Why is council tax going up when services are poor?

Alice Holt made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Canterbury City Council

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Gwrthodwyd y cais gan Canterbury City Council.

Dear Canterbury City Council,
Please can you explain the reasons for council tax increases, when the services such as bins is not great. Can you breakdown the services in which our council tax pays for.

Yours faithfully,
Alice Holt

CCC FOI, Canterbury City Council

Thank you for your freedom of information request.


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Reference:         10413

Title:                    Council tax increases

Date of reply:    4^th March 2021




Thank you for your enquiry please be aware the waste collection service
has been transferred from Serco to Canenco.  You can read our press
release about the first week of Canenco [3]here.


A breakdown of where you Council Tax goes, for 2020/21 is [4]here.  This
figures do not include any amount a Parish Council asks us to collect on
their behalf, this is called a Parish Precept.  For a band D dwelling the
2020/21 amount Canterbury City Councill receives is £216.27 (around £4.16
per week).


Excluding the Parish Precept, Canterbury City Council receives around 12%
of the total Council Tax charged.


Canterbury City Council's budget requirements are shown [5]here, this
demonstrates the total income required, which is then divided by the
number of equivalent band D dwellings.


If you’d like to see how the budget is built and reasons behind the need
for an increase please view [6]agenda item 10 page 132.


Canterbury City Council has not yet completed the spend in relation to
2020/21, therefore this information is not current held.  This information
will be in the annual accounts which are intended to be published by 30th
June 2021.  


For reference you can see the previous years accounts, 2019/20, [7]here.




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