This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Procurement Of Website'.

Sioned James 
External Communications 
Department for Transport 
Great Minster House 
33 Horseferry Road 
Iain Cambridge 
Direct Line: 020 7944 4734 
Web Site: 
Our Ref: F0008600 
10 February 2012 
Dear Mr Cambridge, 
Freedom of Information Request – F0008600 
I am writing to confirm that the Department has now completed its search for the 
information which you requested on 4 February 2012.  
     1) The cost of development of the current version of the web site. 
     2) The date the development of the current version of the web site 
     3) The cost of hosting the current version of the web site. 
     4) The name of any other company which bidded to develop the 
     current version of the web site. 
1) The development cost for the current version of the web site was £108,975.90 
including VAT. This includes costs for redevelopment of the Driving Standards Agency 
corporate website in addition to the Department’s corporate website and also includes 
project management fees paid to the Central Office of Information (COI). 
2) The project to redevelop the departmental and Driving Standards Agency corporate 
websites started during the week commencing 28th March 2011, the website went live on 
June 13th 2011.  
3) Monthly hosting costs are variable determined by server instances, usage and 
bandwidth. DfT uses a hybrid cloud solution provided by Rackspace and uses Amazon 
S3 for hosting of asset files. Hosting costs since the June launch of the redeveloped site 
(DfT and DSA) until end January 2012 are as follows: 
Rackspace costs: £44,448.01 including VAT. 
Amazon S3 costs: $1178.91 US dollars including taxes 
4) The contract for the re-development of the DfT and DSA corporate websites was 
between the COI Interactive Services and the appointed agency Bang and the contract 
was awarded under COI’s standard framework agreement. Two further companies bidded 
for the contract and were evaluated alongside Bang – Lightmaker and Reading Room.  
In keeping with the spirit and effect of the Freedom of Information Act, all information is 
assumed to be releasable to the public unless exempt.  A copy of this response and the 
120210-L-FOI F0008600 

information provided may now be published on our website together with any related 
information that will provide a key to its wider context.  
If you are unhappy with the way the Department has handled your request or with the 
decisions made in relation to your request you may complain within two calendar months 
of the date of this letter by writing to the Department’s Information Rights Unit at: 
Zone D/04 
Ashdown House 
Sedlescombe Road North 
East Sussex TN37 7GA 
Please see attached details of DfT’s complaints procedure and your right to complain to 
the Information Commissioner. 
If you have any queries about this letter, please contact me. Please remember to quote 
the reference number above in any future communications. 
Yours sincerely, 
Sioned James 
120210-L-FOI F0008600 

Your right to complain to [DfT/Agency] and the Information Commissioner 
You have the right to complain within two calendar months of the date of this letter about 
the way in which your request for information was handled and/or about the decision not 
to disclose all or part of the information requested. In addition a complaint can be made 
that DfT has not complied with its FOI publication scheme. 
Your complaint will be acknowledged and you will be advised of a target date by which to 
expect a response. Initially your complaint will be re-considered by the official who dealt 
with your request for information. If, after careful consideration, that official decides that 
his/her decision was correct, your complaint will automatically be referred to a senior 
independent official who will conduct a further review. You will be advised of the outcome 
of your complaint and if a decision is taken to disclose information originally withheld this 
will be done as soon as possible.  
If you are not content with the outcome of the internal review, you have the right to apply 
directly to the Information Commissioner for a decision. The Information Commissioner 
can be contacted at: 
 Information Commissioner’s Office  
 Wycliffe House  
 Water Lane 
 SK9 5AF 
120210-L-FOI F0008600