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YMCA relationship with LB Croydon

[name removed] (Ataliwyd y cyfrif) made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Croydon Borough Council

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[name removed] (Ataliwyd y cyfrif)

Dear Croydon Borough Council,

What is the relationship between LB Croydon and YMCA?

How much money as a contractor of LB Croydon has the council given to them between 2011-2014.

How much does each YMCA flat cost per month? How much in average does LB Croydon pay for it?

According to the YMCA statements from Patricia Towner it looks like £20000 a year. Is this accurate?

Yours faithfully,

[name removed] [name removed]

Freedom of Information, Croydon Borough Council

Dear Mr Potter


Freedom of Information Request


Thank you for your recent request.


Your request is being considered and you will receive a response within
the statutory timescale of 20 working days, subject to the application of
any exemptions. Where consideration is being given to exemptions the 20
working day timescale may be extended to a period considered reasonable
depending on the nature and circumstances of your request. In such cases
you will be notified and, where possible, a revised time-scale will be
indicated. In all cases we shall attempt to deal with your request at the
earliest opportunity.


There may be a fee payable for the retrieval, collation and provision of
the information requested where the request exceeds the statutory limit or
where disbursements exceed £450. In such cases you will be informed in
writing and your request will be suspended until we receive payment from
you or your request is modified and/or reduced.


Your request may require either full or partial transfer to another public
authority. You will be informed if your request is transferred.


If we are unable to provide you with the information requested we will
notify you of this together with the reason(s) why and details of how you
may appeal (if appropriate).


Please note that the directorate team may contact you for further
information where we believe that the request is not significantly clear
for us to respond fully.



Yours sincerely


Christine Tanriverdi

FOI Co-ordinator

Croydon Council


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[name removed] (Ataliwyd y cyfrif)

Dear Croydon Borough Council,

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information reviews.

I am writing to request an internal review of Croydon Borough Council's handling of my FOI request 'YMCA relationship with LB Croydon'.

There has been undue delay for information which is simple to obtain. ICO review will be requested within a week.

A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is available on the Internet at this address:

Yours faithfully,

[name removed] [name removed]

Information, Croydon Borough Council

1 Atodiad

Dear Mr [name removed]

Please find attached the Council's response to your Freedom of information request.

Yours sincerely

Lynda Fay
Information coordinator

Chief Executives Department
Business Support
Information Team
7th floor, Zone C
Bernard Weatherill House
8 Mint Walk

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