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DWP Central Freedom of Information Team
Annex A 
Our Ref: VTR 1564

DATE 30 April 2012
Annex A 
Dear Linda, 
Thank you for your Freedom of Information request of 9th April 2012. You asked: 
Following the response you have given to my FOI request 11207 I would like to clarify some 
Were the estimated 4.8 million contracts awarded exclusively to Remploy to cover all areas 
with Access to Work for mental health provision in December 2011 part of the earmarked 
Access to Work funds promised in the Sayce review? 
The response states 8 million will be available for 'disabled individuals who may be displaced 
from Remploy factories' of this 1.5 million will go to disability organisations. What type of 
schemes are expected to be funded by the 1.5 million community fund which will be put 
forward to disability groups in England, Scotland and Wales and will the organisations 
benefiting from the funds be made public? What is the plan for the remaining 6.5 million of the 

The £4.8 million contracts awarded to Remploy in December 2011 were to deliver Access to 
Work Mental Health Support Services. Until then, there was no contracted provision for Access 
to Work customers who required support for mental health issues. The Minister subsequently 
announced that as part of the Government’s response to the Sayce recommendations, the 
Government will make an extra £15m available for Access to Work in this Spending Review 
The £8 million is available for a comprehensive support package to support every disabled 
member of staff affected by this announcement across England, Scotland and Wales, with 
around half of this to be spent on personal budgets. 

Each disabled member of staff will receive individual tailored support for up to 18 months to 
help with the transition from Government funded sheltered employment to mainstream 
employment, which will maximise individual choice and control.  
The package of support will draw on the skills of organisations such as Remploy and 
Jobcentre Plus, but will also benefit from the experience of organisations such as the 
Employers’ Forum on Disability, and that of local charities and user-led organisations.  
The individualised support for disabled employees will consist of: 
  1-2-1 sessions with employees and families to impart work advice, a skills audit, and 
identification of any barriers to employment; 
  A personal case worker to signpost support and help develop individual action plans, as 
well as addressing non-employment issues with the individual - this element of support 
will utilise skills and experience from partner agencies and organisations; 
  Access to a personal budget for use on services not covered by other funding streams 
(from an overall pot of around £4 million for the UK- on average £2,500 each individual); 
  Referral to existing back-to-work support, including Work Choice, the Work Programme 
and the Skills Offer; 
  Employers Forum on Disability - commitment of their members to provide targeted 
opportunities for disabled Remploy employees under the ‘First Shot’ programme; 
  Utilisation of the existing Skills Offer (locally available skills provision) to re-skill and re-
  Links to mentoring and befriending services supplied by local 3rd sector organisations; 
  ULO / charities / third sector provision of social and care support functions, including 
assisting access to localised provision and funding streams; 
The Government will be making £1.5 million of the £8 million available, across England, 
Scotland and Wales, for a Community Support Fund (CSF). The CSF will offer financial and 
non financial support to local disabled people’s user led organisations (DPULOs) and voluntary 
sector organisations to deliver support and services designed to meet the specific needs of 
disabled Remploy employees affected by the announcements on the future of Remploy 
The intention is that the fund will help to support affected Remploy staff to re-engage with their 
local communities and help their transition from segregated sheltered employment to 
mainstream employment. It will be focussed around the geographical areas where affected 
Remploy employees live and used to build the capacity of local DPULOs, 3rd sector and 
voluntary organisations and to develop a range of activities and projects to help the move from 
sheltered to main stream employment.  
As well as a modest amount of money being available to support projects to help ex-Remploy 
employees, and other local disabled people, get into work, training or volunteering funding will 
be made available to help create learning and development activities to improve employment 

DPULOs and voluntary sector organisations will be able to bid for a share of money for specific 
projects that will make a significant difference to Remploy employees affected by the 
Ministerial announcement. The Fund will be discretionary and aimed at meeting one-off costs 
for things that will make a material difference. To ensure the fund delivers the desired 
outcomes we are working closely with DPULOs and voluntary sector organisations to co 
produce the criteria. 
If you have any queries about this letter please contact me quoting the reference number 
Yours sincerely,  
DWP Central FoI Team 
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