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NJT Lauro made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council

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Dear Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council,

Thank you for the reply to my previous request and directing me to the public notice showing me the council are pursuing installing parking meters at our Country Parks using sections 32 1(a), 35 and 46 in conjunction with Schedule 9, paragraphs 1, 2 & 3 of the RTRA 1984, rather than the Countryside Act 1968.

As this is technically a request for new information, I have opened a new request as follows:

Whilst Sections 35 and 46 plus Schedule 9, paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of the RTRA 1984 deal with the regulations of implementing and rolling out a pay & display system, I have a question about the council’s use of Section 32 1(a), to quote:

32 Power of local authorities to provide parking places.

(1)Where for the purpose of relieving or preventing congestion of traffic it appears to a local authority to be necessary to provide within their area suitable parking places for vehicles, the local authority, subject to Parts I to III of Schedule 9 to this Act—

(a)may provide off-street parking places (whether above or below ground and whether or not consisting of or including buildings) together with means of entrance to and egress from them, or

In order to cite Section 32 1(a) as the reason Wirral Council, acting in their powers as our local authority deem it necessary to provide off-street parking places, I assume the local authority would have to have previously identified a problem of traffic congestion in the areas it wishes to provide the off-street parking spaces - though there are already off-street parking places provided in the target areas and have been for many years.

If I may, can I ask if the council has identified traffic congestion that needs relieving or preventing in the Wirral Country Parks at Royden, Thurstaston, Eastham and Arrowe? As somebody who knows these places quite well, I have to say in my lay opinion, I have never in my 30 plus years of driving ever seen traffic congestion in any of these identified areas.

However, I assume that Wirral Council will have carried out surveys to support their evidence of the need to relieve or prevent traffic congestion at the four Country Parks and therefore, is it possible for this data to be released to the public so they can see for themselves when the congestion occurs at the Country Parks and why it causes a problem that needs the implementation of (more?) off-street parking places under Section 32 1(a) of the RTRA 1984?

Furthermore, Section 32 1(a) states the local authority can use the act to provide suitable parking places. However, as there are already established off-street parking places in these areas and have been for many years, are the council seeking to provide more off-street parking places in addition to the ones already in existence on the existing car parks on each site?

Yours faithfully,

NJT Lauro

InfoMgr, FinDMT, Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council

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Dear NJT Lauro


Thank you for your recent Freedom of Information request. Please see the
Council’s response below.


The table below provides data on estimated number of parking visits from
surveys undertaken several years ago. There is no data held on congestion.

The Country Park Car Parks have been included in the existing Off-Street
Car Park traffic regulation order. The parking will be monitored but there
are no plans at present  to provide more off-street parking places in
addition to the ones already in existence.


Arrowe Country Park
Main car park   30 12,000
Eastham Country Park
Main car park   125 29,000
Grass overflow   30 11,000
Royden Park    
Main car park No alternative car
parking near by 30 12,000
Side car park No alternative car
parking near by 30 12,000
Overflow car park No alternative car
parking near by 100 40,000
Wirral Country Park
Main car park No alternative car
parking near by 50 20,000
Overflow off No alternative car
Station Road parking near by 350 4,000
SUBTOTAL    925 140,000


Yours sincerely



Lynette Paterson

Senior Information Management Officer

Business Services - Digital


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Argyle Street
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