Will the applicant regarding LA03/2015/0051/F Reahill pig Farm be required to submit a New environment impact accessment ?

Dear Antrim and Newtownabbey District Council,

It seems that the Applicant of LA03/2015/0051/F has deviated from the Planning Committees approved plans ?

Can you please answer Yes or No to the following ?

As the CHP unit has been positioned in a different location than submitted in the plans and the Reservoir has been downsized to a pond ?
Will the applicant need to submit a new environment impact assessment and also a Habitats assessment if a retrospective plan is submitted , Keeping in mind that this is a Bats foraging area and flooding already occurs downhill from the location ?

Yours faithfully,

David Archbold

Dear Antrim and Newtownabbey District Council,
Please could you send response to this email address .

Yours faithfully,

D Archbold

Planning Section, Antrim and Newtownabbey District Council

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Dear Mr Archbold


I refer to your email below regarding the pig farm, Reahill Road (planning
application LA03/2015/0051/F).


Your request is not being considered under the Freedom of Information
Regulations 2000 or the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. The
reason for this is because you are seeking an opinion rather than
information which the Council holds.


That being the case, your request has been dealt with under normal council
correspondence procedures.


Please see response below issued on behalf of Barry Diamond, Principal
Planning Officer.



As you are aware the developer of the pig farm on the Reahill Road, is
currently preparing a retrospective application for submission to the
Council which will seek to regularise certain aspects of the development
as constructed.


Once the planning application is submitted the Council will carry out a
screening of the application to determine whether it needs to be
accompanied by an Environmental Statement, alternatively the developer may
also submit an Environmentally Statement voluntarily. In addition, the
Council, will during the course of the application, assess whether a full
Habitats Regulation Assessment needs to be carried out. 


The Council cannot pre-empt the decision or carry out a screening
determination until the relevant information and plans are presented to


I hope you find this information of assistance



Barry Diamond | Principal Planning Officer | Ext: 40407




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