Will the travel industry continue to have restrictions placed on non covid vaccinated tourists?

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Dear Department for the Economy (Northern Ireland),
Whilst I appreciate the lifting of the 'remaining restrictions' in Northern Ireland, what about the travel industry?

No mention in press coverage from Robin Swann's announcement appears to clarify whether or not unvaccinated tourists planning on visiting NI will continue to be subject to testing before arrival, after arriving and again before leaving. Will the existing restrictions on quarantine be maintained?

If so, surely this will only harm Northern Ireland's tourism industry at a time when we have the opportunity to capitalise on being one of the first countries outside mainland Europe to lift restrictions?

Yours faithfully,

J Tagg

McCullough, David (DfE), Department for the Economy (Northern Ireland)

FAO J Tagg

The Department for the Economy is in receipt of your email below which we are responding to as a general 'line of business' enquiry.

COVID restrictions, including those relating to international travel are the responsibility of the Department of Health (DoH) so your query would be best addressed to that Department. Contact details are [email address]

Yours sincerely,

David McCullough

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