Winton Keenen (King Pin of cover up and Corruption in Martin McGartland cases) continues to OBSTRUCT public apology to Martin McGartland

Gwrthodwyd y cais gan Northumbria Police.

Martin McGartland (Ataliwyd y cyfrif)

Martin McGartland

29 July 2019

Dear CC Keenen,

You have been (and continue to be ) the King Pin, the controlling mind as well as a decision maker in everything and anything relating to the Northumbria Police (NP), including your), wrongdoing, cover ups and Corruption in Martin McGartland cases.

That includes, but is in no way limited to, your continued obstructing of a public apology to Martin McGartland for the Drug Lies and smears told by NP against Martin MCGartland. Those which you personally have covered up (since 2006 - and to date) and have Botched and whitewashed complaints, 'investigations' just to protect yourself, other Bent and Corrupt cops. As well as your Criminal and Corrupt Force (when in concerns the Martin McGartland cases).

You as well as other Corrupt officers / staff (acting under your direction and control) have lied to and mislead the Corrupt IOPC, IPCC and ICO.

You also continue (for same reason, corruption and cover up) to suppress and cover up the 2015 Roger Ford review report - that you yourself commissioned - and which was reported / handed to you. You have continued to cover that report, those findings for the past 4 years (and counting).

The same is the case regarding the Jon Boutcher review re[port and finding. That review report was disclosed to you, NP Command (ACC's and DCC) in October 2018 (almost 10 months ago) and you are the king Pin in the obstructing the release, disclose of that report, findings to Martin McGartland. Why? Simply... because you and other Corrupt Big Wigs in your pocket are covering up findings of wrongdoing, serious failures, cover ups and more by NP, your former bosses and by other corrupt cops.

You, NP continue to Protect and cover up for IRA and the IRA terrorists who tried to murder Martin McGartland. And you are also continuing to cover up the serious corruption in which NP corrupt officers (working under the direction and control of Corrupt Special Branch and MI5, HMG) circumvented (with their lies and smear campaign against Martin McGartland) that his shooting was carried out by local criminals involved in drugs feud. All done to protect, cover up for (to this very day - and 20 years on) for IRA and IRA terrorists. How low - Winton - can you, Corrupt NP go?

Some info here for reader regards NP smearing of former under cover agent Martin McGartland ;

I will send a link to the FOIA to your direct email address. This is because I am aware that you have claimed (Lies) in the past that you had not read emails that I (Martin McGartland) sent you in the past #Bent.

You - CC Keenen - have been obstructing Martin McGartland (while you have lied to, about him at every stage) from getting Truth, Justice and closure. You are a total disgrace. You have no shame.

You are also blocking and obstructing an independent investigation in to Martin McGartland's 20 year old unsolved attempted murder (marred in the most serious corruption, cover ups). Again, this is just to protect yourself, your corrupt force, former bent / corrupt bosses from embarrassment, being held to account.

Under the FOIA I would like to ask you (no doubt you will not reply to the FOI because you have much to hide and cover up);

1. Will you now as CC of Northumbria be ordering the immediate disclosure of your, Roger Ford review report, findings and recommendations to victim of unsolved attempted murder, Martin McGartland. If not, why not?

2. Will you now as CC of Northumbria be ordering the immediate disclosure of the Jon Boutcher review report, findings and recommendations to victim of unsolved attempted murder, Martin McGartland. If not, why not? Jon Boutcher has been requesting that you disclose that report to me (for over 10 months - top date) and you continue to cover up and suppress it (for above reasons).

3. Will you now as CC of Northumbria Police be ordering that an external police force take over your, NP Corrupt, cover up, Botched 'Investigation' (whitewash) Martin McGartland attempted murder case (which you have blocked - been blocking since ACC, DCC and now CC). If not, why not?

You - Winton Keenen - and Corrupt NP have caused Martin McGartland much more damage that the six bullets that IRA terrorists used to try an kill him could ever have. That hurt, damage (because of you - other corrupt officers acting under your corrupt direction and control). And I am in no doubt it will continue as it has. With the lies, the cover ups, the failure to investigate complaints, the whitewashing and botching of complaints, the defacing / destroying and concealing information and documents, the failing of victim of attempted murder, the protecting of NP, officers (including former mates and bosses), covering up for your old mates officers in special branch, covering up the smearing of Martin McGartland, failure to issue a public apology, your covering up the Roger Ford review report and findings, your covering up of Jon Boutcher Review report and findings, the constant delays (obstructions) that Martin McGartland has been subjected to *including by you) during the past 20 years Etc Etc. Eye Watering Corruption and Cover Ups at its worse (and most blatant).

Yours faithfully,

Martin McGartland

Gadawodd Martin McGartland (Ataliwyd y cyfrif) anodiad ()

The below link shows the Three Sworn Independent witness statements [the compelling evidence] by Journalists Kevin Donald, Jane Morton and Chris Brooke which prove that Northumbria Police was behind the smearing of Martin McGartland. Corrupt Winton Keenen, his Corrupt PSD, the Corrupt Heads of PSD all ignored (and even suppressed it from the Corrupt IOPC/IPCC) to cover up the Northumbria Police Corruption in the Martin McGartland cases:

Gadawodd Martin McGartland (Ataliwyd y cyfrif) anodiad ()

Corrupt MI5, PSNI/RUC, Northumbria Police and Special Branch protecting and covering up for state agent/s / informer/s - suspect/s - in the Martin McGartland IRA attempted murder.

Rather than arresting them, the above, recruited them as agents / informers....

FULL TEXT: Sunday World story published 1st September 2019

THE attempted murder of a state agent has been linked to at least four shootings including a failed murder bid on terror boss Johnny Adair. Cops reviewing the original police investigation into the 1999 shooting of Martin McGartland, who infiltrated the IRA, made the surprising link in a set of bombshell claims today revealed by the Sunday World.

Those include how police have failed to arrest or question a suspect, believed to be living in the Republic, at least 10 years after he was first linked to the case. In a set of explosive claims straight from the mouths of officers tasked with reviewing the British agent’s shooting, it can also be revealed how:

- Bullets used in the IRA hit came from the same batch used to assassinate drugs kingpin ‘Speedy’ Fegan

- A van used by the suspected Provo gunman has been destroyed by police

- Three separate DNA samples belonging to the same individual was recovered from the shooting scene.

The revelations were made by officers tasked by Operation Kenova chief Jon Boutcher to review the original police probe into the attack. Today McGartland, who is still in hiding and living under death threat, says he now believes the security services are protecting at least one of the IRA men sent to execute him. “There is a suspect at the centre of this who, I have now been officially told by police, has not been arrested or questioned, ever,” he said


“I believe that this person, this mystery man, who I believe is living in Dublin, is a top informer or an agent before my shooting, and is being protected.” He said it was possible this suspect could have been recruited as a result of the shooting. “They – the security services, Special Branch or the police – did a covert DNA test, matched it to him and threatened him with jail and gave him a way out. “And I believe Jon Boutcher has all the an- swers to this.” Mr Boutcher (below) agreed to take on the informer’s case on top of heading up specialist probe Operation Kenova into former IRA security chief Freddie Scappaticci. The Bedfordshire police chief’s team began its review into the British agent’s attempted murder two years ago. In 2018 a draft report outlining what his investigators uncovered was sent to Tyneside police chiefs.

That document also set out a series of recom- mendations, including how a suspect identified at least 10 years ago should be immediately DNA tested. But that has yet to happen and 10 months on the report has yet to be publicly released. McGartland said he is now being met with a wall of silence when he asks if it ever will. He has now decided to release recordings of his meetings with review cops who revealed to him shocking flaws and errors surrounding the original police probe. They also released previously unknown information that they claimed links the hit on McGartland to other IRA murders, attempted killings and punishment shootings. One of those is the May 1999 murder of Co. Down drugs kingpin Brendan ‘Speedy’ Fegan. The dealer (24) was blasted to death as he sat in a pub in Newry.


In strikingly similar circumstances, he was set upon by two gunmen in disguises before being blasted multiple times. The killing was blamed on the Provo-linked vigilante group Direct Action Against Drugs (DAAD). In a recording made in October last year, Mr Boutcher’s officers can be heard telling McGartland that a RUC ballistics report states bullets used in Fegan’s murder came from the “same batch” used on him. “The information is that the ammunition used is the same type used in the Speedy Fegan murder and that comes from the ballistics (report) in Ireland,” said the officer. The policeman goes on to name four other men – including UDA
terror boss Johnny Adair – whose shootings they said could be linked to McGartland’s case. Those named were Brendan ‘Bap’ Campbell (30), Paul ‘Bull’ Downey (37) and Patrick Farrell (49) – all drug dealers gunned down within two years of each other. A botched republican hit job on Adair, who was blasted in the back of the head at a UB4O concert in May 1999, was also linked. McGartland said he was “dubious” as some of the killings did not involve republicans, including that of Farrell, shot dead by his girlfriend in a murder-suicide in Louth.

In another recording taken on the same date, the officers inform McGartland that a van used by the IRA gunman has been destroyed. One officer tells him: “At the end of the day, I don’t agree with it, but they’ve (Northumbria Police) done it and they’ve made some rationale for why they’ve done it. “We are astounded ourselves.” The officers go on to speak about a key piece of DNA evidence secured from the scene. “There is a person who needs eliminating and they need to get that individual’s DNA. We can’t go into it any more because it’s quite sensitive and a little bit messy.” When asked, the officer refused to “confirm or deny” if the man was being protected.

However, he added that he did not accept Nothumbria Police’s reason for not securing the sample. “We aren’t hiding anything from you, but at the moment we can’t give you the full details. “We have lots of meat on the bone about what you’ve been talking about. “We’re digging to get a bit more meat on the bone and I know it will be a good read when you get our review document.” A year on McGartland is still waiting and repeated requests have been ignored. “As far as I am concerned everything smacks of complete collusion, a cover-up and a conspiracy. “Even though a report and recommendation was given to Northumbria Police 10 months ago, they still have not eliminated that person through DNA. “I believe this mystery person is a top, top informer who could still be active.


“I believe wholeheartedly that the reason why that van was destroyed was because it was an Aladdin’s cave of forensic evidence and the person who was sitting in it is an agent.” Last night a spokesperson for Northumbria police said: “A review into the case was carried out by an external force and was presented to Northumbria Police late in 2018. We have acknowledged the recommendations of that review. “We can

confirm this case has remained open since the shooting in 1999 and that we are investing a significant and dedicated resource into progressing the investigation.”

They added: “The report was not for public release as it contains sensitive information regarding the ongoing investigation, however, it has been released to interested parties and redacted where necessary.” McGartland was recruited as a Special Branch agent when he was 16. He worked for them for four years until his cover was blown in 1991. He jumped from the window of a flat in west Belfast where he was being held by the Provisionals’ internal security unit. In 1999, he was ambushed by IRA gunmen outside his Tyneside home. He was shot six times in the hand, chest and stomach. His life was saved by neighbours who used cling film to stop the blood flow from his wounds.

The attack left him with life-changing physical and psychological disabilities. His identity had been publicly revealed after he was caught speeding by Northumbria Police and prosecuted for holding driving licences in his two names. In 2017 he lodged a complaint with the Northern Ireland Police Ombudsman claiming that the RUC, PSNI and English police had failed to warn him of threats to his life, including one just before his 1999 shooting.