to use the Universal Jobmatch service but it has 
always been our intention to mandate some JSA claimants to register with Universal Jobmatch 
and upload a CV so that they can make full use of the service.  
We intend to require those claimants to do this under a Jobseeker’s Direction, when some 
changes have been made to the service to fully support this.  Jobseeker’s Directions require 
Jobseeker’s Allowance claimants to take specific actions which will help them find work, and 
failure to do so without good reason may result in a benefit sanction. 

The revised Jobseeker’s Agreement does not require JSA claimants to use Universal 
Jobmatch.  There is a new checkbox within the Jobseeker’s Agreement to include how often a 
claimant will check their Universal Jobmatch account, for those who have created an account.  
However, this is in agreement with the claimant and for those that have not registered with the 
service the checkbox should not be ticked. 
Is it acceptable to substitute the run Universal Jobmatch with other services for 
uploading a CV and receive alerts via email, i.e employment agencies or are JSA sanctions 
introduced for those not opting into the run monopoly. 
Creating an account in Universal Jobmatch is currently voluntary, so claimant’s benefits will not 
currently be affected if they do not register for the use of Universal Jobmatch. However, JSA 
claimants must continue to do all that is reasonably expected of them to look for work and as 
part of their jobsearch review they will be asked to demonstrate what steps they have taken to 
look for work during period since their last jobsearch review.    
If you have any queries about this letter please contact me quoting the reference number 
Yours sincerely,  
DWP Central FoI Team 
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