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Request for information: 2012020018 – Homework clubs 
What grant applications have been made by all 4 homework clubs 
(Oswestry, Craven, Drayton, Shrewsbury) to cover the costs of 
running them now that central government sources have expired? 

Grant applications have so far been made as follows:- 
Shrewsbury: Roy Fetcher Trust, Severnside Housing Association, Local Joint 
Committee for Sundorne.  
Market Drayton: Roy Fletcher Trust, Meres and Mosses Housing Association, 
Local Joint Committee for Market Drayton. 
Craven Arms: Roy Fletcher Trust, Local Joint Committee for Craven Arms. 
Oswestry: Oswestry Town Council, Charlotte Hartey Foundation, Oswestry 
Borderland Rotary Club, Oswestry Chamber of Commerce, 
Local Joint Committee for Oswestry. 
Has the possibility of corporate funding been considered as an 
option? What steps, if any, have been taken to secure corporate 

Corporate funding from Shropshire Council has already been obtained 
in three out of four cases, via awards made by Local Joint Committees. 
This is effectively Shropshire Council funding which is devolved to local 
committees for the benefit of local organisations and concerns under the 
Council’s Locality Working agenda. In addition to this there is a substantial 
amount of in kind support e.g. premises costs, line management and other 
What plans are being considered to ensure the long-term survival 
of the homework clubs? 

One local headteacher has already raised this question at a meeting of Heads 
in his cluster of schools, with a view to each school devolving a small 
percentage of its own funds next year to support the clubs.  
Alternative operating models, including not-for-profit Community Interest 
companies, are being investigated, and during the coming months we shall be 
working with colleagues in Shropshire Council and with the Community 
Council of Shropshire to identify a suitable model.