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CHAPTER H Part 5 – Work Programme 
Make a Referral to the Work Programme (WP) 
1.  LMS will check eligibility for entry to the Work Programme at various points ie on 
creating new client details, selecting client details and updating client/JP details. 
2.  A Work Programme referral interview notification will appear from 2 weeks prior to the 
WP Eligibility Date.  On opening the client record the following message will appear: 
Please book this customer a Work Programme referral interview 
3.  This message will not be displayed if any of the following apply: 
ï‚·  A referral to the Work Programme has been made; 
ï‚·  A Deferral/Exemption to the Work Programme is in place; 
ï‚·  Stopped claiming benefit; 
ï‚·  Outstanding referral to or participating in Work Choice provision; 
ï‚·  A Work Programme Interview booked; 
ï‚·  The message has been displayed once for JSA Early Access customers. 
4.  When you open the ‘View Client Details’ window LMS will calculate the customer’s 
Customer Group and check any existing Work Programme attributes.  A hotspot will be 
displayed reflecting the customer’s journey within the Work Programme. 
Hotspot Text 
Customer Group established but the Eligibility Date has not been 
Eligibility Date has been reached or has passed. 
Exemption or Deferral recorded. 
Referred to a WP provider. 
No longer participating in the Work Programme 
5.  This hotspot will not be displayed for customers who do not have a Customer Group 
6.  Clicking on the [WP] hotspot opens the â€˜WP Details’ window with the following non 
amendable fields: 
ï‚·  Current Cust Grp: - Customer Group calculated from LMS information, see 
Appendix A, Customer Group Values ; 
ï‚·  Referred Cust Grp: - Customer Group at the time of referral.  This will only change 
if the referral is cancelled.  The field will be blank before the customer is referred to 
the Work Programme. 
ï‚·  Eligibility Date: - linked and calculated from the Current Customer Group; 
ï‚·  WP Start Date: - date referred to the Work Programme: 
ï‚·  Officer: - initials and  surname of the officer who last amended the record, or the 
system officer set up for automatic system updates; 
ï‚·  Date: - date of the last amendment of the record or the system date for automatic 
system updates; 
ï‚·  Office: - mnemonic of the officer’s office or the system dummy office for automatic 
system updates 
7.  Referrals cannot be made to Work Programme opportunities by any process other than 
the one described below. 
8.  Clicking on the [Refer] button will select the appropriate provision applicable to the 
Customer Group and any Market Share/Shift will apply. 

9.  This button will not be available if: 
ï‚™  A postponement is recorded; 
ï‚™  The customer is on Work Choice; 
ï‚™  The window is in ‘amend ‘mode: 
ï‚™  The referral window is open. 
10. The Work Programme referral will be displayed in the ‘Create Referral’ window.  See 
Chapter F, Submissions and Referrals for further details on completing the ‘Create 
Referral’ window 
11. If an appropriate provision cannot be found the following message will be displayed: 
No Provisions found. 
Please contact the help desk 
12. Click  [OK]. 
13. On saving the referral the following message will be displayed: 
Please confirm the customer Action Plan and information is correct? 
[Yes] [No] 
14. You cannot continue the [Save] process until [Yes] is selected.  This message will not 
be received once the customer is participating in the Work Programme. 
15. If the customer is an ESA customer the following message will be displayed: 
Does the customer require Safe Guard Measures? 
[Yes] [No] 
16. If the answer is [Yes], this will be recorded with the referral, but not displayed in LMS. 
17. If the customer is the first member of a joint claim the following message will be 
The customer is part of a joint claim. 
Please consider referring the other customer to the Work Programme. 
18. Click [OK].  Once the referral has been saved a marker will be set on the other joint 
claimant’s client record.  When this record is subsequently accessed the following 
message will be displayed, until the other joint claimant is referred: 
This customer is eligible for the Work Programme and can be immediately 
Note:  Referring a joint claim second member follows the same process; the only 
difference being that if a joint claim second member cannot be referred to the same 
provider as the first joint claimant; on clicking [Refer] the following message will be 
No provider is available to refer to. 
19. When a referral has been completed and saved, the ‘WP Details’ window will update 
and display the ‘WP Start Date’ and the customer’s Customer Group at time of referral. 
20. On closing the ‘WP Details’ window, the [WP] hotspot on the ‘View Client Details’ 
window will update to [WP-Participant]. 
Postpone a Referral to the Work Programme 
21. You can defer or postpone a customer’s referral to the Work programme at any time 
before they are recorded as participating in the Work Programme. 
22. Click on the [WP] hotspot for a customer who is Pre-WP or WP-Eligible to open the 
‘WP Details’ window. 

23. The ‘WP Details ‘window contains the following amendable fields: 
ï‚·  Postpone: - choose from 
 Not Applicable 
  Exempt – ESA customers still employed 
  Exempt – Victim of domestic violence 
 Exempt â€“ Pregnancy 
  Exempt – ESA WCA Prognosis Appeal 
  Exempt – ESA Lone Parent with youngest child under 5 
  Exempt – Customer on other suitable provision 
  Exempt – ESA Full Time Carer 
  Exempt – Post WP Support Trailblazer 
  Exempt –Joint Claim Exemption 
If the eligibility date has been reached the following options are also available: 
  Defer – Job Offer/Job Start 
  Defer – Job Interview 
  Defer – Job Outcome Expected 
  Defer – On other Provision 
  Defer – Other 
ï‚·  Review Date: - can be amended unless the ‘Postpone’ field is set to ‘Not 
Applicable’. This field is mandatory if a postponement reason has been selected.  
The date must not be in the past, and if you choose to defer the referral, the 
maximum deferral period can only be 90 days from the eligibility date (day one 
being the eligibility date).  If the deferral date exceeds 90 days, the following 
message will be displayed: 
Postponement Date cannot be more than 90 days after the eligibility date 
     Also the total amount for all the customer’s deferrals cannot be above 90 days. 
     If the total amount exceeds 90 days the following message will be displayed: 
Total deferral Days have been exceeded 
ï‚·  Notes: Free text field of 150 characters maximum.  This field can be amended 
unless the ‘Postpone’ field is set to ‘Not Applicable’ 
Note:  If the ’Postpone’ field is changed to ‘Not applicable’, data in the ‘Review Date’ and 
‘Notes’ fields will be cleared and the fields mode non amendable. 
ï‚·  [Hist]: Clicking on the [Hist] button will open the ‘Postponement History’ subform 
which displays a history of postponements applicable to the customer.  If no history 
is available to view, the button will be dimmed.  This subform consists of: 
ï‚™  Review date -  review date set for the postponement (most recent displayed first) 
ï‚™  Reason – reason text from the ‘Postpone’ drop down field 
ï‚™  Removed – date that the ‘Postponement’ field was set and saved to ‘Not 
ï‚™  [Hide] – clicking on this button makes the subform invisible 
Incorrect Referrals 
24. A Work Programme referral can only be cancelled on the same day as the referral is 
25. To cancel a referral to the Work Programme click on the [WP] hotspot in the ‘View 
Client Details’ window to open the ‘WP Details’ window.  Select the [Refer] button, if no 

‘Date Started’ has been recorded against the referral, on selecting the [AmRef] button the 
[Cancel] button becomes available to select in the ‘View Follow Up’ field. 
26. The [Cancel] option will not be available if a ‘Date started’ is recorded against the 
27. On saving the cancelled follow up result the following message will be displayed: 
Are you sure you want to cancel this referral? 
[Yes] [No] 
28. Once the [Save] has been successful, the referral details will be removed from the ‘WP 
Details’ window and the Work Programme Status will be changed from [WP-Participant] to 
the status that matches the customer’s current eligibility 
Work Choice 
29. When a customer’s [WP] hotspot is [WP-Participant] you cannot refer them to a Work 
Choice provision.  If you attempt to make a referral the following message will be displayed 
and the referral cannot continue: 
As the customer is a Work Programme participant they cannot be referred to 
Work Choice. 
WP participant attends training 
30. When a customer is required to attend training while participating in the Work 
Programme, LMS users need to be aware that the customer will be unable to sign.  The 
Allowance Payments team will be informed and the information needs to be recorded on 
the customer’s ‘View Client Details’ window.  A Training Allowance menu item is available 
under the ‘Other function’ menu. 
31. Selecting the ‘training allowance’ menu item opens the Training Allowance subform 
with the following fields: 
ï‚· Start date 
ï‚·  Expected end Date 
ï‚· Actual End Date. 
32. If invalid data is entered, error messages will be received. 
33. Once valid Training Allowance dates have been saved and the ‘Start Date’ has been 
reached, a [Trng Allow] hotspot will be displayed on the ‘View Client details’ window. 
34. The Training Allowance subform can be accessed via the [Trng Allow] hotspot and 
corresponding Hotspots menu item.  The Other Function menu item will be removed once 
the hotspot is available. 
35. Once the ‘Actual End Date’ is reached or is in the past the [Trng Allow] hotspot will be 
removed from the ‘View Client Details’ window. 
36. If an ‘Actual End Date’ has not been recorded, you will need to record one to remove 
the [Trng Allow] hotspot once the â€˜Expected End date’ is reached. 
Pension Credit Customers 
37. Referral to the Work Programme for Pension Credit customers is voluntary. 
38. A [Pension Credit] hotspot will be displayed on the ‘View Client Details’ window if ‘Yes’ 
or ‘Yes Health problems’ has been selected from the Pension Credit drop down field.  
39. Clicking on the [Pension Credit] hotspot opens a sub form to enable you to input the 
‘Benefit Claim Date’. 
40. Any date stored in this field will be removed if the Pension Credit drop down field is set 
to ‘No’ or ‘Not Known’ 

41. On saving the Pension Credit/Health Condition details, LMS calculates eligibility for the 
Work Programme and updates the [WP] hotspot accordingly. 
42. If they are eligible and can be referred immediately, the following message will be 
This customer is eligible for the Work Programme and can be immediately 
ESA Customers 
43. When you select an option other than ‘WCA Outcome Awaited’, ‘WCA Disallowed’ or  
‘WCA Disallowed (Appealed) from the ESA Classification drop down list, an [ESA 
Classification] hotspot will be displayed on the ‘JP Client ‘ window. 
44. Selecting the [ESA Classification] hotspot will open a ‘WCA Outcome’ sub form with the 
following fields: 
ï‚·  Decision date – this field can be amended 
ï‚·  End Date – this field can be amended 
ï‚·  Prognosis – this field cannot be amended by you and displays text calculated on 
saving the WCA outcomes.  This will only be calculated for ESA customers 
recorded in LMS as WRAG 
Period between the WWCA outcome date 
ESA Prognosis 
and the Future WCA date 
3 months or less 
3 Month Prognosis 
3 month and 1 day to 6 months 
6 Months Prognosis 
More than 6 months 
12 Months + Prognosis 
ï‚·  ESA Benefit Type – this field can be amended and gives the following options; 
ï‚™  N/S 
ï‚™  ESA (Cont) 
ï‚™  ESA (IR) 
On saving, the ESA benefit Type will be displayed on the ‘JP Client’ window in a non 
amendable field. 
45. Recording the above determines the Customer Group and eligibility date for referral to 
the Work Programme. 
46. The [WP] hotspot will be updated accordingly: 
ï‚™  WCA Outcome date in the future – [Pre-WP] 
ï‚™  WCA Outcome date not in the future – [WP-Eligible] 
47. If LMS calculates the customer is eligible for WP the following message will be 
This customer is eligible for the Work Programme and can be immediately 
48. You can record the status of an ESA customer by clicking on the ‘ESA Status’ drop 
down field in the ‘JP Client’ window.  Choose from: 
ï‚· Not Known 
ï‚· Stock 
ï‚· Flow 

Work Programme Completers 
49. The customer’s [WP] hotspot will show as [WP-Completer].  Click on the [WP] hotspot 
to open the ‘WP Details’ window.  This window will show the following non amendable 
ï‚·  Completer Reason
  Referred to other suitable provision (passed from PRAP) 
 Customer Deceased (passed from PRAP) 
  Final Outcome Claimed (passed from PRAP) 
  End of Allotted Time (LMS system generated 728 days from the referral date) 
ï‚·  Completer Date:  Date passed from PRAP or LMS system generated. 
Referral to the Work Programme for Work Programme Completers 
50. Click on the [WP-Completer] hotspot to open the ‘WP Details’ window. 
51. If a current customer group is held, clicking on the [Refer] button will display the 
following message: 
‘Do you wish to create a new referral to the Work Programme? 
[Yes] [No] 
52. Clicking on [Yes] will open the ‘Create Referral’ window: 
ï‚™  Referred Cust Grp – updated on a subsequent referral. 
ï‚™  Eligibility Date – date based on the current customer group.  This will probably be 
in the past for subsequent referrals. 
ï‚™  WP Start Date – this will overwrite any previous date once a new referral has 
been made. 
ï‚™  Postpone details – not enabled for subsequent referrals. 
ï‚™  Completer Reason and Date – blanked out once a new referral has been made. 
53. The Market Share calculation will be reapplied. 
54. Once a new referral has been made the [WP] hotspot on the ‘View Client Details’ 
window will show as [WP – Participant]. 
55. To access previous referrals to the Work Programme click on the [Hist] button on the 
‘View Client Details’ window. 
56. Clicking on [No] will display the ‘Referral’ window with the details of the completed 
Work Programme referral. 
57. If a current customer group is not held, clicking on the [Refer] button will open the 
‘Referral’ window with details of the completed Work Programme Referral. 
Exit Report 
58. Jobcentre Plus will request an Exit Report from the Provider when a customer is 
approaching the end of the ‘Allotted Time’ or have completed on the Work Programme.  
For a customer who is [WP –Participant] or [WP-Completer] click on the hotspot to open 
the ‘WP Details’ window.  The window will have the following fields: 
ï‚·  Request Date â€“ amendable field for the date the report was requested. 
ï‚·  Return Date â€“ amendable field for the date the report is returned to Jobcentre Plus 
Overdue Referrals to the Work Programme  
59. This report is available weekly via OPRT and shows mandatory customers who have 
had a WP referral eligibility date calculated which is now 28 days in the past and have not 

got a WP Referral Interview booked or a referral to the Work Programme recorded against 
60. Customers recorded as deferred or exempt from the Work Programme will not appear 
on this report. 
61. If there are no customers to report then this report shows ‘There are no overdue 
referrals to report’. 
Work Programme Deferral/Exemption report 
62. This report is available weekly via OPRT and shows customers who are recorded as 
deferred or exempt and have reached their review date. 
63. If there are no customers to report then this report shows ‘There are no deferrals or 
exemptions to report’. 
Jobcentre Plus WP End Notification Report 
64. This report is available daily via OPRT and shows customers who have an active claim 
and have completed 714 days of their allotted time on the Work Programme. 
65. Customers must not appear on the report for more than 30 days. 
66. Customers for whom an Exit Report has been requested will not appear on the report. 
67. If there are no customers to report then this report shows ‘There are no end 
notifications to report’. 
Appendix A 
Customer Group Values 
WP JSA 18-24 
WP JSA 25+ 
WP Pension Credit 
WP JSA Early Access 
WP JSA Claiming 22 of 24 Mths 
WP ESA (c) WRAG Mandatory 
WP ESA (c) WRAG Voluntary 
WP ESA Credit Only 
WP ESA (IR) WRAG 12Mth Mandatory 
WP ESA (IR) WRAG 12Mth Voluntary 
WP ESA (IR) WRAG 3/6Mth Stock 
WP Pension Credit – Health Issues 
WP ESA (IR) WRAG 3/6Mth Mandatory 
WP ESA (IR) WRAG 3/6Mth Voluntary 
WP ESA (IR) Support Group 
WP ESA (c) Support Group 
WP ESA (IR) WRAG 3/6Mth Mandatory ExIB 
WP ESA (IR) WRAG 3/6Mth Voluntary ExIB 
WP ESA (IR) Support Group ExIB 
WP ESA (c) Support Group ExIB 
WP IB and IS Volunteer 

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