From: Gillian Bernadt
Sent: 07 April 2009 11:37
Cc: Julia Worboys
Subject: RE: Enquiry Concorde Village - Hounslow


Thank you for your email. Please see the answers to your questions below.

  1. PP have not submitted an application for planning permission. However, DLP Planning (acting for Profitable Plots) carried out consultation with the public in about September 2008. They also met with planning officers at the Council.
  2. It would be very unlikely that Hounslow Council would give planning permission for development in the Green Belt. This was explained to DLP Planning at their meeting with planning officers. The Borough’s development plan (the Unitary Development Plan, 2003 and the London Plan, 2008) outline that any development would need to show very special circumstances, to justify its inappropriateness in the Green Belt. It should also be noted that The Secretary of State would attach substantial weight to the harm to Green Belt when considering planning applications or appeals (Planning Policy Guidance 2: Green Belts, para 3.2). The approach to Green Belt and development is set out in three levels of policy guidance: at the national level Planning Policy Guidance 2: Green Belts; at the regional level in the London Plan (2008), which outlines the intention for London’s growth to take place within its existing urban boundaries and without encroaching on open space; and at the local level in the Council’s Unitary Development Plan (2003). All of these documents can be found online.
  3. The ‘if’ in your question is important and should be considered in relation to local and regional circumstances. Hounslow has sufficient alternative brownfield land for the foreseeable future to meet its development needs (both for housing and commercial/ industrial uses) and targets set out in the London Plan. Evidence can be provided of this. There is therefore not an anticipated need for the development of this land, as Green Belt, and demonstrating very special circumstances for development may be difficult.
  4. As outlined in my answer to 2. it would be very unlikely that planning permission would be given. Any application would be considered on its merits and in relation to the evidence provided by the applicant, however this will need to be considered in accordance to the planning policies and development context outlined above.
  5. The prospect of planning permission in 2010 and 2011 would be very unlikely, noting that a planning application has not yet been submitted to the Council.


For information, the Council is in the process of producing a new development plan, the Local Development Framework, which is gradually replacing the UDP. The main element of this will be the Core Strategy, which will cover Green Belt designation and policies and will be consulted upon early in 2010. The Core Strategy will be informed be a review of the Green Belt boundary, which will identify and deal with any anomalies in the Green Belt whilst ensuring the integrity and permanence of the Green Belt is maintained. Although this is to be confirmed, and linking to the policy guidance and point 3 above, it is currently not expected that there would be a change to the Green Belt designation in the area of this site.


The above points outline Hounslow Council’s approach to development on this site, which I hope will be of assistance to you in considering its investment potential.


Kind regards,


Gillian Bernadt


Planning Policy Officer

Strategic Planning Policy

Environment Directorate

London Borough of Hounslow





Sent: 05 April 2009 11:39
To: ppu
Subject: Enquiry Concorde Village - Hounslow

Dear Sir/Madam


I am residing in Singapore and am on the verge of buying 47 plots.


What I would like to know about the Concorde Village, Hounslow green belt land 'aquired' by Profitable Plots (PP) ;-

  1. Has PP submitted applications for planning permission?
  2. Does the Hounslow Planning Department give planning permission if the land is green belt?
  3. Will your Planning Department, if it needs the land, grant permission to build if you have no alternative land?
  4. Even though it is difficult for you to say, can you give me a rough estimate, if you are considering Planning permission on the above titled subject a) No chance  b) Good chance c) Consideration only even though a green belt.
  5. If based on the information given to me by PP, the likelihood of Planning Permission is likely to be 2010 or 2011. Is this likely to be a fair statement or not?

I am about to pay British pounds 253,125  next week, so I would very much would appreciate it if you could give me some facts and even your thoughts on which way I need to move or whether in fact I should continue to invest.


Thank you in advance for your time and much valued assistance.


Many thanks and kind regards


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