This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Chemical weapon contamination'.

Mr Fred Dawson  
Defence Infrastructure Organisation 
Kingston Road 
Sutton Coldfield 
West Midlands 
B75 7RL 
Tel:  +44 (0)121 311 2241   
Fax: +44 (0)121 311 3809   
E-mail: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxx.xx 
Ref. 28-05-2012-1044452-002 
26 June 2012
Dear Mr Dawson 
Request for Information: Chemical Weapon Contamination 
Thank you for your request of 27 May 2012, this was passed to the Defence Infrastructure 
Organisation (DIO) – the Ministry of Defence (MOD) organisation with responsibility for the 
defence estate – and has been dealt with under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000 and 
Environmental Information Regulations (2004). 
You requested (verbatim) the following information:- 
     a: Land quality assessments 
     b: CW Clearance certificates 
     c: Results of environmental surveys 
     d: whether or not the site is owned by the MOD 
     e: any other information about chemical weapon contamination at these sites; 
     at the following sites :- 
     Forward Filling Depot 1 (FFD) Little Heath Suffolk Under the 
     control of 94 Maintenance Unit 
     FFD 2 Melchbourne/Riseley Bedfordshire American FFD - Station 572 
     FFD 3 Norton Disney Lincolnshire Under the control of 93 
     Maintenance Unit 
     FFD 4 Lords Bridge Cambridgeshire Under the control of 95 
     Maintenance Unit 

     FFD 5 Escrick Yorkshire Under the control of 80 Sub Maintenance 
     RAF Macmerry located about 9 miles east of Edinburgh. In the past, 
     the airfield may have been referred to as Tranent, or Penston
While I can confirm that the MOD holds information within the scope of your enquiry, it is likely that 
some or all of it falls within the scope of a qualified exemption of the FOI Act. The relevant 
exemption is Section 22 (Information Intended for Future Publication) which provides that 
information is exempt from disclosure if the public authority holding it or another person intends to 
publish it at some future date, whether determined or not, and in all the circumstances it is 
reasonable to withhold the information prior to publication.  
The exemption is subject to the balance of the public interest. By virtue of section 10(3) of the Act, 
where public authorities have to consider the balance of the public interest, they do not have to 
comply with the request until such time as is reasonable in the circumstances. The MOD has not 
yet reached a decision and I will not be able to fully respond to your request within 20 working 
days because of the need to carefully consider the issues involved. Our decision will be made as 
soon as possible and I will inform you immediately thereafter. 
If you are not satisfied with this response or you wish to complain about any aspect of the handling 
of your request, then you should contact me in the first instance. If informal resolution is not 
possible and you are still dissatisfied then you may apply for an independent internal review by 
contacting the Head of Corporate Information, 2nd Floor, MOD Main Building, Whitehall, SW1A 
2HB (e-mail xxxxxxxxxx@xxx.xx). Please note that any request for an internal review must be 
made within 40 working days of the date on which the attempt to reach informal resolution has 
come to an end. 
If you remain dissatisfied following an internal review, you may take your complaint to the 
Information Commissioner under the provisions of Section 50 of the Freedom of Information Act. 
Please note that the Information Commissioner will not investigate your case until the MOD 
internal review process has been completed. Further details of the role and powers of the 
Information Commissioner can be found on the Commissioner's website,
Yours sincerely