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DRAFT (1) 
GPRD Licence 
The Secretary of State for Health 
as Licensor 
as Licensee 
relating to 
General Practice Research Database Services 

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1. Interpretation ....................................................................................................................... 1 
2. Licence ................................................................................................................................ 4 
3. Permitted 
Use...................................................................................................................... 5 
Payment of Licence Fees and Invoicing Arrangements ...................................................... 5 
Consequences of Late Payment of Licence Fees ............................................................... 6 
Training and Documentation ............................................................................................... 6 
Provision and Use of Password, Fob with Digital Authentication Code and Personal 
Identification Number ...................................................................................................................... 8 
Access to and contents of the Database ............................................................................. 9 
Restrictions on Use of Data............................................................................................... 10 
Downloading of Data and Security of Data and Database ................................................ 11 
11. Intellectual 
Rights ............................................................................................... 12 
Warranties and Indemnity by Licensee ............................................................................. 13 
Monitoring of access to the Services................................................................................. 14 
Audit of research and confidentiality.................................................................................. 14 
15. Help-desk .......................................................................................................................... 15 
16. Additional 
Services ............................................................................................................ 15 
Liability of the Licensor for System Failure or Maintenance .............................................. 15 
Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer ................................................................................. 16 
19. Force 
Majeure ................................................................................................................... 17 
20. Suspension 
Termination............................................................................................. 17 
Consequences of Expiry or Termination ........................................................................... 18 
Alternative Dispute Resolution .......................................................................................... 19 
23. Notices .............................................................................................................................. 20 
24. Entire 
agreement ............................................................................................................... 20 
25. Assignment........................................................................................................................ 20 
26. Variation ............................................................................................................................ 21 

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27. Severability ........................................................................................................................ 21 
28. Waiver ............................................................................................................................... 21 
29. Survival.............................................................................................................................. 21 
30. Execution........................................................................................................................... 21 
Applicable Law and Jurisdiction ........................................................................................ 21 
PRACTICE RESEARCH DATABASE........................................................................................... 23 

ii GPRD 

2012 and made 
THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR HEALTH, (the “Licensor”), acting through the 
Palace Road, London SW1W 9SZ (the "Licensor") of the one part; and 
, (the “Licensee”), whose registered office is at  of the other part .  

The Crown acting through the Licensor (an Executive Agency of the Department of 
Health) has developed and controls all rights to the Database and is making it available for 
non-profit-making research in accordance with the terms and conditions referred to below. 
The Licensee desires access to the Database for non-profit-making research purposes. 
The Licensor has agreed to grant a licence to the Licensee in accordance with the terms 
and conditions set out in this Licence. 
In this Licence (the “Licence”), unless the context otherwise requires, the following 
expressions shall mean: 
Additional Services 
Further optional services which the Licensor may offer 
from time to time to the Licensee which shall be the 
subject of separate written agreements and charges; 
Affiliated Companies or Any company controlling, controlled by or under common 
control with the Licensee by ownership, directly or 
indirectly, of 50% or more of the total ownership, or by the 
power to control the policies and actions of such company; 
A contractor of the Licensee or one of its Affiliates working 
on a specific project or projects in the course of which it is 
necessary for the contractor to make use of or review 
Contract Year 
Each calendar year commencing on and including 1st 
January to and including the following 31st December 
Data from time to time obtained from contributing general 
medical practices using Vision software as are contained 
in the Database, or any such data as are added to the 
Database by the Licensor, or any part of such data; 
The General Practice Research Database containing an 
electronic and relational record of anonymous patient data 
collected, aggregated and developed by the Licensor, and 
as may be amended or updated with Data by the Licensor 
from time to time; 
Those dictionaries referred to in the table set out in 
paragraph 1.2 of the Schedule, to include the GPRD 
Medical Dictionary (including the MedDRA Terminology) 
and the GPRD Drugs Dictionary; 

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The operating manuals, user instructions and other related 
materials which the Licensor may supply (whether 
physically or by electronic means) for aiding use of the 
Services, including any part or copy of it; 
Effective Date 
The date from which on line access to the services is 
activated or the offline version of GPRD is installed, 
whichever is the earliest; 
Force Majeure 
Any event or occurrence which is outside the control of the 
Party concerned and which is not attributable to any act or 
failure to take preventative action by the Party concerned, 
including but not limited to acts of God, war, riot, civil 
commotion, malicious damage, computer viruses or other 
malicious software or program code, inability to obtain 
supplies, accident, breakdown of plant or machinery 
including telecommunications equipment, interruption to 
electricity supply, explosions, fire, flood, storm, default of 
suppliers, strikes, lockouts or other industrial disputes 
except where such strikes, lockouts or other industrial 
disputes occur within either of the Parties’ organisations; 
Independent Scientific 
The body or any successor body nominated by the 
Advisory Committee 
Licensor to review the scientific acceptability of Licensee 
projects at the Licensor’s request; 
Intellectual Property Rights 
Patents, trademarks and service marks, present and future 
copyrights, topography rights, design rights and database 
rights (including, without limitation, rights of extraction), 
whether or not any of them are registered and including 
applications for registration of any of them, trade secrets 
and rights of confidence, and all rights or forms of 
protection of a similar nature or having equivalent effect to 
any of them which may subsist anywhere in the world; 
GPRD Services 
The services described in paragraph 1 of the Schedule; 
Licence Period 
A period of 1 year from the effective date 
Medical and Health 
Population-based studies in health outcomes, drug safety, 
Research Purposes 
health economics, drug utilisation, public health research, 
drug formulary research and disease management, or 
such other purposes as are authorised by the Licensor; 
Nominated User 
A person nominated by the Licensee to have access to the 
Services and who shall be a permanent member of the 
Licensee’s or of one of its Affiliated Companies’ staff and 
employed solely by the Licensee or an Affiliated Company 
and who does not engage in any other business on their 
own account, unless the Licensor has, at its sole 
discretion, authorised in writing the appointment of any 
other member of staff as a Nominated User; 

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Not having the object of making a profit year on year; 
The Licensor and the Licensee or their successors in title, 
each of them being referred to as a “Party”; 
Personal Identification 
The individual identifying number to be provided by the 
Licensor to the Licensee in respect of each Nominated 
the Services 
The Services as set out in the Schedule to this Agreement;
The Licensor’s website at 
In this Licence: 
the headings are included for convenience only and shall not affect the 
construction of this Licence; and 
the Interpretation Act 1978 shall apply to this Licence in the same way as it applies 
to an enactment. 
Subject to the terms of this Licence, and in consideration of the payment by the Licensee 
of the sum £  per annum the Licensor grants the Licensee a limited, non-exclusive and 
non-transferable licence on the terms of this Licence for up to 2 Nominated Users to 
access the Services subject to the restrictions set out in clause 3.  
If the Licensee wishes to have more than 2 Nominated Users: 
the Licensee shall be entitled to designate further Nominated Users by notice in 
writing provided it pays the required fees set out in clause 2.2(C); 
the appointment of additional Nominated Users above 20 shall only be permitted if 
the Licensor at is sole discretion authorises such Nominated Users and if the 
Licensee pays the required fees set out in clause 2.2(C); 
Subject to clause 4.2 the fee rates payable in respect of additional Nominated 
Users are: 
for the Services, £   per annum for the first additional user; 
£    per annum for the second additional user 
£     per annum for the third additional user 
£     per annum for the fourth additional user 
Subsequent additional users shall be subject to fees to be determined by the 

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provided that if a Nominated User is accepted during the Licence Period the fee 
payable will be reduced pro rata to reflect the period of time remaining in the 
Licence Period.  
This Licence shall operate for the benefit of the Licensee provided that: 
it is the responsibility of the Licensee to ensure that any Nominated User of its 
Affiliated Companies or their staff who are granted access to the Services or to the 
Data or other information which has been downloaded from the Database under 
this Licence is aware of and complies with the obligations and any restrictions in 
respect of the access and use of Data as set out in this Licence; 
any act or omission of any Nominated User, Affiliated Company or other third party 
which would have been a breach of this Licence if any such Nominated User, 
Affiliated Company or other third party had been a party hereto shall be treated as 
a breach by the Licensee for which the Licensee shall be liable, and the Licensor 
shall have the right to obtain injunctive relief in addition to any other legal or 
financial remedies to which the Licensor may be entitled; and 
pursuant to section 1(2) of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999, the 
Parties do not intend that any term of this Agreement may be enforced by any 
Affiliated Companies or other third parties, provided that the Licensee may assign 
the whole but not part only of the benefit of this Licence to an Affiliated Company in 
accordance with clause 25.1. 
No provision of this Agreement shall be deemed to restrict or limit the Licensor’s right to 
use, market, sell, distribute, display or otherwise provide access to the Data directly or 
indirectly anywhere in the world. 
Permitted Use 
The licence granted in clause 2.1 is subject to: 
payment of the licence fee in accordance with clause 4; 
the use of Data or any other information by the Licensee or its Affiliated Companies 
(if any) in accordance with this Licence being restricted to Medical and Health 
Research Purposes on a non-profit making basis.  For the avoidance of doubt this 
shall not prevent the Licensee from: 
(1)  recovering its reasonable direct operating costs associated with that 
research; or 
(2)  recovering a profit from any application of the results of the Licensee’s 
research provided that such profit is solely attributable to the value added by 
the Licensee in its analysis or interpretation of the Data. 
the Nominated Users complying with the requirement to undergo training in 
accordance with clause 6;  
the Licensee complying with the restrictions set out in clause 9
These restrictions on use shall survive the termination or expiry of the Licence. 

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In the event the Licensee has any doubts as to the scope of the licence granted in clause 
2.1, it shall contact the Licensor for clarification. 
Payment of Licence Fees and Invoicing Arrangements 
The Licensee shall make the payment of for each year of this Agreement. The payment for 
the first Contract Year shall be made by paying the full amount of to the Licensor within 30 
days of the date the Licensee executes this Licence. 
The Licensee shall make payment for any additional or replacement Nominated Users 
authorised by the Licensor on receipt of an invoice for the full sum from the Licensor with 
payment due within 30 days of receipt of the invoice.  
The Licensee shall, if subject to VAT, pay VAT on each payment at the rate applicable at 
the time payment is made as specified on the Licensor’s invoice.  
The Licensee will notify the Licensor in writing within 14 days of receipt of each invoice if 
the Licensee considers that the invoice is incorrect, together with its reasons.  The 
Licensee shall pay the undisputed part of any invoice in accordance with the forgoing 
provisions of this clause 4. 
All Licence fees are the maximum payable under the terms of this Agreement and may be 
reduced if MHRA charging policies change at any time during the Licence Period. 
Consequences of Late Payment of Licence Fees 
If any payment is not made within 30 days of the date of receipt of the invoice, or, for the 
first quarterly licence fee payment, within 30 days of the date of execution of the Licence, 
interest shall accrue thereafter on the amount unpaid at the rate of 4% above the 
prevailing base rate of Barclays Bank Plc per year accruing on a daily basis from the date 
when payment became due until the date on which payment has been received.  In 
addition the Licensor shall be entitled to serve written notice on the Licensee that it intends 
to suspend the Licensee’s access to the Services in accordance with clause 5.2. 
If at the end of a further period of 30 days from the date of deemed receipt of the notice 
served in accordance with clause 5.1, the payment together with interest accrued has not 
been received by the Licensor the Licensor may immediately suspend the Licensee's 
access to the Services until payment (including interest) is made. The Licence Period shall 
not be extended to take account of the period of any such suspension of access. Whether 
or not the Licensor chooses not to suspend the Licensee’s access in accordance with the 
provisions of this clause interest shall continue to accrue on the amount unpaid at the rate 
specified at clause 5.1 above.  
If any payment due under this Licence, or for any Additional Services which the Licensee 
has agreed to purchase, is outstanding for more than 4 weeks after the initial 30 day 
period from the date of receipt of the invoice for payment has expired, the Licensor may 
terminate this Licence provided that a notice requesting payment has been sent to the 
Licensee and payment of the relevant sum has not been made in full within 30 days of the 
date of deemed receipt of such notice. 

Training and Documentation 
All Nominated Users must undergo training provided by the Licensor in the use of the 
The Licensor will train new, additional Nominated Users at the Licensor’s premises in the 
use of the Services (“Basic Training”). The period of Basic Training commencing on such 
date as the Parties may agree, and the cost of such Basic Training and any associated 
Documentation that the Licensor may produce being included in the additional user 
licence fees.   
The Licensor shall provide further advanced training for experienced Users at the 
Licensor’s premises on such aspects of the use of the Services as the Parties may 
agree (“Customised Training”). The cost of such training and any associated 
Documentation that the Licensor shall be determined by the licensor depending on 
the nature and extent of the training required. . 
Once trained, Nominated Users shall not be required to undergo Basic Training 
again, unless the Parties agree otherwise. 
The Licensor shall provide introductory training material for the Licensee’s 
employees who are not Nominated Users but have a need to work with and 
understand the Data (“Secondary Users”). Further training for secondary users 
may be provided by the Licensor upon request. The cost of such training and any 
associated Documentation that the Licensor may produce shall be determined by 
the licensor.  
Each Nominated User shall be entitled to all new and amended Documentation as 
it is made available by the Licensor. 
Any training and associated Documentation required by the Licensee over and 
above that set out in this clause 6.2 and clause 6.3(B) shall be an Additional 
Service for the purposes of this Licence. 
The Licensee shall be entitled to replace one or more Nominated Users by notice in writing 
to the Licensor: 
At any point during the term of this Licence, provided the Licensee pays all training 
fees charged by the Licensor relating to such Nominated User(s); or 
Upon renewal of the term of this Licence, at no additional cost to the Licensee. 
Each replacement Nominated User shall undergo Basic Training in accordance with 
clause 6.2 before being granted access to the Services. 
The training will take place at such times as are agreed by the Parties.  Training of 
Nominated Users shall occur within three months of notification of the name and request 
for training by the Licensee to the Licensor provided that there are a minimum of three 
Nominated Users from the Licensee or sufficient suitable nominated users from other 
GPRD customers available for training on the date(s) proposed for training. 
If the Licensee wishes to replace a trained Nominated User the Licensor will provide Basic 
Training to such replacement at such time as is agreed by the Parties, the cost of such 

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Basic Training and any associated Documentation that the Licensor may produce being 
payable as a separate charge by the Licensee in accordance with the Licensor’s then 
current training rates. 
If for any reason the Licensee does not use the full amount of Basic Training or 
Customised Training in any one Contract Year: 
The Licensee shall be entitled, if the Licence continues into, or in the event of the 
Licence expiring is renewed for, the following Contract Year, to “bank” the unused 
amount of training.  If the Licensee elects to bank such training, in the following 
Contract Year only the Licensee shall be entitled to an additional amount of 
Customised Training for its Nominated Users equal to the number of banked days 
For the avoidance of doubt: 
(1)  The Licensee’s entitlement to additional days of Customised Training in a 
particular Contract Year in accordance with this clause 6.7 shall terminate at 
the end of that Contract Year; and 
(2)  If for any reason any or all of the Basic Training or Customised Training 
referred to in this clause 6 is not used in the relevant Contract Year (or if an 
amount of training is banked but not used in the following Contract Year) no 
compensation shall be payable by the Licensor to the Licensee. 
The Licensee acknowledges that any Documentation supplied to it shall remain the 
confidential and valuable intellectual property of the Licensor and must not be disclosed to 
any person outside the Licensee or its Affiliated Companies without the prior written 
approval of the Licensor.  
Provision and Use of Password, Fob with Digital Authentication Code and Personal 
Identification Number 

As part of the training referred to at clause 6 above the Licensor will provide each 
Nominated User trained with: 
a password to the part of the Website by which the Services are accessed;  
a fob with a digital authentication code; and 
a Personal Identification Number. 
The password, fob and the Personal Identification Number shall be used only by the 
Nominated User to whom they are allocated by the Licensor, and the fob must be returned 
to the Licensor if that person for any reason ceases to be a Nominated User unless the 
Licensor authorises in writing the direct transfer of the fob to any replacement Nominated 
The Licensee will ensure that the only members of its or its Affiliated Companies’ staff who 
access the Services are Nominated Users who have been trained by the Licensor and 
issued with their own password, fob and Personal Identification Number.  However, at the 
Licensee’s request the Licensor may at its sole discretion expressly authorise in writing 
use of the Services by other members of the Licensee’s or Affiliated Companies’ staff on 

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payment of such charge as the Licensor deems reasonable, which shall be based on the 
Services to be used, the amount of the Licence Period which is then outstanding and any 
training that the Licensor stipulates is necessary before any such authorised member of 
staff may use the Services.  
If during the Licence Period any member of the Licensee’s or its Affiliated Companies’ staff 
loses a fob then the Licensor will replace it on receipt of payment of £100 plus VAT (if the 
Licensee is subject to VAT) from the Licensee. For the avoidance of doubt, no refund of 
licence fees shall be paid, nor shall the Licence Period be extended by the period during 
which the Licensee is without a fob, due to its loss. 
Nothing in this clause 7 or clause 9.4 shall prevent or be deemed to prevent appropriate 
members of the Licensee’s or its Affiliates’ permanent staff (whether or not Nominated 
Users), fixed term staff and appropriate Contractors from working with Data which have 
been legitimately downloaded in accordance with this Licence, provided that: 
such staff and Contractors are appropriately supervised and are made aware of the 
confidentially of such Data; and 
all such work undertaken by Contractors is conducted on the Licensee’s (or its 
Affiliates’) premises. 
Access to and contents of the Database 
The Licensor will make access to the Services available to the Licensee’s Nominated 
Users through its Website or through such other website as the Licensor may specify.  The 
Licensee acknowledges that the use of the Internet entails the possibility of disruptions 
and is not error-free.  Subject to clause 17, the Licensor will not be liable for any loss, cost 
or expense incurred by the Licensee arising from any disruption to the Services or from 
any unavailability of the Website, the Internet or the Services.  The Licensor shall use its 
reasonable endeavours to upgrade its Website functionality and IT systems supplying the 
Services from time to time to maintain an adequate level of service. 
The Licensor will give the Licensee access to the Services by providing a Personal 
Identification Number to the first Nominated User trained in accordance with clause 
provided that the first quarterly licence fee payment (or entire fee payment, as appropriate) 
required by clause 4.1 has been received by the Licensor and any cheque in payment 
cleared. The date at which access is granted to the Licensee in accordance with the 
provisions of this clause shall be the Effective Date, written notice of which will be provided 
to the Licensee by the Licensor within 14 days thereof. 
The Licensor will aim to add new Data to the Database which it receives from contributing 
general medical practices (including incremental updates and new medical practices) and 
shall use its reasonable endeavours to make appropriate additions on a monthly basis 
unless through circumstances beyond the Licensor’s control it proves impossible or 
impractical to do so.  Any Data so added during the Licence Period shall be made 
available to the Licensee. 
The Licensor will grant the Licensee access to the Services as specified in the Schedule 
to this Licence. The Licensor may interrupt access to the Services to effect maintenance, 
repairs or updates and will wherever reasonably practicable give the Licensee 24 hours’ 
prior notice by email of any interruption of access apart from standard downtime as 
specified in the Schedule. 

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The Licensor may suspend or terminate access to Data or alter some or all parts of the 
Services to comply with any law, regulation, court order, or other governmental request or 
order, or to protect the Licensor from any legal liability or if it considers it in the public 
interest to do so.  Subject to clause 20.7 no compensation will be paid nor will the licence 
fees be reduced or a refund given for any such prevention of access to Data or alteration 
to the Services. 
Restrictions on Use of Data 
The Licensee shall not use or attempt to use the Data, or any information obtained by the 
Licensee in accordance with the provision of the Services, whether on its own or in 
conjunction with any other data in any other form, for: 
identifying, contacting or targeting patients; 
identifying, profiling, contacting or targeting general medical practitioners or general 
medical  practices; or 
studying the effectiveness of advertising campaigns or sales forces, 
and the Licensee shall ensure that reports, papers or statistical tables that are published 
or released to third parties as a result of use of the Data cannot be used to identify or 
enable others to identify patients, contributing general medical practitioners or contributing 
general medical practices.  If at any time the Licensee considers that there is information 
in the Database accessible via the Services which could be used to identify any individual, 
general medical practitioner or general medical practice, the Licensee will inform the 
Licensor immediately in writing by way of a notice delivered in accordance with clause 23. 
The Licensee shall not sell, transfer (except as permitted under this Licence to Affiliated 
Companies), trade or otherwise dispose of any Data downloaded from the Database by 
the Licensee save that, with the written permission of the Licensor, Data may be supplied 
to regulatory authorities by the Licensee for audit purposes.  For the avoidance of doubt 
this does not preclude inclusion of Data in papers published by the Licensee or its 
Affiliates in medical or scientific journals or in presentations of a medical or scientific 
nature provided that the Data so included are limited to no more than are strictly 
necessary to support the relevant paper or presentation. 
Subject to clause 7.5 and clause 9.5 the Licensee shall not permit any third party to 
access, study, analyse, refer to or otherwise use the Data (with the exception of Affiliated 
Companies), or permit any third party to reproduce any Data downloaded from the 
Database by the Licensee. 
The Licensee will not use the Data for projects where the results may be communicated to 
third parties without first obtaining approval from the Licensor of a protocol describing the 
project, unless the Licensor has informed the Licensee in writing that the submission of 
such a protocol is unnecessary. The Licensor will, if appropriate, pass any protocol 
submitted to it by the Licensee to the Independent Scientific Advisory Committee for 
advice and the Licensor will then revert to the Licensee to confirm whether the protocol 
has been accepted. The procedure for submission of protocols will be available on the 
Website or, if unavailable on the Website, will be made available to the Licensee on 
request.  The decision of the Licensor under this clause shall not be interpreted as the 
views of the UK Licensing Authority acting via the Licensor. 
10 GPRD 

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The Licensee shall be entitled to send up to 300 case histories (or such greater number as 
the Licensor may in writing agree) to external experts approved by the Licensor for review 
provided that: 
The case histories and number of such case histories shall be strictly limited to 
those required for the purposes of the relevant project; 
The experts shall be made aware of the confidential nature of the information 
The maximum number of experts conducting such reviews per project shall be ten 
(10) unless otherwise agreed by the Licensor; 
The experts shall not be permitted to make any copies of the case histories, other 
than those strictly necessary for the purposes of their review; and 
Upon completion of their review the Licensor shall procure that the case histories 
sent to each expert and any copies are either returned to the Licensor or 
destroyed, and the Licensee shall notify the Licensor once this has been done. 
Downloading of Data and Security of Data and Database 
10.1  The Parties acknowledge that at the date of this Licence the Licensee is unable to 
accurately estimate the volume of Data that it will download pursuant to the terms of this 
Licence.  Provided that the Licensee is acting in accordance with this clause 10 the 
Licensee will not be restricted in the volume of Data that it downloads. 
At the end of any period of on-line access to the Services the Licensee may subject to the 
terms of this Agreement download such results of its research as it wishes to retain and 
the Licensor is under no obligation to save any such results on the Database server.  It is 
the responsibility of the Licensee to archive business objects queries and maintain a 
historical record of interrogations made for audit purposes as described at clause 14 
below. It is also the responsibility of the Licensee to ensure that it makes and retains such 
back-up copies of the results of its research as it considers necessary.  
The Licensee will effect and maintain adequate security measures to prevent unauthorised 
use or copying of any downloaded Data. 
The Licensee will not download Data with the intention of replicating the Database or any 
query tools, which may be accessed using the Services, nor will the Licensee download 
Data with the intention of creating its own database.   
10.5  The Licensee may download Data with the intention of creating disease cohorts from 
GPRD data subjects subject to the following 
The Data may only be available to the staff of the Licensee and its Affiliates. 
The conditions of use of GPRD data set out in this Agreement are adhered to. 
The data are not merged with other non-GPRD datasets. 
A high level description of each cohort created is provided to the Licensor upon 
11 GPRD 

Upon expiry or termination of this Agreement all cohorts are deleted. Cohorts may 
be held for up to a period of 1 year from the termination or expiry of this Licence 
solely for completing any study or project which was in progress and notified to the 
Licensor as at the date of termination or expiry of this Licence. 
The Licensee may download and the Licensee, its Affiliates and the Contractors may use 
any Dictionaries supplied by the Licensor solely for the purpose of analysing the Data, 
provided that the Licensee has in place an appropriate licence with the MedDRA 
Maintenance and Support Services Organisation to use the MedDRA Terminology and 
has provided a copy of that licence to the Licensor. 
The Licensee shall not and shall procure that none of its staff, the Affiliates or any of their 
staff or any of the Contractors shall: 
Decompile or reverse assemble all or any portion of the Dictionaries except as 
expressly permitted by applicable law; 
Access or use any portion of the Dictionaries unless strictly required in order to 
interpret the Data as part of its analysis; 
Authorise or permit the use of the Dictionaries except as expressly permitted under 
this Clause; 
Delete, fail to reproduce or modify any copyright or other proprietary rights notices 
which appear on or in the Dictionaries and related Documentation; 
Directly or indirectly sublicence, use, rent or lease the Dictionaries or any portion of 
them for third party use, training, time-sharing or service bureau use; nor 
Except to the extent permitted under Clause 10.5 pass on, sell or otherwise provide 
the Dictionaries nor the mappings embedded within them, in whole or in part, to 
any third party. 
10.8  The Licensor reserves all rights in the Dictionaries not expressly granted under this 
10.9  The Licensee will not attempt to decompile the structure of the Database, or to breach 
security or authentication measures or to probe the security of the Website.  
10.10  The Licensee and its Nominated Users will not commit any act as a result of having gained 
access to the Services under this Licence which constitutes an offence under the 
Computer Misuse Act 1990, and will notify the Licensor immediately of any suspected 
offence under this Act. 
Intellectual Property Rights 
11.1  The Crown is the maker of the Database, copyright in the Database is Crown copyright 
and any database rights in the Database belong to the Crown. Intellectual Property Rights 
in the Data and/or the Database or any part thereof, including the manner in which the 
Data are presented or appear in the Database and the information stored therein and all 
information and Documentation relating thereto (but excluding any software or tools which 
are subject to Intellectual Property Rights owned by third parties and are incorporated in 
the Database under licence) shall remain the property of the Crown and the Licensee shall 
12 GPRD 

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not acquire any title, copyright or other Intellectual Property Rights therein under this 
Copyright in the results of research conducted by the Licensee using the Services, or any 
other Intellectual Property Rights arising from the results of the Licensee’s research, shall 
belong to the Licensee but any publication arising from use of the Data shall include the 
statement  “This study is based in part on data from the General Practice Research 
Database obtained under licence from the UK Medicines and Healthcare products 
Regulatory Agency. However, the interpretation and conclusions contained in this report 
are those of the author/s alone”. 
 The Licensee will ensure that the description of the 
Database in such publications is accurate and current and agrees to request publication of 
a correction to any published description which the Licensor deems to be inaccurate if so 
requested by the Licensor.  
11.3  The Licensee shall send a copy of any publication including any abstract arising from 
access to the Services under this Licence to the Licensor within 2 weeks of publication. 
11.4  The Licensee may not remove, suppress or modify in any way any proprietary marking, 
including any trademark or copyright or database right notice, on or in the Database or 
which is visible during operation of the Services or which is on any Documentation. 
The Licensee shall notify the Licensor immediately if the Licensee becomes aware of any 
unauthorised access to, use or copying of any part of the Data, Database or 
Documentation by any person from or using the Licensee’s premises and/or facilities. 
The Licensor shall have the right to defend any claim, suit or proceeding brought against 
the Licensee so far as it is based on a claim that authorised use by the Licensee of the 
Services, including the use of any software or tools incorporated into the Database under 
licence which are subject to Intellectual Property Rights held by any third party, infringes 
any Intellectual Property Rights.  The Licensee shall promptly notify the Licensor in writing 
of the details of any such claim.  In the event that the Licensor exercises such right: 
the Licensee shall make no statement prejudicial to the Licensor or its conduct of 
such defence; 
the Licensor shall have sole control of the defence of such claim and all related 
settlement negotiations if it so requires; and 
the Licensee shall give the Licensor all reasonable assistance at the Licensor’s 
expense in connection therewith. 
In the event that a claim by a third party as referred to at clause 11.6 above is made or if in 
the Licensor’s opinion a claim is likely to occur, the Licensor shall be entitled at its own 
expense and option to: 
procure for the Licensee the right to continue using the Services; or  
make such alterations to the Services so that they become non-infringing; or  
refund pro rata the licence fees for the remainder of the Licence Period from the 
date that the Licensor is notified of the claim whereupon the Licence shall 
13 GPRD 

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and the Licensor shall have no further liability thereafter under this clause 11 in respect of 
the said claim. 
Warranties and Indemnity by Licensee 
The Licensee warrants to the Licensor that: 
the Licensee has the requisite power and authority to enter into and perform its 
obligations under this Licence; and 
this Licence constitutes binding obligations of the Licensee in accordance with its 
12.2  The Licensee shall indemnify the Licensor, and keep the Licensor fully and effectively 
indemnified against all losses, claims, costs, charges, expenses, liabilities, demands, 
proceedings and actions which the Licensor may sustain or incur, or which may be 
brought or established against it by any third party which arise out of a breach of this  
Licence by the Licensee or its Affiliated Companies, or any Nominated User, including, but 
not limited to, any infringement or alleged infringement of Intellectual Property Rights held 
by any third party. 
Monitoring of access to the Services 
The Licensor may monitor the Licensee's access to the Services to assess the frequency, 
duration of connection and amount of downloaded Data.  Such monitoring shall be 
performed solely by the Licensor’s GPRD Group exclusively for the purpose of ensuring 
compliance by the Licensee with the terms of this Licence or otherwise for facilitating the 
efficient technical performance of the Services or training of the Nominated Users.  
Subject to clause 14.3 the Licensor shall hold in the strictest confidence any confidential 
information of which it becomes aware as a result of such activities and not use such 
information for any other purpose. 
Audit of research and confidentiality 
14.1  At all times during and after the Licence Period, the Licensee will allow the Licensor 
access to the results of the research carried out under this Licence for the purpose of 
enabling the Licensor to satisfy itself that all use of Data is being undertaken in 
accordance with the terms of this Licence.  Such audit shall be performed solely by the 
Licensor’s GPRD Group exclusively for the purpose of ensuring compliance by the 
Licensee with the terms of this Licence and the.  Subject to clause 14.3 the Licensor shall 
hold in the strictest confidence any confidential information of which it becomes aware as 
a result of such activities and not use such information for any other purpose. 
If the Licensor reasonably believes that the Licensee has been using or permitting use of 
Data in breach of the terms of this Licence and the Licensor needs access to the 
Licensee’s premises to validate such belief, the Licensee shall upon reasonable notice 
grant the Licensor access to those parts of the Licensee’s premises to which the Licensor 
reasonably requires access in order to validate its belief that the Licensee has been using 
or permitting use of Data in breach of this Licence.  Such access shall be granted on the 
condition that: 
at all times the Licensor complies with any security procedures reasonably adopted 
by the Licensee; and 
14 GPRD 

subject to clause 14.3 the Licensor agrees to keep confidential at all times and not 
to use any confidential information which it receives or of which it becomes aware 
as a result of being given such access. 
14.3  The Licensor agrees to keep all confidential information received in accordance with 
clauses 13.1, 14.1 and 14.2 confidential except: 
in enforcing its rights or defending a claim brought under this Licence; 
in defending an action brought by a third party in respect of use of Data;  
if disclosure of the information is required by law or any regulatory or governmental 
body having jurisdiction over the Licensor;  
where the information has been disclosed to the Licensor by a third party (provided 
such third party is not in breach of any obligations of confidentiality owed to the 
Licensee in respect of such information); or 
where such information is in or comes into the public domain. 
14.4  The obligations of confidentiality and non-use contained in clauses 13.1, 14.1 and 14.2 
shall, subject to clause 14.3, survive the expiry or termination of this Licence indefinitely. 
The Licensor will operate a help-desk which shall be available to the Licensee during the 
Licence Period as detailed in the Schedule to this Licence. 
Additional Services 
16.1  The Licensor may at its sole discretion offer various Additional Services to the Licensee 
during the Licence Period on such terms and at such rates as the Licensor shall 
Liability of the Licensor for System Failure or Maintenance 
The Licensor warrants that it will use reasonable endeavours to provide on-line access to 
the Services. 
Subject to clause 19: 
If the Licensee is unable to access the Services for a period of five or more Lost 
Working Days in any one calendar month and such Lost Working Days are due to 
a technical problem caused by or on behalf of the Licensor or by maintenance, 
repairs or updates being effected by the Licensor, the Licensee may notify the 
Licensor of the same and request a pro-rata reduction in the licence fees.  If: 
the system failure has been caused by or on behalf of the Licensor; or  
the maintenance, repairs or updates are being made for a reason other than 
as a result of any action or inaction of the Licensee,  
15 GPRD 

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the Licensee will be entitled to a pro-rata reduction in the licence fees for the 
relevant period of Lost Working Days.  Once the appropriate amount of reduction is 
agreed, the Licensor will refund the agreed amount within 30 days unless the 
Licensee agrees in writing that such amount may be credited against the next 
invoice to be submitted by the Licensor under Clause 4.2. 
For the purposes of this clause 17.2 a “Lost Working Day” shall mean a day when 
the Services are scheduled to be available in accordance with paragraph 1.3 of the 
Schedule to this Licence but during which: 
(1)  Fewer than twelve (12) hours of continuous access to the Database are 
available to the Licensee; and 
Fewer than five (5) of those twelve (12) hours fall between the hours of 9am 
and 5pm, London time. 
17.3 This 
17 states the entire liability of the Licensor with respect to a system failure and 
denial of access to the Licensee due to maintenance, repairs or updates as described in 
clause 17.2
Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer 
18.1  Except as specified in this Agreement, the provisions of this clause 18 specify the entire 
liability of the Licensor arising out of this Licence whether arising in contract, tort (including 
negligence) or otherwise. 
18.2  The Licensee acknowledges that the Data and the Services have not been prepared to 
meet the Licensee’s individual requirements, and it is the Licensee’s responsibility to 
ensure that the facilities and functions of the Services meet the Licensee’s requirements. 
In addition, the Licensee acknowledges the Data and the Services made available under 
this Agreement are provided “as is”, without any representation or endorsement made 
and, to the extent permitted by law, without warranty or condition of any kind whether 
express or implied, statutory or otherwise, including but not limited to implied terms of 
satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, or as to the use of reasonable skill and 
care, as may be appropriate.  In particular: 
the Licensor does not accept any liability for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies 
in the contents of the Data as recorded by and received from the contributing 
general medical practitioners, nor does it warrant that any such errors, omissions 
or inaccuracies will be corrected; and 
the Licensor shall not be held responsible for the suitability of the Data or the 
Services for any use to which they may be put by the Licensee. 
Notwithstanding the above the Licensor shall use its best endeavours to ensure that the 
Data are correctly entered on the Database. 
18.3  Subject to clause 18.4, the Licensor shall not be liable under this Licence (whether in 
contract, tort or otherwise) for direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or financial 
losses, loss of contracts or opportunity, loss of operation time, loss of data, wasted 
management time, damage to goodwill, or loss or damage claimed by any customers of 
the Licensee, arising out of or in connection with the use of the Data and/or the Services 
and/or the Licensor’s Website.  
16 GPRD 

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18.4 Notwithstanding 
18.2 and 18.3 above, the liability of each Party to the other for 
death or personal injury resulting from its own negligence shall not be limited.  
The Licensee acknowledges and agrees that the allocation of risk and liability contained in 
this Licence is reasonable in all the circumstances. 
Force Majeure 
Neither Party shall be liable to the other by reason of any failure or delay in performing all 
or any of its obligations under this Licence (except for payment obligations) which is due to 
Force Majeure where there is no reasonably practicable means available to the Party 
concerned to avoid such failure or delay. 
19.2  If either Party becomes aware of any circumstances of Force Majeure which give rise to 
any such failure or delay, or which appear likely to do so, that Party shall give notice of 
those circumstances as soon as reasonably practicable thereafter and shall inform the 
other Party of the period for which it estimates that the failure or delay will continue. 
However, failure to provide such a notice shall not prevent that Party from relying on the 
remaining provisions of this clause. 
19.3  Where a Party is unable to perform any or all of its obligations under this Licence due to 
Force Majeure its duty to perform shall be suspended for so long as the circumstances 
continue and for such time after they cease as is necessary for that Party, using all 
reasonable endeavours, to recommence its affected operations in order to perform its 
obligations.  The Licence Period will be extended by any such period during which a Party 
is unable to perform its obligations. 
If any event of Force Majeure continues for a period exceeding 60 days either Party shall 
be at liberty to terminate this Licence immediately on written notice to the other Party.  
Suspension and Termination 
20.1  If the Licensor reasonably believes that the Licensee may be using the Services or the 
Data for any purpose not authorised by this Licence, the Licensor may suspend this 
Licence immediately. Access to the Services and/or Data will resume upon the Licensor 
being satisfied that the Licensee’s use of the Services and/or Data is for an authorised 
purpose.  In the event the Licensee’s use of the Services or the Data is found to have 
been for an unauthorised purpose, the Licensor may terminate this Agreement 
20.2  If any person to whom has been given a password, fob with digital authentication code 
and Personal Identification Number in any way misuses that information whether by 
accessing the Services for his own purposes, or by disclosing the password, digital 
authentication code or Personal Identification Number to anyone, or by any other means, 
the Licensor may suspend or terminate this Licence and access to the Services forthwith 
notwithstanding that any such misuse may have been unauthorised by the Licensee.  In 
the event of a suspension of services under this clause, access to the Services will 
resume upon the Licensor being satisfied that any misuse of the information referred to in 
this clause has been rectified. 
20.3  If the Licensee commits any other breach of any of the terms of this Licence (other than 
those relating to payment or those which provide for immediate termination of the Licence) 
which, being capable of remedy by the Licensee acting alone, is not remedied within 30 
17 GPRD 

days after written notice by the Licensor requiring the same, the Licensor may terminate 
this Licence.  
20.4  If the Licensee enters into liquidation, other than for the purposes of effecting a solvent 
reconstruction, whether compulsory or voluntary, or compounds with its creditors, or has a 
receiver or administrative receiver or administrator appointed over all of its assets, or takes 
or suffers any similar action in consequence of a debt, or for any reason ceases to carry 
on business the Licensor may terminate this Licence forthwith by notice in writing to the 
20.5  Termination of this Licence shall be without prejudice to the rights of either Party which 
shall have accrued by reason of, or be subsisting at, the date of termination.  
The Licensee may terminate this Licence on three months’ written notice.  If the Licensee 
terminates the Licence with effect at any time other than the end of a Contract Year, the 
licence fee payable in respect of the interrupted Contract Year shall be determined by 
calculating the proportion of the year in which the licence was provided and multiplying it 
by an annual fee of.  If the Licensee has previously paid to the Licensor sums in excess of 
the calculated fee for the interrupted Contract Year, the Licensor shall refund the balance 
within thirty days of the date of termination.  If the Licensee has not, the Licensee shall be 
the outstanding sum within thirty days of receipt of an appropriate invoice. 
If the Licensor suspends the whole of the Services pursuant to clause 8.5, 20.1 or 20.2 or 
if this Licence is terminated in accordance with clause 5.3, 8.5 or 20.6 the Licensor shall 
refund an amount of the Licence Fee: 
if the Licensee has paid the licence fee in advance accordance with clause 4.1 or  
4.2 (as appropriate) a proportion of the licence fee paid, pro rated to reflect the 
period of such suspension or the time remaining of the Licence Period from the 
date of such termination, as appropriate. 
Consequences of Expiry or Termination 
On the expiry of this Licence, or on the occasion of the termination of this Agreement for 
any reason the Licensee will return to the Licensor all fobs issued to it. 
Subject to clause 21.3: 
the Licensee shall be free to use any Data for a period of one year after the 
termination of this Licence or on expiry of this Licence, solely for completing any 
study or project which was in progress and notified to the Licensor as at the date of 
termination or expiry of this Licence (“Ongoing Projects”).  Thereafter the Licensee 
shall promptly delete all Data, the Dictionaries and tools and destroy all hard copies 
of Data, and shall confirm in writing to the Licensor that the same has been done, 
except as otherwise required by applicable law or Governmental regulation.  Such 
Data as are retained will not be accessed by the Licensee except as strictly 
necessary for complying with applicable law or Governmental regulation. 
on expiry or termination of this Licence the Licensee shall at the Licensor’s request 
return to the Licensor all hard copies of any Documentation within its possession 
and shall delete all electronic copies in its possession provided that the Licensee 
shall be entitled to retain relevant Documentation until such date as it completes or 
terminates the relevant Ongoing Project.  Thereafter the Licensee shall promptly 
18 GPRD 

deal with such Documentation in accordance with the foregoing provisions of this 
clause 21.2(B). 
If this Licence is terminated by the Licensor due to the Licensee’s breach of the terms of 
this Licence the Licensee shall: 
immediately upon such termination delete all Data, the Dictionaries and tools and 
destroy all hard copies of Data except as otherwise required by applicable law or 
Governmental regulation.  Such Data as are retained will not be accessed by the 
Licensor except as strictly necessary for complying with applicable law or 
Governmental regulation; and 
at the Licensee’s expense return to the Licensor or destroy (as the Licensor may 
direct) all hard copies of any Documentation within its possession and shall delete 
all electronic copies in its possession. 
Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in clauses 21.2 and 21.3 the Licensee may if 
required by applicable law or Governmental regulation retain a copy of any Documentation 
for such period as required under such applicable law or Governmental regulation.  Such 
Documentation as are retained shall not be accessed, used or dealt with by the Licensee 
except as strictly necessary for complying with applicable law or Governmental regulation. 
21.5  Subject to clauses 21.6 and 21.7 below, on expiry or termination of this License the 
Licensee shall destroy and render irretrievable all hard and electronic copies of Data or 
information downloaded from the Database and at the Licensor’s request provide 
evidence of having done so. 
21.6  Section 21.5 will not apply where copies of original datasets, transformed datasets and 
programming must be stored and archived for a minimum of seven years under 
International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology Guidelines requiring a study to be 
capable of replication by other parties. 
21.7  The Licensee is required to comply with the requirements for storage and archiving as 
referred to in Section 21.6 above. 
21.8  Prior to expiry or termination of the License, the Licensee may notify the Licensor of any 
ongoing projects for the purposes of which the Licensor requires ongoing access to any 
Data or information downloaded from the Database. Subject to receipt of written 
confirmation from the Licensor, the Licensee shall be entitled to ongoing use of relevant 
Data or information subject to the terms of this License and as reasonably required for the 
duration of the relevant project. At the end of any such project (or when the Licensee 
ceases to require access to any Data and/or information under this clause, if earlier) the 
Licensee shall destroy and render irretrievable all hard and electronic copies of Data or 
information downloaded from the Database and at the Licensor’s request provide 
evidence of having done so 
Alternative Dispute Resolution 
22.1  In the event of any dispute arising between the Parties in connection with this Licence 
which is not resolved by initial correspondence, senior representatives  of the Parties shall, 
within 21 days of a written request from either Party to the other, meet in good faith to 
attempt to resolve the dispute.  
19 GPRD 

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22.2  If the dispute is not resolved at the meeting referred to in clause 22.1, either Party ma
propose to the other within 21 days of its conclusion that the matter be referred for either 
an expert determination, if the matter is within the expertise of a technical expert, or a 
mediation, if the dispute is of a more general nature, and the other Party may accept or 
reject that proposal. If that proposal is rejected either Party may refer the matter to the 
courts in accordance with clause 31.2
22.3  If the Parties agree that an expert or a mediator should be appointed but are unable to 
agree on the person to be appointed within 21 days then the Parties shall by agreement 
refer the matter to the head of an appropriate professional body to appoint such an expert 
or to the Centre for Dispute Resolution, London or such other body as the parties may 
agree from time to time to appoint such a mediator. 
22.4  The Parties shall, within 14 days of the appointment of such an expert or mediator, meet 
with the expert or mediator to agree a programme for the exchange of any relevant 
information and the structure to be adopted during the alternative dispute resolution 
22.5  The Parties agree that the decision of any expert appointed shall be final and binding 
(except on any points of law as opposed to fact) and that if any mediation results in a 
resolution of the dispute, such agreement shall be placed in writing and, once signed by 
the duly authorised representatives of both Parties, shall be final and binding (except on 
any points of law as opposed to fact). 
22.6  The Parties shall bear their own costs arising from any such expert determination or 
mediation but shall share equally the costs of the expert or mediator. 
22.7  The Parties agree that all negotiations connected with the dispute that do not result in a 
formal resolution of the matter shall be conducted in confidence and without prejudice to 
the rights of either Party in any future court proceedings.  
22.8  Unless this Licence has been terminated in accordance with the terms of this Licence, 
notwithstanding that any dispute is referred to a means of alternative dispute resolution 
under this clause or to the courts, this Licence shall continue in force for the Licence 
Period, as shall the obligations on the Parties under this Licence. 
Notwithstanding the above provisions of this clause 22 the Licensor has the right to seek 
and obtain such urgent or interim relief as the Licensor deems appropriate in any court of 
competent jurisdiction. 
23.1  All notices and other communications between the Licensor and the Licensee relating to 
this Licence (save for communications as to the day-to-day running of the Services and 
Documentation which may be given by email, and communications to the help-desk which 
may be made by telephone or email) shall be given by personal delivery or recorded 
delivery, or by facsimile transmission provided that a hard copy is subsequently sent by 
personal or recorded delivery, sent to the Parties’ addresses as set out in the Schedule to 
this Licence, or such other address as has been notified in writing to the other Party in 
accordance herewith.  
23.2  Any notice delivered personally shall be deemed to have been received at the time of 
delivery, any notice given by recorded delivery shall be deemed to have been received 
20 GPRD 

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two working days after the date of posting, and any notice given by facsimile transmission 
shall be deemed to have been received at the time when the sender’s equipment records 
successful despatch. 
Entire agreement 
24.1  This Licence and the Schedule hereto (over which the Licence takes precedence) 
constitute the entire agreement between the Licensor and the Licensee and supersede all 
prior negotiations, representations and undertakings, whether written or oral, except that 
this clause shall not exclude liability in respect of any fraudulent misrepresentation.  
25.1  The Licensee may with written notification provided to the Licensor assign the whole but 
not part only of the benefit of this Agreement to an Affiliated Company. 
Subject to clause 25.1 the Licensee may not assign or otherwise sub-license or transfer its 
rights or obligations under the terms of this Licence. 
26.1  No amendments to this Licence shall be effective unless made in writing and signed by 
duly authorised representatives of both the Licensor and the Licensee, such variations to 
be agreed at the sole discretion of the Licensor. 
If any part of any provision of this Licence shall be held by a court of competent jurisdiction 
to be to any extent invalid or unenforceable that shall not affect the validity or 
enforceability of the remainder of that provision or of any other provision herein which shall 
continue in full force and effect as if this Licence had been executed with the invalid or 
unenforceable provision or part eliminated.  
In the event of a holding of invalidity so fundamental as to prevent the accomplishment of 
the purpose of this Licence, the Licensor and Licensee shall immediately commence 
negotiations in good faith to remedy the invalidity. 
The failure of either the Licensor or the Licensee to exercise any right or remedy shall not 
constitute a waiver of that right or remedy.  
28.2  No waiver shall be effective unless it is communicated in writing and notice delivered in 
accordance with clause 23 above. 
A waiver of any right or remedy arising from a breach of this Licence shall not constitute a 
waiver of any right or remedy arising from any other breach of this Licence. 
In addition to the restrictions on use in clause 3, the provisions of clauses 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 
12, 1418, 20.5, 20.7 and 21, shall survive the termination or expiry of this Licence. 
21 GPRD 

This Licence shall be executed by first being signed by a duly authorised representative of 
the Licensee, and then being signed by a duly authorised representative of the Licensor. 
30.2  The date at which this Licence is signed on behalf of the Licensor shall be the date of 
execution of the Licence and that date shall be entered by the Licensor’s signatory on the 
front page of this Licence. 
Applicable Law and Jurisdiction 
The law of England and Wales shall be the law applicable to this Licence. 
In relation to any legal action or proceedings to enforce this Licence or arising out of or in 
connection with this Licence (“proceedings”) each of the Parties irrevocably submits to the 
exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts and waives any objection to proceedings in 
such courts on the grounds of venue or on the grounds that proceedings have been 
brought in an inappropriate forum. 
IN WITNESS WHEREOF this Licence has been executed as an agreement. 
Signed on behalf of 
The Secretary of State for Health 
by its duly authorised officer: 
Name Jon Ford 
Signed on behalf of   
by its duly authorised officer: 
Name (please print): 
22 GPRD 

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Description of and Access to the Services 
The Services comprise full access to all Data fields in the GPRD plus the following. 
Access to totality of GPRD population with all recorded data fields with 
the following terminologies/dictionaries:  
a.    All medical entries: Read terms 
b.    All non-medical Read terms. 
c.    All prescriptions: Multilex and mapping to drug/product dictionaries. 
Drug/product dictionaries: GPRD drug/product dictionary, Multilex. 
Medical dictionary: MedDRA Terminology. 
III.   Access to a set of pre-defined reports covering quantitative estimates 
drug use and the occurrence of diseases as specified by the user. 
Tools to query the Database 
Online and offline product and medical dictionary browsers. Offline 
browsers will be provided as requested and updated quarterly 
Access to the Services will generally be available to the Licensee from 9am UK time on 
Mondays until 9pm UK time on Saturdays throughout the Licence Period.  
From 9pm UK time on Saturdays until 9am UK time on Mondays the Services may be 
unavailable while the Licensor effects maintenance, repairs or updates to the Database in 
accordance with clause 8.4 of the Licence.   
In cases of emergency, the Services may be unavailable at times other than those 
specified in paragraph 1.3 above while the Licensor effects urgent maintenance or repairs 
to the Database.  The Licensor shall not be liable for any such unavailability of the 
Services except as provided for in clause 17 of the Licence. 
Help desk 
The Licensor will operate a help-desk to answer queries with regard to the use of the 
Services which shall be available free of charge to the Licensee from 9am to 6pm UK time 
from Monday to Friday (excluding UK Bank Holidays and any other days specified in 
advance by the Licensor by email). 
Communications to the help-desk are in the first instance to be made either by telephone 
to: 020 7084 2383 (answerphone service 6pm – 8am and weekends/holidays), or by email 
to: [email address] or by fax to: 020 7084 2041. Any communication to the Licensor’s 
help-desk must provide an email address and telephone number to which a response can 
be directed. For the avoidance of doubt, communications to the help-desk are not formal 
notices which must comply with the provisions of clause 23 of the Licence. 
On receipt of a query, the help-desk will log the query, allocate it with an incident priority 
ranking in accordance with the table set out below and acknowledge receipt to the 
Licensee informing them of the priority and query log number.  The Licensor will use 
reasonable endeavours to respond to 100% of queries within the required resolution time 
attributed to that priority.  
23 GPRD 

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Incident priority 
Required response/ 
Target % resolved 
resolution time* 

24 hours 

48 hours 

72 hours 

7 days 

7 days 
* In the event of it not being possible to meet the target response time for a query due to 
its complexity, the Licensor will negotiate a mutually acceptable target date for resolution. 
The Licensee will promptly provide the Licensor with all information required by it to 
investigate any query which the Licensee has addressed to the help-desk. On receipt of 
any such further information the Licensor may adjust the incident priority attributed to the 
query if it considers such adjustment appropriate, and will inform the Licensee of the new 
incident priority.  
If the Licensor reasonably considers that the Licensee is making excessive use of the 
help-desk the Licensor may charge the Licensee on a time and cost basis for any further 
queries addressed to the help-desk by the Licensee, after giving notice of its intention to 
do so under the provisions of clause 23 of the Licence, unless the number of further 
queries falls to a level that the Licensor in its sole discretion deems reasonable.  
If the Licensor reasonably considers that the queries addressed to the help-desk indicate 
that any of the Licensee’s Nominated Users have failed to assimilate the training provided 
under clause 6 of the Licence, the Licensor may at its sole discretion stipulate that those 
Nominated Users undergo further training at the Licensor’s premises at such time as is 
agreed by the Parties for such a period as the Licensor deems appropriate, but not 
exceeding 3 working days, and at the Licensor’s current training rates. 
The Licensor will continually review the appropriateness of the priorities allocated to 
queries and the target times attached to them.  
The Licensor may make adjustments at any time to response times and associated targets 
and will notify the Licensee accordingly provided that the Licensor shall not be entitled to 
change in any material way to the detriment of the Licensee the response times and 
associated targets without first obtaining the Licensee’s written consent. 
24 GPRD 

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The addresses to which notices may be given during the Licence Period by the Parties 
under the provisions of clause 23 of the Licence are as follows, subject to any change 
being notified to the other Party by way of notice: 
For the Licensor 
The GPRD Group 
Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency 
5th Floor,  
151 Buckingham Palace Road 
London, SW1W 9SZ 
United Kingdom. 
For the attention of: Jon Ford - GPRD 
Email address: 
[email address] 
For the Licensee 
Email address: 
In cases of emergency the Parties may be contacted by telephone as follows: 
For the Licensor: 
GPRD Reception:  
+44 020 3080 6383 
For the Licensee: 
25 GPRD 

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