Why Does FRANK about Drugs not have Naloxone on webpage

Peter Mcdade made this Rhyddid Gwybodaeth request to Public Health England

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Roedd y cais yn rhannol lwyddiannus.

Dear Public Health England,

I have been writing since November to PHE regarding lack of signposting on Naloxone and remit for tier 1 advisers on FRANK about Drugs.

I have also been writing to Scot Gov regarding same situation for KTS call handlers.

I now see that Know the Score has Naloxone on web page http://knowthescore.info/drugs-a-z/heroi... after I contacted Scottish Govt.

As now does DAN which is the Welsh provider http://www.dan247.org.uk/Drugs_ReducingH...

But I cannot find anywhere on the FRANK website any link to Naloxone http://www.talktofrank.com/emergency-help

May I ask one more time have Serco been in touch with you since mid December to seek guidance on Naloxone remit following webchat conversations that highlighted need for training on Naloxone signposting and can you please enlighten me as to why Naloxone information is not easily available on FRANK website.

This is as much for public record as for information, I have contacted PHE also regarding this. However there appears to be lack of urgency in PHE responses regarding addressing making a crucial life saving intervention widely known for people who are at risk of overdose in England.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Mcdade

FOI, Public Health England

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dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Gadawodd Kevin Jaffray anodiad ()

The Naloxone movement in England is dangerously slow, with the statistics of those lost to overdose rising considerably faster. I'm surprised FRANK haven't been trained, being the obvious, for some, choice when seeking support or guidance. But then having said that the response script when calling in an overdose is still being addressed. You are still told not to administer any liquids, etc, etc, even after explaining you are trained and equipped. So many loose ends! You'd think after losing in excess of 26,000 people since 2002, that this would have been prioritised long before now. Keeping watch on this one. Well done on raising it.

FOI, Public Health England

1 Atodiad

Please find attached PHE's response to your request for information


FOI Team

dangos adrannau a ddyfynnir

Gadawodd Peter Mcdade anodiad ()

Key point summarised from information so far from all FOI's
1. FRANK managers have been aware of Naloxone since 2010, however PHE have said that call handlers at T1 level were remitted on this life saving intervention 4 yrs later in 2014.

2.Despite change of policy on 1st Oct 2016. Public Health only updated policy change details of widening of Naloxone on Nov 10th on their websitehttps://www.gov.uk/government/publicatio... and had to be asked for update details on Nov 4th by management at Serco after I raised issue on 30th October.

3. Evidence concerning questionable levels of ability of call handlers to signpost people concerned about risk of overdose to fam members & significant other passed to Scot Gov and PHE via web chat sessions in Dec 2015 and Scot gov acknowledged the need for training of management and training was provided by Scottish Drug Forum on 11/01/2016.

4. Evidence given to PHE on a standard example Naloxone signpost of T1 call handler (myself) to a person at risk of overdose, who also had partner at risk where training manager at Serco appeared to be unaware of the necessity of this and challenged call handler on why this was done.

5. Despite Wales and Scotland having Naloxone on web page since Jan this year (Scotland at least) being as a result of me having raised concerns with Scot Gov. FRANK still has not put Naloxone up on website despite both services Scotland & England being run by same service provider Serco.

6. PHE appear to be unaware of difference between proactively signposting someone to a life saving intervention and training resource that may also help with family members confidence in feeling able to support someone using substances in a risky manner, thus building potential for longer term "recovery capital". And immediate "safe guarding" procedures, which are critical incidents that face caller/call handler at point of contact with national drug helpline. No information was requested or concerns were highlighted in this regard.

7. The situation appears to have improved dramatically since 1/11/16 and all call handlers appear to be able to signpost people to Naloxone following concerns raised and action taken by Scot Gov and Serco have not contacted PHE since Nov 4th 2015. for advice/update regarding this despite Scot Gov having stated that The FRANK service would have to address this within the context of relationship with PHE.

8. PHE see no need of review/investigation despite the possibility of a considerable number of people having contacted FRANK seeking harm reduction advice on behalf of vulnerable family member since 2010-2016 and never having been made aware of the existence, function or location training providers for Naloxone administration.

Gadawodd Peter Mcdade anodiad ()

Should have read **Despite changes in policy of widening of availability from 1st Oct 2015

Gadawodd Peter Mcdade anodiad ()

9. PHE have referred to a call handler T1 being able to signpost a caller to Naloxone services if caller had asked about Naloxone. This is misleading on 2 counts. Firstly most T1 call handlers did not know what Naloxone was. I can verify this and web-chat examples do appear to indicate this and secondly by PHE's affirmation, they have said that caller would have had to ask about Naloxone firstly in order to receive information. This would appear to be a bizarre way to provide a drug information service, if the person seeking information had to at least show partial knowledge of the information that they were looking for in order to gain further advice. Again the chances of most callers phoning up at a time of need on the intial discovery of high risk usage of opiates of family member/friend the caller being aware of Naloxone are extremely low.

Gadawodd Peter Mcdade anodiad ()

Should have read **** 7. The situation appears to have improved dramatically since 11/1/2016

Gadawodd Peter Mcdade anodiad ()

2. Also should have read 1st Oct 2015.***

Gadawodd Peter Mcdade anodiad ()

At last, I see Naloxone is up there ! Hurray, pity I had to loose my job to get it up there. #serco can sue me, when I say they are an incompetent, corrupt shower of ..... Some really nice people who work there though : ) and I wish them well. But Serco should not have such an important contract.

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