You’re busy fixing the world. Let us take care of your FOI requests.

WhatDoTheyKnow Pro does the hard work for you

A powerful, fully-featured toolset that solves problems for campaigners managing multiple requests or in-depth FOI investigations

Overflowing inbox?

Overflowing inbox?

WhatDoTheyKnow Pro moves request handling out of your email and onto a dedicated dashboard, keeping everything organised.

FOI address book

Searching for the right email address for every FOI contact?

You’ll have access to our address book of 42222 authorities that are subject to FOI.

Automate FOI request management

Tired of the fiddly details that add time to your investigation?

If your request bounces back, we source the new address for that authority.

Keep track of FOI requests

Hard to keep track of your many requests?

No need to check: we’ll send an email alert telling you when you need to take action.

Private FOI requests

Need to keep things under wraps?

Requests can stay completely private until you’re ready to go public.

Batch FOI requests

Sending to multiple authorities at once?

No more copy and paste emails: our Batch Request tool helps you create one request and send it to many authorities at once.

Add credibility

Want to add weight to your campaign?

Once you’re ready, publishing the data behind your investigation lends it extra credibility.

Save time managing FOI requests

Not enough hours in the day?

WhatDoTheyKnow Pro does all the heavy lifting, leaving you with more time to focus on your campaigning.

Loving the new @WhatDoTheyKnow Pro account. Super slick. Charlie Mole – 3 July 2017

I just sent an FOIA request with @mySociety's @WhatDoTheyKnow and I'm amazed at how painless it was.
No doubt this will remain an item in my journalistic utility belt going forward.
Matthew Hughes – 29 April 2019

Simple, affordable pricing

  • Easy One fee covers all Pro features, with no complex tiers or options to worry about.
  • Reasonable We know that campaigners are likely to be on a limited budget, so we’ve kept the subscription affordable.
  • Flexible You can cancel at any time, with no lengthy tie-ins and no notice required.

How it works

Make a request

Because we’ve streamlined the request-writing process, Pro saves you a lot of back and forth. Search our database of authorities, pick which one — or many — you want to contact, and compose your request right there.


Time is precious, so your dashboard just presents the information you need to know: which requests have received responses; which haven’t and need chasing up; and which require input from you. Search, filter or sort by status to quickly find the request you’re looking for.

Batch requests

FOI is an invaluable tool in campaigns, helping you collect information that hasn’t previously been available as a single dataset so that you and your supporters can understand the wider picture. Pro takes the slog out of sending multiple requests with the Batch feature: easily pick the authorities you want, then send one request to all of them.


You’ve got plenty of other things to think about, so you don’t want to be checking up on every single one of your requests to see if it needs attention. Instead, Pro keeps an eye on them for you, sending you a daily email digest.

Private Requests

Pro gives you all of the ease of WhatDoTheyKnow, without the worry of releasing all your work before you’re ready for the world to see it.

You can choose to keep your requests private for up to a year, not visible to anyone but you. We’ll make sure you know when that time’s about to run out, and you can always extend it further if your campaign’s not live yet.

Ready to go public

Once you launch your campaign, there’s every reason to put your requests and responses into the public domain. They’ll lend credence to your campaign, and make the data available for others who might want to research a different angle.

How campaigners are using Pro

Campaigning for better wheelchair accessibility

Activist Doug Paulley uncovered councils across the UK who, through inaction, are allowing legal discrimination against wheelchair users. See the whole story

Investigating asbestos use in schools

Lucie Stephens, prompted by the death of someone she cared about, requested information about asbestos in schools from more than 200 LEAs. Read about her campaign

Uncovering which UK councils are paying exorbitant LOBO loans

Debt Resistance UK uncovered which councils are paying exorbitant LOBO loans, in some cases meaning that a large proportion of council tax income is being channelled directly into interest payments.

Helping startups find the best location for their business

Gavin Chait surveyed 350 local authorities to find out which commercial premises were empty, in order to give a helping hand to start-up businesses.

Image credits: Raw Pixel, Derek Mindler (CC by/2.0), Webercw (CC by-nc/2.0), Dan Thompson (CC)