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Use of spit hoods in custody
Follow up sent to Cambridgeshire Constabulary by Neil McGovern on .
Partially successful.
Thank you for your reply. I understand the difficulty in searcing individual custodial records, so if possible (and to avoid a separate FOI request)...
Thank you for your explanation. I would appreciate the following being clarified.... "....where a payment is received, which does not match an i...
Thank you for stating that payments received which cannot be matched are allocated to the oldest debt outstanding. Would you please confirm whethe...
Thank you very much for your response. Its much appreciated. Yours sincerely, Jennifer Kelly
Internal/External Event Costs
Follow up sent to Colleges Scotland by Jennifer Kelly on .
Hi Shona, Thank you very much for your response. Much appreciated Kind regards Jen
Thank you so much for this information. Yours sincerely, Nicky Michaels
A simple caution
Response by Humberside Police to Lonnie Westlake on .
Partially successful.
Thank you for your request for information.  If you are requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act or the Environmental Information...
DPA infringements on patient notes and safeguarding system/s
Request to Hywel Dda University Health Board by Jt Oakley. Annotated by Jt Oakley on .
Partially successful.
Paper copies of files have now been received at my personal address, even though I stated that they should be supplied via WDTK, or failing that, ema...
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Unlawful exclusions
Request to St Olaves Grammer School by Abdul Hai. Annotated by Abdul Hai on .
Head suspended.
Car Parking at Countryside Sites
Follow up sent to Lancashire County Council by NJT Lauro on .
Thank you for your reply, that answers my questions in their entirety. Yours sincerely, NJT Lauro
Responder Backpack
Follow up sent to East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust by S.P Reader on .
Thanks for providing the relevant information. This will be useful for my research regarding various services and what each provider uses. Yours s...
Woking High School Academy Trust
Follow up sent to Richmond upon Thames Borough Council by Dr Troy Wortham on .
Thank you for your response. Yours sincerely, Dr Troy Wortham
IPCC Report on Settle
Response by Independent Police Complaints Commission to Cathy Fox on .
Partially successful.
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Council Inquiry into Knowle View Child Abuse
Follow up sent to Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council by Cathy Fox on .
Partially successful.
Thankyou for your reply Yours faithfully, Cathy Fox
This is the text found within the attachments of the reply: Dear Mark Wilson Re: Request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000...
Child Abuse Reports
Follow up sent to Lambeth Borough Council by Cathy Fox on .
I am very grateful for the information provided on my FOI request. I hope you can thanks the appropriate people responsible on my behalf Yours si...
@Frank Zola Like you, I am wondering - why? Why the about turn? I have looked at the UC legislation and guidance and can find no reference to the jou...
Thanks for the info phsothefacts. I was issued with a draft report last week about my complaint about HMRC. The caseworker gave me two weeks to get...
Thank you for contacting Ipswich Borough Council.  We aim to respond to your enquiry within 2 working days.    Working days are Monday, Friday 8....
Police Solicitor - Duty Solicitor [Title Edited]
Request to Humberside Police by fFaudwAtch UK (Account suspended). Annotated by Closing In on .
Partially successful.
Tribunal's decision (20 Ocober 2017):
Dear Mr Campbell,   Please find attached the response to your FOI request.   Thanks,   Tom     [1]Ministry Tom Currie   of Justice...
Online safety costs
Response by Ray Lodge Primary School, Woodford Green to Electra on .
Partially successful.
I have added in the answers to your questions below.   Dear Ray Lodge Primary School, Woodford Green,   I am researching the costs associated w...
Library Reception Desk/Office Furniture Information
Response by Glasgow Clyde College to Jennifer Kelly on .
Partially successful.
Message sent on behalf of Janet Thomson, Vice Principal: Resources and College Development   Good Afternoon   Please find attached a response...