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Firearms equipment
Follow up sent to Northumbria Police by Iain on .
Thank you supply all info requested Yours faithfully, Iain
Medical declarations for sleep apnea
Response by Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency to J Taylor on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear J Taylor, Thank you for your e-mail requesting information. The DVLA are dealing with your request under the terms of The Freedom of Information...
Dear Mr Boddington,   Request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000   Further to your email dated 30^th July, in which you...
Dear Mr Boddington,   Request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000   Further to your email dated 30^th July, in which you...
Rural Roads
Request to Devon County Council by Ross Bryant. Annotated by Mr Clark on .
Response contained in link attached:
I assume the 19 November 2016 letter is the one in this link: If so...
Thank you very much for your kind reply. Yours sincerely, kumi
Age Information
Follow up sent to Transport for London by J Peeter on .
Partially successful.
Thank you for this reply. All internal candidates for these positions are asked for their ethnicity, religion, and age range, at the end of their app...
Laws of appropriation regarding Council Tax payment allocation
Follow up sent to Southwark Borough Council by Mrs J Davis on .
Partially successful.
Please appropriately separate the contents of my 7 August 2017 email so the clarification sought is dealt with and any information you consider to b...
Many thanks, as always! Yours truly, Steve
Improper accounting
Follow up sent to North East Lincolnshire Council by Nick King on .
Partially successful.
Your response (9 Aug) states; "The question of lawfulness in relation to any matter can only be addressed through the legal process or where there...
Dear Sir or Madam, Please find attached a response to the above request   Bob Weston   Knowledge Information Liaison Officer   HMCTS - Analysis...
Dear Mr Hipkin I refer to your recent email dated 28/07/2017 requesting the following information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (“FOIA”)...
Fly-tipping in Croydon in 2017
Response by Croydon Borough Council to Sam truelove on .
Awaiting classification.
  Dear Mr Truelove   Freedom of Information Request   Thank you for your recent request.   Your request is being considered and you will...
2017 MJ Awards
Response by Camden Borough Council to Arthur Smith on .
Awaiting classification.
Camden Council - Information request (FOI/EIR) - Central team Our reference: 21006424
Litter Statistics in Broadland
Response by Broadland District Council to Samantha Davey on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear Ms Davey, I am writing in response to your below request for information. Please find Broadland District Council's response attached. One FPN wa...
Change in Officer Commission
Follow up sent to Air Cadet Organisation by Joe Dixon on .
Partially successful.
I acknowledge the response above, and acknowledge that Most of my request cannot be answered. However, I would still like to know if the implement...
testing station in U.K.
Response by Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency to Alan Clooney on .
Partially successful.
              Information Access Team             T    0115 9366028 The Axis Building   112 Upper Parliament Street NOTTING...
Rhodia/Solvay hazard risk investigation
Request to Health and Safety Executive by Mr Carroll. Annotated by Mr Carroll on .
Partially successful.
Unredacted report after contacting the Information commissioners office reveals "There was an uncontrolled release of at around 12.06 hrs on 02 Janua...
Thank you for contacting the Information Commissioner’s Office. We confirm that we have received your correspondence.   If you have made a request...
Car Park planning permission/consent
Follow up sent to Salford City Council by Alan Smith on .
Partially successful.
Thank you for your reply.Since your reply the council will/should have established whether planning permission and express advertisement consent was...
Waste and recycling collection dates
Response by Lincoln City Council to Matt Kane on .
Awaiting classification.
Dear Sir A response was sent to you on 16 August 2017. I enclose a copy for your records. With regards. Karan Shearwood Legal Officer T 01522 873840...
Council employees parking on a public thoroughfare.
Response by Conwy County Borough Council to Mick Roberts on .
Awaiting classification.
(4) 0331-17 Dear Mr Roberts I am afraid your question falls outside of the remit of the Freedom of Information Act which facilitates access to offici...
Re – Freedom of Information Request – Reference – FOI /769   Dear Liam   Thank you for your recent request for information relating to Private...
Response by Meat and Livestock Commercial Services Limited to Mr R Ell on .
Dear Mr Ellis   I hope this one gets through in a legible format.   I write in response to the Freedom of Information request sent from Whatdo...