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Dear Museum of London,

How many individuals at each of your sites are on 'zero-hours' contracts, whether they are directly employed by the Museum of London or are supplied by external contractors?



Recruitment, Museum of London

Dear Chris

Thank you for your email requesting information on the number of individuals we have on 'zero-hours' contracts at each of our sites.

We do not offer 'zero-hours' contracts but we do offer casual work opportunities, which means that there is no mutuality of obligation on the part of the museum to offer such work or for the individual to accept such work when it is offered. We have one type of role where casual working opportunities are available and this is for the role of 'Host' in our Visitor Services department.

As of today's date, we have 17 individuals who work directly for the museum on a casual basis in the role of Host and each individual is requested to work across both the Museum of London (London Wall) site and the Museum of London Docklands site as and when needed.

We hope this information is helpful.

Best wishes

Human Resources
Museum of London

Recruitment Team

Museum of London
150 London Wall
London EC2Y 5HN
Tel: 020 7814 5792
Email: [email address]

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